Meditative Exercises of Shaolin Martial Arts : Baduanjin Qigong Exercise 5

Now I’m going to show you the fifth and the
sixth segment of the Eight Section Broquet. Ready? Now I’m going to show you the Swinging
the Tail. The purpose of this exercise is to improve the body circulation. The body
blood circulation. So this is how you start the fifth section, it’s called Swinging Its
Tail. Okay, one, this is what we call Horse Stance. Put your hands on your hips, first
you turn to your left, one, two. You want the whole body to be moving. This is what
you call Bow Stance. Now you’re going to turn back, the other way. Come back in a Horse
Stance. And whatever do to one side, do to the other. One, two. One, two. So repeat this
for eight times, okay. So this, this, this and this is once. So you do this for eight
times for to, for to be good. And let me tell you the reason why we do this for eight times,
cause the Chinese believe on the number 8. Eight is a number that the Chinese believe
in as fortune.

18 thoughts on “Meditative Exercises of Shaolin Martial Arts : Baduanjin Qigong Exercise 5

  1. the no 8 stands for Saturn …people born under this number already have their fate decided beforehand…..The no 8 consists of 2 loops with no opening…

  2. @hempadia i was born on march 8th does this mean my fate is already decided? where did you get this info from anyways?

  3. I wouldn't call this meditation as much as I would call it a method of calling upon chi.
    For me, meditation takes longer than the Eight Pieces to generate chi, because I live in a noisy urban area, and concentration is particularly difficult.

    I'm thankful for these lessons; live well.

  4. what is wrong with you viewers this is plain and simple exercises its not meditation it is not qigong and what makes you think he is a shaolin monk, Ive watched 4 of these and they are all the same. Look for experienced practioners there are a few on youtube. it takes many many months to just grasp the basics of the forms never mind channelling your chi and meditating.

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