Mayweather vs Pacquiao, aka the Death of Boxing

Mayweather vs Pacquiao, aka the Death of Boxing This is BNN where we just don’t give a shit.
But apparently many shits were given about the mayweather pacquiao fight. The hype for
this fight reached feverish levels. And nearly everyone on planet earth ended
up watching this ultimately disappointing fight. Mayweather hugged manny pacquiao more than
my father has hugged me in my entire life… And unfortunately, this is a lot of people’s
first time even watching a boxing match. It is almost universally agreed that the fight
was boring as hell. Many people new to the world of boxing, actually
thought Manny pacquiao won the fight because, pacquiao was pretty much chasing Mayweather
all over the ring. Finally, boxing’s biggest dirty secret, has
now become public knowledge. Your casual E-S-P-N viewer may have heard about Mayweather’s
so called perfect defense, but they have never seen it in action, until now.
Mayweather only fought pacquiao inorder to legitimize his so-called legacy, but ironically
enough, the world witnessed that Mayweather’s legacy is built upon cheap boxing… We watched Mayweather running away from pacquiao
for 12 whole rounds. And when he wasn’t running away, he was hugging. In boxing, it
is called the hug and run technique, and it is nothing new. It is generally frowned upon, and usually
weeded out early in the boxing process. A boxer who uses this technique is label a bum,
and his boxing career usually ends before he is anywhere near a professional fighter… So what Floyd Mayweather Jr does, isn’t
smart boxing. Isn’t really a perfect defense, as his camp and his fans like to call it.
It is a cheap way of winning that exploits the rules of boxing.
You may be wondering, if what Floyd Mayweather is doing, is cheap and genuinely not rewarded
in boxing, then how did he reach the level of champion. The short answer to that question
is nepotism. Nepotism is defined as the practice among
those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving
them jobs… Floyd Mayweather Jr’s father, Floyd Mayweather
Sr, was a boxer. And both of Floyd Mayweather Jr’s uncles, were also boxers. He comes
from a boxing family. And because of that, we are all suffering… And the classic sport
of boxing, is in real danger… Nepotism, explains why a lot of things are
not right in our society, and it also explains why Floyd Mayweather is single handedly killing
the sport of boxing. May weather’s cowardly behavior does not just take place inside the
ring. A well known part of his boxing strategy is avoiding good fighters. He only fights
fighters he knows he can beat, and he has admitted this on many occasions. That is why
the mayweather pacquiao fight this past weekend was such a big deal, Mayweather has been ducking
pacquiao for over 5 years. Mayweather didn’t want to risk fighting Manny pacquiao while
he was still in his prime… Mayweather fans will call this a smart strategy,
realists will call it Mayweather being a coward… We here at BNN have a different opinion. We
don’t believe Mayweather is a coward for avoiding good fighters, overusing the hug
and run technique like an amateur while he taps his opponents with his fists just to
score points. And we don’t believe he is doing this just to win fights in the cheapest
and most unentertaining way possible. And he isn’t doing it just for the money. The truth is, Floyd Mayweather is an extreme
religious zealot. He is the leader of a fanatical sect of hippies, peaceniks, bohemian beatniks and flouer children. The official name of
Mayweather’s cult is not yet known. But their mission objective is to bring about
world peace. The Mayweather pacquiao fight has shown the world that you don’t need
to win by fighting, even in boxing, where fighting is literally the objective… Avoiding
conflict and hugging your enemy, will ultimately help you win… Future historians, 200 years from now, will
point to the Mayweather pacquiao fight as being the catalyst, helping to spawn world
peace… And you all thought the illuminati was the
only secret organization running around out there. Anyway. This has been BNN and we would like to personally
thank Floyd Mayweather, Jr., for sacrificing his dignity as a boxer, helping to kill the
sport of boxing, depleting the bank accounts of those who worship violence, in order to
ultimately save the world.

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  1. I actually feel bad for gayweather. I mean knowing that most people hate you and will probably keep hating you for the rest of your life must feel like shit even with all the money.

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