Meditative Exercises of Shaolin Martial Arts : Baduanjin Qigong Exercises 7 & 8

Now we’re getting to our final two segments
of the eight section brocade. This two segment is mainly stretching the tendons and the muscles,
so let me first show you the four stand punch or the punching of the eight section brocade
first you want to open your stance into the horse stance. This is what we call horse stance.
Now we’re going to extend our right hand slowly, inhale, as our hand gets firm we want to snap
and exhale. And we’re going to turn our hands, inhale, bring our hands back then we’re going
to do the same thing with the other hand one, last inch exhale, inhale, and bring our hands
back. Now we’re going to do it to the side One two the other side, one two exhale, one,
inhale Now we’re going to do it with two hands one, two. OK you repeat this for a repetition
or eight times so this (demonstrating) this, this, this. That is called repetition of one,
so you do four with one hand, then the other hand, then with both hands that is called
repetition of one. So you want to do that eight times. Now I’m going to show you the
eighth segment of the eight section brocade. It’s called racing to the sky, racing to the
sky primarily heals the joints, improves the joints and your legs. So the first thing you
want to do is clench your hands together in the back, you want to raise your knees, look up
and stretch as far as possible so you feel the stretch. Ready: one two three four five
six seven eight and you want to do this for eight counts. And this concludes the whole
lesson of the eight section brocade. Practice this; it will improve your health. Blood circulation
and thank you very much.

56 thoughts on “Meditative Exercises of Shaolin Martial Arts : Baduanjin Qigong Exercises 7 & 8

  1. My name is Bruce Webb, I have been practicing a few out of 72 Arts of Shaolin, at least 2 different skills for each body part (skill for groin/ drawing in yin, diamond finger/ pulling out nails, twin lock [Shuang Suo Gong]/ the pole of a falling star [Liu Xing Shuang]). Many more besides this I have a training scedule worked out to do 36 out of 72 excersises including all the "light body" ones. I hope to learn from Sifu (Master) Shi Yan Hui befor I turn 18 (I'm 16 now). I am in Canada, NFLD.

  2. sut up m8 u dont know wht ur talking about this is chi gong exercises not self defence or for use in combat the shaolin use shanshou for combat look it up m8 n dont talk bout shit u dont know

  3. Boy you really are fucking dense! I can't believe I'm explaining this to you a second time. Listen up, these are plyometeric stretches done in repetition to build muscle memory as well as coordination. Through repetition these stretches and exercises become easier and easier. I wouldn't suggest standing in the horse stance in a fight unless you want your ass kicked. Horse stance strengthens your back and legs.

  4. This monk is moving slow for the benefit of those wanting to learn the stretches. In a fight the monk's punches would be moving a lot faster with accuracy. You want to practice these punches so when it comes time to fight you're gonna be automatically throwing the punches in your opponent's face without a second thought. The emphasis is also on repetition of practice.

  5. Sure, most martial arts exercises are going to have some element of strike either punching or kicking but through repetition the student gains knowledge and mastery.

  6. Sounds to me like someone needs to study up before misrepresenting and thus disgracing the "thousands years' wisdom" of his own culture.

  7. you should know internal reflects external "stillness while moving…" my meditation involves chanting,gestures,and internal/external awareness on out/in breath. phillipw2005 you must not anticipate a long life because time is space: the hands of a clock are like people and places that influence you.if you care for the land it will yield fruit for you therefor the energy you send out comes back to you eventually

  8. you are very smart philipw2005.I believe in the unity of things.clouds,glaciers,rivers,lakes,and blood are all phases of said that when you strike you become a human sword.i say the cosmos becomes my strike and yours.we share the impulse of all electricity.all rivers reach the ocean.I appreciate your logic anyway

  9. I don't elieve it's a real shaolin master or even student…
    I have certan time without practicing Qigong… but i'm actually sure this thing here… is a lie… I don't believe in this guy dressed up like a "real shaolin monk"
    What a shame people from asia make fun of their own cultural knowledge…. Qi Gong should be treated ad a serious subject.

  10. whatever…I don´t who is this guy, I don´t know if he´s the best/worst, i know he´s teaching what he learn, can you do the same?

  11. I used to do the whole eight segments in the mornings, I i have to tell you that it's a killer on the legs (because of the horse stance), and you really feel more eneretic after a while of doing this continously

  12. I am planning to start practicing these 8 series of Baduanjin everyday for the next 33 years.
    I wonder what will I turn into after that.

  13. These Baduanjin movements shouldn't only be physical movements , there should be alot more going on "internally" as well.

    Otherwise it'll be no difference from regular excercises.

  14. will this hurt someone if i went to punch them if i went to practise everyday? and does it last throughout the day or you got mediate then instantly before fighting?

  15. @PiinoyAzztig this vid is not "teaching shaolin kung fu" but just the "eight section brocade" that is simply HEALTHY!
    You can't become a "chef de cuisine" specialized in italian or french cuisine watching youtube. But if you watch how to prepare a good "pasta" and practice everyday you'll probably be able to cook a good one after a while… Just it!

  16. It's all Bullshit, Shaolin was destroyed many time ago, this is circus and business for poor informed fanatics.

  17. @FightingWarrior you fail at life more than anyone I have ever known.
    you aren't even worth arguing with.

  18. @FightingWarrior ooo now I'm sad. shaolin isn't about fighting it is about discipline and new states of mind. And I don't do it. so how is it my "fake bullshit"?

  19. @FightingWarrior To be honest you sound like a smug jerk who is under the illusion that they are always right, no matter what, and that the world is blind to what you see is so clear. Well let me say that your aren't a genius who keeps to himself, you are a complete idiot at best. So you may think that these videos are just a way of him being able to make money from a once sacred tradition, but your wrong, and even is he is it doesn't mean Shaolin is dead and "fake bullshit"

  20. @FightingWarrior Also your last comment didn't make any sense, you said his first answer says everything, so are you agreeing with him that you are not worth arguing with, and that you are a fail at life? But anyways my point is, shut up, turn around, and never comment on any of these videos again and save yourself the humility. Plus your probably thinking that the only reason I am defending this is because I am a fanatic or asian, but I am neither, so suck on them apples!

  21. @monterx1
    We are arguing about nothing, Shaolin is extinguished since 1641, the reconstructed tourist temple is about 30 years old, so this pseudo practices and "monks", all commercial bullshit from the last years, using some historical proven NAME to sell everything like this fake Baduanjin frome the video…
    One detail, baduajin never had anything to share with Shaolin, it has some taoist root…

  22. man ive been doing this series of excercises for a month now and my punching power has increased a lot. its really something special

  23. @DeadManCompany You are right. But i think that snake, eagle, crane, monkey, mantis, ect are systems, with their own stance. The horse stance, or Ma Bu, is an excercise in order to make your legs stronger, and you do get discipline and energy when you do it right. Greetings from Greece, wing chun system. 🙂

  24. 释延慧 is shaolin temple 34th generation warrior disciple, no doubt about the teaching, just not sure if this form is good for layman practice.

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