Matthysse vs. Postol 2015 – Full Fight (HBO Boxing)

[dramatic music]male announcer:
The following is a presentation
of HBO Sports.– Hello, again.
I’m Jim Lampley. On July 23, HBO Pay-Per-View
will take you live to Las Vegas for the global supremacy
journey welterweight showdown between unbeaten Viktor Postol
of Ukraine and unbeaten Terence Crawford
of the United States. To help get you ready for that,
we’re gonna take a look back now at the turning-point fight
in Postol’s career, the night he went from
an interesting prospect to bona fide star. It was October of last year. By that point,
Postol had put together a good enough unbeaten record
to loom as a logical enough opponent for glamour-puncher
Lucas Matthysse of Argentina. Matthysse had won
a spirited battle against Ruslan Provodnikov
earlier in the year and was now ready
to score another win to stamp himself
as the number one man at 140 pounds worldwide. Postol was seen as the kind of
intelligent technician who could provide
a mental challenge to Matthysse but certainly
couldn’t be expected to keep up with the power
and physical dynamism of the Argentine slugger. Theater of the unexpected.
Outdoors in Carson, California. Let’s see how that fight went
and how I called itwith Roy Jones
and Max Kellerman.
– Mouthpiece?
Mouthpiece? All right, we went over this
in the dressing room.We have a language barrier,so it’s even more important
to listen and obey my commands
at all times and protect
yourself at all times.
Fight hard, fight clean. Freddie,
this is a little bit high. I’m gonna let ’em work in here. This is good.
Good luck to both of you.Kellerman:
Postol in his career so far
has shown the will to win.He’s shown good skills.He’s shown a high
activity level.
He’s a busy fighter, tons
of punches thrown and landed.
But it’s how he handles
the punches that Matthysse
will inevitably land that will
likely determine this fight.
– You ready?
[bell dings]Lampley: Viktor Postol claims,
“Freddie Roach tells me
I’m his new favorite fighter.”Freddie Roach
is a master psychologist.
You wonder how many fighters
have been told
that he’s
their new favorite fighter,
but certainly he is trying
to use the positive
to reinforce Postol
and make him think,
“Yes, you can beat
Lucas Matthysse.”
Kellerman: Convention wisdom
is that Matthysse will come in
and Postol will fight
at a distance,
but Postol said there are times
where he wants to be
the aggressor in this fight.Jones: Doing a good job with
that long jab early, is Postol.
– Nobody punch.
Step away from each other. Box.Lampley: Well, question one for
Matthysse is how to get inside,
and he does it with a good
strong left hook right there.
Postol got off to a little bit
of a slow start
against Selcuk Aydin,got clocked by a big punch
in round 1.
By round 3,
he had completely taken over.
Everybody knows
Matthysse operates
at a higher level of class
than Selcuk Aydin.
Kellerman: Well, if you get
into that kind of trouble
against Matthysse early,you may not get out
of that trouble.
Hard body shots by Matthysse.
Postol getting an early taste
of the Matthysse power.
Jones: And what Postol
has to do
is force Matthysse
to deal with
that right there,
that long jab.
Lampley: Right, he hasn’t
really gotten his rhythm going
on the jab yet.We’re a minute-and-a-half in,and Postol needs to
develop a rhythm
throwing his jab.– Stop.
Let him go.Kellerman: Matthysse has
never been the kind of
just come at you
throwing caution to the wind
type fighter that Provodnikov
or Rios are.
He’s a little more calculated
in what he does.
He sets things up
a little bit more,
which can be a blessing
and a curse.
Lampley: He’s a better
all-around athlete
than either Provodnikov
or Rios.
Jones: Yeah, and that–
Lampley: He has more options.
Jones: Yeah, and that could be
a curse tonight,
because he really needs to be
that all-out guy
to get to a guy like Postol.– Let each other out.
Let him out.Jones: The more time he takes,
the better opportunities
he’ll give Postol to use
that long jab.
Kellerman: Oh, good right hand.Lampley: One-two by Postol.Right handed landed flush.– Stop, stop, stop. You can fight in a clinch.Lampley: Jack Reiss
explaining to Postol,
“You can fight in a clinch.”Postol may say to Reiss,“I don’t want to fight
in a clinch.”
Jones: At all.
Lampley: [laughs]
Kellerman: Well, don’t clinch.– Box.Lampley: Viktor Postol off to
a little bit of a slow start
against Lucas Matthysse.
– Stop, stop, stop, stop.Kellerman: You see
at a distance Postol…
– Both of you, both of you,
you and you, stay off the back of the head,
both of you. Relax for a second. [speaks Spanish]Kellerman:
Postol keeps that right hand
glued to his chin, Roy,to protect him
from that left hook.
Jones: Very smart move
on Postol’s part.
Lampley: Pretty hard to figure
which is Matthysse’s
most dangerous punch,but if I were gonna stay away
from anything,
it would be the left hook.[bell dinging]Round 1 not the kind of roundthat Postol wants to fight.– [speaking Spanish] – What are you doing? You got to go out to the right,
to the right. That’s the way
you got to go out. He doesn’t want you. He doesn’t want anything to do
with you. – You might–you might have to– you might have to come up
with that jab a little bit. – [unintelligible] – Keep fighting. – [speaking Ukrainian] [whistle blows]Lampley: You saw Jack Reiss,
the referee,
between rounds talking into
the ear of Postol’s manager
Vadim Kornilov.Kornilov, though he lives here
in the United States,
was born in Russia,
speaks Russian,
and he’s the language conduit
through whom Reiss
can get instructions
to Viktor Postol.
I’m not sure what Reiss said
to Vadim Kornilov,
but it was something
that he wanted Kornilov
to say to Postol,probably about the holding
behind the head
or hitting
behind the head subject
about which he spoke
to both fighters in round 1.
Harold Lederman scored
the first round for Matthysse.
Postol did some good work,
and then Matthysse
kind of evened it
with that big body shot.Lampley: Now here’s Postol
with his natural movement
moving to his left.He comes back
to the opposite direction.
When he comes to the right,he’s coming toward
the left hook.
He wants to keep moving
to his left
and try to move away
from Matthysse’s left hook,
but again, Matthysse’s
right hand is also dangerous.
Jones: The good thing for
Postol is that we haven’t seen
a really good overhand right
like that from Matthysse yet.
That’s gonna be the key punch
for Matthysse,
because he’ll have to come over
Postol’s long jab,
and he’s setting it up
with that right hook
to the body right there.Lampley: And now we learn
from an interpreter
in Postol’s corner
that what Jack Reiss wanted
Vadim Kornilov to tell him was,“When I say get out
of the clinch,
you got to get out
of the clinch,”
something Postol wasn’t doing
quickly enough
to satisfy him
in the first round.
This is a scratch-and-sniff
start for Viktor Postol.
And there’s a quick right hand
that helps him,
stabilizing him a little bit,and gains him some space
to throw that jab.
Kellerman: Which has driven
Matthysse back at times.
Jones: Yes,
the longer the fight goes,
the better off it is
for Postol,
because he’s longer.He’s not the power guy here.Not that he can’t hurt
but he’s not the guy
that we’re expecting to see
that one-punch knockout from.– Stop, stop, stop. You guys are both wrestling
and hitting behind the head. Relax.
Relax. Box.Lampley:
Jack Reiss is a good referee
who is–tends to err in favor
of the fan.
He wants to see a good fight.He’ll stop the action
from time to time
and talk to the fighters
about how to avoid
getting into one of those
scratch-and-sniff-type affairs
and show the fans the action
they want to see.
Jones: And he gives
very clear instructions.
Kellerman: Yeah,
you can’t make fighters brawl,
but you can make them box–Lampley: And now Postol’s
getting into a rhythm here.
– Stop, stop.
Break. Separate. Box.Jones: See, I don’t like when
Matthysse gets inside like that
and then does nothing.That defeats the purpose
for getting in there.
– Let him go, Viktor.
Let him go, Viktor. Fight out.
Come on. Fight out. Work out of there.
Stop. My break. Box. [bell dinging] Time. [cheers and applause] – That was a much better round,
all right. – [speaking Ukrainian] – The jab was
more more effective. Now, when they start landing
that jab, put the right hand behind it. – Freddie,
I want to get the message that he’s allowed to fight
on the clinch to pull out. I’m saying, “Let him go.” He said he understood. – Okay.
– Okay? – He needs to initiate
most of this holding. – Okay. [whistle blows]Lampley: There’s Olga Postol,
wife of Viktor Postol,
and we asked Viktor,“Does she like Los Angeles
when she spends time here?”
And he says, “Yes,
she likes Los Angeles enough
that she’d like to spend
a lot more time here,
but that requires that I win.”– Go off his head.Lampley: Interesting.Harold Lederman scores
the second round for Postol,
meaning he doesn’t have to gain
full control here
to win rounds
if he can win that round
in what was kind of
a nip-and-tuck thing.
Kellerman: Not in terms of
the speed or the power of it,
but the way he holds
that left jab, Roy,
reminds me of Lennox,the way Postol jabs
that left hand at time.
Jones: Yeah,
because he’s a tall fighter
who’s very smart about it,so he’s using that range
and that height
to keep the smaller guys outand make them have to deal
with that jab.
So he’s forcing Matthysse
to have to negate that jab
before he can get close enough
to punch.
Then once he gets close enough,sometime either he clinches
or he moves out
before Matthysse can punch,
like that.
Kellerman: He keeps
the left hand halfway extended,
so the jab has a much shorter
distance to travel.
Lampley: And when you’re
a jab-centric fighter,
like Viktor Postol or the
example you’re choosing here,
Max, Lennox Lewis,
then your success
is gonna be predicated
to a certain degree on,
how often are you able
to throw the jab?
– Stop, stop.
Nobody punch.Lampley: Over the years
with Lennox Lewis,
the CompuBox indicator
was so totally clear,
if Lennox threw 30 jabs
a round,
no one could touch him.You couldn’t get near him.
No one could handle him.
If he threw under 25,
anyone was a threat.
With Postol,
it’s probably the same thing.
Partially blocked
with the right hand.
Crowd like it,
but wasn’t the big left hook.
Good right hand inside
by Postol.
Jones: And now he’s getting
a little bit more
of what he wants.He’s making Matthysse
reach at him some.
Lampley: Postol starting
to land some combinations here
in the third round.Kellerman:
Postol came in as the underdog,
but what you would call
a very live dog.
But the real question
coming in is,
how does he respond
to Matthysse’s power?
So far,
he’s responded well.
– Stop.
Step away. Box.Kellerman: And it’s enabled him
to start to assert his boxing.
Matthysse got in a right hand,
but Matthysse so far
has not landed
a power combination
in the fight.
He has not landed a combinationin which he set up
a power shot
and then executed it
and hit Postol flush.
Jones: Because Postol is
doing a great job
of either staying too far away
or getting too close
for Matthysse to land
this perfect power shot.
Lampley: Not pretty,
but effective.
– Let him go.
Stop, stop, stop, stop. Hey, don’t do that
with your shoulder. You all right?Jones: I like this referee,
Lampley: Oh,
Jack Reiss is a good one.
[bell dinging] – Time. – [speaking Spanish] [whistle blows] [bell dings] – Let him go, Viktor. Let him go, Viktor. Viktor, let him go.
Stop, stop.Lampley: Harold Lederman, how
do you have it through three?
Lederman: Okay, Jim,
I’ve got it two rounds to one,
29-28 Viktor Postol.You know, Jim,
in rounds 2 and 3,
Lucas Matthysse,
like we said,
didn’t really land
a power shot.
Postol just landed
jab after jab after jab,
piling up points.I thought he won
rounds 2 and 3 easily
with that left jab.All Lucas Matthysse’s doing
to this point,
he’s thrown a lot of
rabbit punches.
You know,
he’s made some good shots,
but they’re all
behind the head,
not really legal punches,
and to tell you the truth,
I think these two guys
are being–
you know, they don’t seem
to understand Jack Reiss.
I really believe that,
you know,
it’s a bad situation for Jack.You know, what are you gonna do
with a language problem?
Anyway, two rounds to one,
Viktor Postol.
– Stop, stop.
Separate, separate.Kellerman:
Speaking of pound-for-pound,
I know it’s unpopular,
’cause he’s been inactive,
but I’ve had Andre Ward second
to Floyd Mayweather
for the last several years,
and now without Floyd,
I think it’s Andre’s.Jones: As far as proven
and who he’s fought,
I agree with you.– Stop. Stop.
Nobody punch. Step from each other. Box.Lampley: Good body shots
by Postol.
Kellerman: Ooh, and he goes
right back down there
on the other side.Lampley:
And now he’s getting quicker.
He’s getting more assertive.
He’s getting quicker.
He’s getting
much more confident
about what he can throw
and when he can throw it, Roy.
Jones: Because he’s keeping
Matthysse at a safe distance,
until he got caught
with that hook right there,
but he was keeping him
at a safe distance
that he didn’t have to worry
about Matthysse’s power.
Either he’s too far away,
like that,
or he’s too close to him.Any time he gets close,
he ties him up.
Until then, he battles him away
with that jab.
Kellerman: Look, those
who thought Postol would win
coming in thought that the
only way Matthysse could win,
because of the size
and the skills of Postol
and the busy-ness,the only way Matthysse could
win is turning the fight around
with a big shot.And even people who thought
Matthysse was gonna win,
a lot of them feel the same,that he might be behind
in the fight
and would have to turn it
around with one big punch.
Jones: And that’s highly true.Lampley: Good body shot again
by Postol with the right hand.
– Stop.
Break. [loud tapping]Lampley: Well,
wherever the referee is
who speaks both fluent Spanish
and Russian or Ukrainian,
that would have been the guy
to have tonight.
[bell dinging]
But we doubt there’s
one of those in
the United States.
And that was
an excellent round,
by my likes at least,
for Viktor Postol.
man: Wipe his gloves, please.Roach: All right, very nice
combinations, very good.
Keep that going, all right,
combinations. All right, now… you want to jab,
use combinations. Don’t go back to the ropes. – [speaking Spanish] – You’ve got to move the head. Move the head and then bring
that looping right hand. And when you go on the inside–
when you go on the inside, he’s doing this. Go in and get that right shot.Jones: Here you see
Viktor Postol land something
that is very bad for Matthysse.This is a beautiful right hook
to the body.
And watch Matthysse reaction.You see him snatch
that arm down?
That means he felt that shot.[bell dings]Lampley: After a series
of spectacular knockouts
and a couple of
close decision losses in fights
most fans felt
he should have won,
Lucas Matthysse made it
to the threshold
of the top spot
in the 140-pound weight class
and was favored
by most ringsiders
two years ago
to beat Danny Garcia.
He got outboxed thoroughly
by Garcia that night
and wasn’t able to capitalize.Now two years later,he’s made it back
to the same position.
He comes in as the favorite
to prove himself
as the number one man
in the division,
and to this point in the fight,he’s getting outboxed
by Viktor Postol.
Kellerman: Being outclassed.Jones: And Viktor’s a much
taller order than Danny Garcia.
Danny Garcia was closer
to his height.
Viktor Postol is much taller
than him,
which makes it
much more difficult for him
to overcome
this boxing scenario.
Lampley: Fights in
a lower-risk style too,
which gives Matthysse
less chances to turn it around.
Jones: A lot less chances.Kellerman:
And though he doesn’t have
a lot of knockouts,
that can be misleading.
He’s a good body puncher.Roy just highlighted it
with that vicious right hook
to the body, and he has enough
sting and snap on those punches
to keep his opponent honest.Lampley: Right hand lands
for Matthysse.
Crowd comes to life
thinking any minute here
one of Matthysse’s power shots
is gonna change the fight.
And by the way,
over the years,
I’ve told you several times
how accurate the CompuBox
forecast analysis has been
in telling us
who’s likely to win the fight
and how.
Tonight, for the first time
in my memory,
the CompuBox analysis
very specifically predicts
that Postol will be leading
on the scorecards
when Matthysse reels him in
with a late TKO.
Kellerman: Well, that seems
like a rational analysis,
but so far, again,
the question of this fight,
how does Postol react
to Matthysse’s power?
He’s reacted very well so far.Jones: In a little while,
we gonna find out,
how does Matthysse react
to Postol’s power?
If it keeps going this way.
Jones: [laughs]Lampley:
And maybe the question is,
can Viktor Postol prove himself
to be the top man
in the 140-pound weight class?Kellerman: Long way to go yet
in this fight.
Lampley: Yep, a long way to go
in Postol’s career.
Kellerman: And there’s been a
little bit more of a reaction
in the legs of Postol
this round
to Matthysse’s power shots
Lampley: Matthysse is getting
more urgent.
Jones: You’d like to see
Matthysse use
that right uppercut
right there.
He’s not throwing it,
but you’d like to see him
use a right uppercut
when he’s that close.
– You’re holding. That’s why you’re getting hit
behind the head. Stop the holding,
you won’t get hit.Jones: Exactly.
– [speaking Spanish] Box.Kellerman: That’s very fair
of Jack Reiss.
If you’re gonna hold him
and bend your head,
he’s throwing a legal punch.It winds up in the back
of your head, it’s your fault.
– Stop, stop, stop. You have to listen.
You have to listen. You all right? Box. [bell dinging] Get back.Lampley: We told you as
the fighters came into the ring
that Postol and Matthysse
had done all they can tonight
to prove to fight fans
that they are PED clean,
because they tested with VADA.– All right, so… – [speaking Ukrainian] – Pull your hands in… [whistle blows] Bang-bang, okay? All right, let’s go.
Let’s go. [bell dings]Lampley:
Left hook by Matthysse.
Sixth round of a scheduled 12.Matthysse looking for a way
to put his imprint
on the fight.Hasn’t been able to do so
so far.
[crowd chanting “Lucas! Lucas!”]The crowd chants,
“Lucas, Lucas, Lucas.”
– Stop, stop.
Nobody punch.Lampley:
Quick combination by Postol,
and he lands the left hook.Takes a right hand
for his trouble.
Kellerman: Roy, Matthysse is
doing what you advised early,
which is just let the hands go
a little more.
Don’t worry about setting
everything up perfectly.
Jones: But he should have
done this sooner, Max,
and he wouldn’t be behind
right now,
and he wouldn’t have been
taking the peppering
that he’s been taking.See that?
That’s when he has to punch.
he can’t give up a body shot
and not work inside
right there.
Kellerman: Well, Postol
is using his advantage as well
and keeping Matthysse’s hands
at home oftentimes.
Jones: He’s using
his advantages much better
than Matthysse
is using his own.
– Stop.
Separate.Lampley: Between rounds,
for the second time,
Jack Reiss went to
Postol’s corner
and through his manager,
Vadim Kornilov, told Postol,
“You’re holding Matthysse.“You’re gathering him into you,“and if in a situation
like that he knocks you out
“with a punch to the back
of the head,
I’m gonna call it a knockout,
not a foul.”
So Reiss is doing
everything possible
to make the point
to Matthysse–or to Postol–
that he jeopardizes his chances
in the fight
if he continues to hold
Matthysse and gather him in.
Of course, Matthysse is trying
to burrow in,
and to a certain degree,
Postol may feel
that’s his only remedy.Jones: Well, he also landed
that good right uppercut
against Matthysse
a little while ago.
Lampley: That’s his best punch
when he throws it.
Jones: I think it is.Kellerman: Reiss is
a thoughtful referee
and prepares for those moments
and those possibilities
philosophically ahead of time.Jones: Good–oh, good shot.Lampley: Hard right hand
by Matthysse,
his best punch in the fight.Postol trying to
reassert himself.
– Stop, stop. That’s the second warning
on holding. Second warning.
Box.Lampley: Two warnings
for holding now
against Viktor Postol,meaning the next
holding infraction
could elicit a penalty.Jones: Now you see Matthysse
going for the knockout.
Kellerman: And by the way,
because of Reiss’s warnings,
the fight got better.There’s been more exchanges.There–he’s forcing a fight.Lampley: Matthysse gets in
a left hook.
He’s landed both a right cross
and a left hook in this round.
But now he throws Postol
to the canvas.
Jones: If he would throw
an overhand right
after that left hook
to the body,
he would land it.[bell dinging]Lampley: That was
the best round so far
for Lucas Matthysse,
and the crowd chanting for him
may have lifted him
just a little bit.
Or maybe the biggest difference
was Jack Reiss’s warning
against Postol for holding.– [speaking Ukrainian]Roach: Okay.– [speaking Spanish] – Okay, okay,
you’ve got to move your head and throw your hands,
that’s it. Throw your hand.
Here. Here. And the hooks.
Remember the hooks.Jones: Here you see
Matthysse throw a body shot
followed by a beautiful
straight right hand,
which to me has to be
his best punch of the night.
That one seemed to have buckled
Postol a little bit.
Yes, that buckled his knees
a little bit.
Matthysse has real power,
because that punch was not at
the perfect spot.
The energy was kind of spent
by the time it landed,
and it still did damage.
Jones: [chuckles]
Lampley: CompuBox numbers
through six.
CompuBox finds Matthysse
landing 64 of 175,
landing seven more punches
than Postol,
who’s at 57 of 267.Matthysse with a 56 to 30
power advantage.
And Matthysse with a 16-13
advantage in the sixth round.
But Postol is throwing
more punches.
And as we saw
in the first fight tonight,
that can often be
the critical factor
for the judges at ringside.Big right hand for Matthysse.Postol was wobbled by that.Biggest power punch of
the fight so far for Matthysse.
Jones: Oh, headbutt, headbutt.Lampley: Headbutt knocks
Matthysse back into the ropes,
and Jack Reiss
will call time-out.
Looks at Postol.
He’s okay.
Looks at Matthysse,
says he’s okay,
and now they go back
to the action.
Kellerman: And Matthysse’s
getting wilder,
because he knows he can afford
to get hit in exchanges,
and Postol cannot.Jones: Well, I wouldn’t say
he can afford it, Max.
He better be careful
what he gets hit with,
because if he gets hit
with that overhand
or with that right uppercut,
he’s gonna have real problems.
Kellerman: I agree,
but I think he’s decided
that Postol can’t hurt him.Jones: Well, he decided wrong.If he feels
that right uppercut,
you’re gonna see him
sitting down.
Lampley: Harold,
what do you have so far–
so far through six?Lederman: Okay, Jim,
I’ve got it four rounds to two,
58-56 Viktor Postol.I thought he won
rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5,
but Lucas Matthysse figured
him out in the sixth round.
Let me rephrase it, Roy.
It’s not that maybe he thinks
he can’t hurt him.
It’s that he feels he can’t win
unless he exchanges,
that Matthysse must take
that risk.
Jones: And that’s true.
That’s very true.
He has to gamble
in order to win the fight.
We already said he can’t win
the fight boxing.
He’s too short.Postol gonna kill him
on the outside.
He has to take that risk.– Box.Lampley: Even with
the language barrier,
what a job Jack Reiss
has done.
This fight is getting better
from round to round.
The crowd is beginning to get
what they expected to see.
Kellerman: And there’s nothing
wrong with taking an advantage
of a clinch away
from a fighter,
because a clinch is technically
not a boxing move to borrow,
you know, that terrible
football phrase from the NFL.
But it’s not only defensive,but it’s somethingthat shouldn’t be going on,
certainly not excessively.
Jones: Are you saying
it’s Klitschko-ish?
[laughs]Lampley: Clutch-ko.
Jones: Oh, good right hand.
Lampley: Wladimirian Clench-ko.Jones: [laughs]Oh,
another good overhand right.
Another hard right hand.
Jones: Followed by a hook.Kellerman:
And there’s Matthysse
following Reiss’s advice.I’ve got an arm free.
I’m gonna use it.
Big left hook by Matthysse
knocks Postol back
to the ropes.
– Stop.
Nobody punch. Box.Lampley: Postol showing
a pretty good beard
here in the seventh round.He had been hit by some big
Matthysse shots
but not really leveled.And coming back
with his own combinations.
Hurts Matthysse
with a right hand.
I think he did hurt him.
Jones: I told you Postol
can hurt him.
[bell dinging]
– Time. [cheers and applause]Lampley: What a round.– [speaking Spanish] – Are you cut?
No? Now, listen. Listen, you avoid the punch
and get the right, the right and the hook
to the body. What’s he saying? – [unintelligible] Don’t lift the hand
in the front–bring it down.Jones:
Here you see Matthysse land
even a better right hand.Got full extension on that one.You couldn’t ask for
a better punch than that,
and that hurt Postol.[all cheering]Lampley: And that’s
Olga Postol at ringside…
with the worried look so common
to fighters’ wives
in round 7
of a tough 12-round fight.
Kellerman: And the worried look
starts when you sign to fight
with one of the biggest
maybe the biggest puncher
in the division.
Lampley: Almost certainly
the biggest puncher
in the 140-pound division.One of the biggest punchers
in boxing.
Kellerman: Yeah.Lampley: Harold Lederman saw
enough in the boxing response
of Viktor Postol to those big
Matthysse shots
in the seventh round to give
the Ukrainian star the round…
making it 5 rounds to 2
on the Lederman scorecard
so far.
Postol did some good work,
especially late in the round.Lampley: Quick right hand
over the top by Postol
before Matthysse could launch
his combination.
Jones: Postol is getting better
in this fight.
Lampley: Quick right hand,
and Postol moves away again.
What’s that?
Jones: Postol is getting better
in this fight right now.Now he’s starting to
sharpen up a little bit,
catch that second wind,and throw really good
telling punches, like those.
Kellerman: Almost like
he’s decided, “Okay,
“I feel your power, Matthysse.
I got this.
I got this calibrated now.”Lampley: Almost as if
he’s responded
to Jack Reiss’s warningabout holding by increasing
his focus, his concentration,
and boxing better.Jones: Boxing much better.Kellerman: Yeah, Reiss forced
the fight and forced Postol,
in a sense, to up his game,as Matthysse had more free
range to throw punches.
Jones: Good jab.
Kellerman: Good jab.
Jones: Oh.
Lampley: Hard right hand!
Postol momentarily
had Matthysse in trouble
with the one-two.Jones:
Knocked him a 360.
Another hard right hand.
– Stop, stop!Jones: Postol looks like
he’s going for the knockout.
Lampley: This is amazing.
Here in the eighth round,
as Viktor Postol the boxeris putting Matthysse
on the defensive.
Kellerman: Matthysse right now
is thinking,
“I thought he only had
11 knockouts in 27 fights.”
Jones: You saw the way
he knocked that last guy out.
Kellerman: Yeah, Aydin,
with that uppercut.
Jones: You should know
better than that.
Kellerman: Amazing.
Goes to Wild Card Gym,
works with Freddie,
and all of a sudden,
he’s hitting like this.Lampley: It never fails.High drama at
the StubHub Center in Carson.
Theater of the Unexpected.Boxing Capital
of the West Coast.
Another great night.Hard right hand again
by Postol.
– Stop! Break.
Step back, please.Kellerman: That’s been his best
punch so far tonight,
that right hook to the body.
Jones: Yes, it has.
It’s kept Matthysse honest,and it makes him have to
defend that shot
because it’s so hard.
[loud tapping] – Stop.
Break. [bell dinging]
Time, time, time.Kellerman: Well, maybe
other than the jab,
but that’s worked too.Lampley: If Harold Lederman
gave that round to Postol,
and I have to assume he did,it’s 6 rounds to 2
on the Lederman scorecard.
– [speaking Spanish] – You okay? You okay?
Yes.Lampley: And if that’s true,
Postol is one round away
from putting Matthysse into
“I need a knockout” city.
– You lead, you lead.
When you’re loose, let him go. Two punches.
Be sharp. Are you good?
Yes. You’re good?
Yes.Jones: Here you see Matthysse
get caught
with the weight
on his front foot
as he reaches in with a jab,and Postol comes over the top
of that jab
with a right hand
to the back of the ear
and knocks him
a complete 360.
[bell rings]Lampley:
That was a one-sided round.
Matthysse was 3 of 26.
Postol was 14 of 59.
Viktor Postol had it
all his way in the last round.
Now let’s see what Matthysse
can do to turn things around
with four rounds to go.Kellerman:
I like the way Matthysse
came out in this round, Roy,not discouraged from
the last round.
Jones: What happened
in the last round
was he caught that right
body shot to the ribs early,
and that kinda drained him.– Stop! Separate.
Jones: Now he’s staying
at a wrong distance again.He’s standing right at the end
of Postol’s jab.
That’s not where
you want to be,
this late in the fight.
Lampley: I’m sure there have
been taller fighters
at 140 at some point
than Postol.
– Separate.
Turn around.Lampley: But against
a 5-foot-8 Lucas Matthysse
with that height, with his
overall athleticism–
ha ha ha.
Thank you, Max.
And with the…the movement,Postol looks very commanding
in there.
Jones: Yeah, he is very
commanding, Jim.
He’s fighting at his pace.
He’s fighting at his range.
As long as he doesn’t
do anything stupid
and give Matthysse a chance
to land a big shot,
then he should be safe
for the rest of the night.
He’s overcame the most
dangerous part
of Lucas Matthysse.Lampley: The early power?
Jones: Yes.
Kellerman: Postol, though,
doesn’t fight in a boring,
exclusively safety-first style.
He will open up.
He will throw combinations.
He will take certain risks,given his lack of
knockout record
and his height and reach.– Stop!
Kellerman: He’s more offensive
than a fighter with his tools
than we frequently see.
Jones: Once again,
being in the Wild Card
with all those killers,you better learn how to
keep people off you,
and he has definitely
learned that.
– Stop! Nobody punch!
Lampley: Well,
as we mentioned,
the CompuBox analysis forecasts
predicted Postol would be
ahead on points
and Matthysse would score
the late TKO.
It appears we have
the first prerequisite.
– Stop, stop, stop!
Lampley: Now let’s see
if the rest of the drama
plays out.
Jonas: Don’t be surprised
if Postol lands a TKO.
How he’s landing
these punches right now…
he’s hitting Matthysse
at will.
Kellerman: You think he’s taken
some of the starch
out of Matthysse so far,
Matthysse ‘s power?
Jones: With those body shots,he took a lot of starch
out of Matthysse.
Lampley: Think he’s looking
a little taller every round
than Matthysse?
Jones: Yes, he is.
And a little bit more
elusive every round.
– Stop!
Kellerman: Well, taking
the starch out of your
opponent’s one thing.
Starching him
is something else,
and that would be
an amazing accomplishment
for Postol to pull it off.
Lampley: That would be
That would be astonishing.
But a win at this point
would not be astonishing.
‘Cause we have seen now,both against Selcuk Aydin
last year and now tonight…
[bell dings]
What Postol can do.
And what an education
in the Wild Card Gym
under Freddie Roach
can mean.
– [speaking Spanish] – What happened?
What happened there? No, no, no.
Throw, you got to throw. You got to throw, dude! You gotta throw.
You gotta land more. Guy’s got nothing there. – All right?
– [speaking Ukrainian] – You got the gloves?
– Yeah. So, hey, all right, now, we need these last
two rounds big, okay? Let’s go.
All right? [overlapping English
and Ukrainian chatter] [whistle blows]
– Come on.Lampley: Lucas Matthysse.Viktor Postol.[bell dings]Three rounds to go.Round 10 of a scheduled 12.Harold,
how do you have it so far?
Lederman: Okay,
so I got it 88-83,
7 rounds to 2,
Viktor Postol.
You know, Jim,
was I wrong in this fight.
In round 6,
I figured Lucas Matthysse
had this guy figured outand after a slow start,
he was gonna go out there
and whack him around
or maybe knock him out
or stomp him or whatever.But in round 7, 8, and 9,Viktor Postol
just did the same thing
that he did earlier
in the fight,
totally out-boxing
Lucas Matthysse.
I think,
no contest whatsoever.
Moves beautifully,
lots of combinations.
Great left jabs.
Hard right hands.
Staggered him a couple a times.Did everything
you gotta do to win.
7 to 2, Postol.Lampley: Max Kellerman
is in Postol’s corner now
with Freddie Roach.
Freddie, what are you seeing?
Roach: Well, it’s a little bit
of an ugly fight
and the styles
don’t mix up too well,
but my guy, I want him
to throw more combinations,
and when he gets
in the inside with this guy
and he falls in the pocket,
I want to see him
throw combinations
up the middle,
because this guy’s relaxing,
he just…
you know,
not really doing much.
He really stops
throwing punches,
and I think Postol needs
to take advantage of that.
Kellerman: Freddie,
you said that we need
these last three rounds big.
– Stop!Kellerman: Are you concerned
at all
that that opens up your fighterto get countered
by a big puncher?
You seem to want him to press
for more offense.
Roach: You know, when he’s on
the offense,
he’s not getting hit at all.When he’s running, when he’s
moving back on the defense,
that’s when he’s getting hit,
so, yes,
I want him to press
a little bit more,
and this guy is not a good
puncher going backwards.
He’s a good puncher
coming forward.
So I want him to press
a little more, yes.
Kellerman: You think he can
get the knockout here?
Roach: Um…I think we can.He’s getting a little
tired, maybe.
He’s like maybe quitting
a little bit.
He’s not trying so hard
I think we can
knock him out, yes.
Kellerman: Thanks, Freddie.Lampley: Boy, I’m thinking
of the 140-pound division
that’s presently constituted…
– Pull your hand out!Lampley: Or currently
constituted, I should say.
– Stop.
Break.Lampley: And…obviously, plenty could change
in the last couple of rounds.
Matthysse could
turn this around.
But let’s just assume
that this continues
and Viktor Postol
scores the big upset win.
– Separate.
Lampley: And takes a title belt
and a very strong position
toward leadership
of a 140-pound weight class
and you think,
“Who is there in the division
who has the range,
the timing, the length
to give him problems?”
and there’s only one answer,
and he’s in Omaha, Nebraska.
And we’re going to see him
three weeks from now.
Jones: There you go.
Kellerman: But if this hold up,
let me tell you something–
Jones: Oh!
He dropped him.
Good right hand by Postol.
Lampley: That is a knockdown.
We’ve got a count.And Matthysse is down.– Siete, ocho, nueve…Jones: You know what–
Lampley: This is over!
Viktor Postol has knocked out
Lucas Matthysse!
Roy said it could happen.
Freddie said he noticed
Matthysse quitting,
and there you saw
a beaten fighter
deciding not to get up.Lampley: Amazing.
Absolutely amazing.
You start from the premisethat Postol doesn’t have
enough power to hurt him.
Well, he sure did.Kellerman:
We’ve seen Postol twice,
first against Aydin,
now against Matthysse,
who’s at the top
of the division.
He totally dominated
both fights
and knocked his man out late
both times.
Lampley: In the tenth round,
both times.
On schedule.Amazing performance
by Viktor Postol,
and just to come back
to what we said,
the obvious antidote
is Terence Crawford.
Jones: The obvious antidote.And that may not be
the antidote,
but that is the obvious answer.Lampley: That’s the matchup.That’s what we want to see
down the road,
assuming that three weeks
from now
Crawford can deal
with Dierry Jean.
Somewhere down the road,there might be an amazing
fight in this division
between two tall,
rangy athletes–
Crawford and Postol.What a phenomenal performance
by Viktor Postol.
And here’s a replay
of the knockout.
Jones: Yeah,
you see a boxer move,
and I told you he was making
Matthysse reach.
So when Matthysse reaches
right here with his jab,
bam, he catches him
on the way in
with a straight right hand,
and at that point,
Matthysse had already
had enough, Jim.
It was just a matter of time.Lampley:
Matthysse was discouraged
by having been outboxed.Jones:
Totally discouraged by it.
Never got in close enough
to mount a long enough attack
or sustained attacked or enough
time to really do anything.
Lampley: The most amazing thing
to me was that he stayed down.
Jones: Well, sometimes a guy
know it’s enough–
when he’s had enough.Lampley: Sat right there
with one knee on the canvas,
not two, and listened
to Jack Reiss’s count.
Jones: And he still didn’t
get up after the count.
Lampley: Well, that could have
been from discouragement,
disappointment.This guy got up.This guy has made
a name for himself
in a very big way.[all cheering]And there’s Olga Postol.That’s what it looks like
in the tenth round
when your man
knocks the opponent out.
Got a belt around him now.A major title
in the division…
and a foothold toward even
bigger things down the road.
Viktor Postol of Kiev.Let’s go to Michael Buffer
for the official particulars
on the knockout.
[bell dings]Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen,referee Jack Reiss
counts to ten,
and this fight comes to an end.The official time:
2 minutes, 58 seconds
of round number 10.The winner by knockout victory,
still undefeated,
and now the new WBCsuper lightweight champion
of the world…
[speaking Ukrainian]Viktor“the Iceman”Postol![cheers and applause]Lampley: 31 years old,
from Kiev, Ukraine.
28 and 0 with 12 knockouts.2 and 0 with two knockouts
on HBO.
Jones: You know
the most fascinating stat?
The most fascinating stat?
Lampley: What is that?
Jones: His birthday
is January 16th.
Lampley: Oh, that’s right.
Jones: I told you.
I told you yesterday.
I told you, Lamps!
Lampley: [laughing]
From the 1-16 Club
with Roy Jones,
final CompuBox numbers,
speaking of stats,
and you will see
that Postol,
down the stretch,
stretched out his lead
and landed punches,
ultimately landing
17 more than Matthysse,
throwing 228 punches more than
Matthysse in the fight.
That’s really where
he controlled the action.
He was just able to get off
way more often,
continuing his rhythm
once he got it going
in the second round.Jabs–he lands 36 out of 267.Matthysse only throws 83.Power shots.
He lands 77 out of 242.
Matthysse is ahead
in this category,
82 out of 198, and he lands
at a very credible 41%.
But giving what Postol
was doing with the jab,
that wasn’t enough
for Matthysse.
And now let’s go to
Max Kellerman
in the ring with the winner.– Congratulations, Viktor. You have 11 knockouts
in 27 fights coming in. So far, we’ve seen you
twice on HBO, and you scored
two spectacular knockouts, this time against someone
in the top of the division. Where did this come from? – [speaking Ukrainian] – I want to say thank you
to Lucas Matthysse. He’s a really great opponent.
Really strong. He came out to this fight
really strong to fight. And I didn’t want
to knock him out. I didn’t plan to do that.
I just came in the fight. I wanted to relax and box
and do what I do best. And the count came–
it’s all great. – And yet,
here you are again with your second
consecutive knockout. Ringside, we’re talking about
the work that Freddie and Marvin are doing
with you at The Wild Card. Has that made a difference? – I want to say thank you
to my team, to Freddie, Marvin Somodio. They made me the champion,
and I assure you, this is not gonna be
my last knockout. – There were times
in the fight where Matthysse
seemed to reach you and shake you up
with his power. What did you think
of his power? Were you badly hurt
at any point? – Yeah, I took a few
hard shots, but that’s why my nickname
is Iceman, because I can take a punch. – When Jack Reiss told you
to stop holding, it seemed that that favored
Matthysse at first, but then it forced you
to raise your game. What were you thinking when he was telling you,
“stop holding”? What did that do to you? – When he told–when Jack Reiss
told me about that, I was afraid that he was gonna
deduct a point from me, and Freddie Roach told me
that you can box on the inside, get in on the inside,
and you can do short punches and you can win
boxing on the inside. – Last one.
Real boxing fans who pay attention
are now thinking that the two best fighters
at 140 pounds are you and Terence Crawford, assuming he wins
three weeks from now. What are your thoughts
about eventually fighting Terence Crawford
to establish supremacy in the junior welterweight
division? – It would be my pleasure
to meet him in the ring, and I want to prove myself
to the American boxing fans and prove that there are
real champions in Ukraine. I want to say thank you
to all the fans that came out tonight
and supported me. I really appreciate.
Thank you, guys! And I also wanna say
thank you to Ukraine for supporting me,
everybody in Ukraine. Thank you.
– Congratulations. – Thank you.
Thank you very much. – Lucas, what happened at the end
of that fight? Were you able to get up
and decided not to? Or were you not able
to get up? – [speaking Spanish] – I felt a pop in my eye.
I felt something pop in my eye. But I prefer to take care
of my eye, and that’s why–
I could have gotten up, but I preferred to stay down
to protect my eye. – So as many tough fights
as you’ve been in, something happened
physically to you that you felt endangered
your future to the point where it was
better to call it a day? – You know, I felt well, just–
nothing happened for me tonight. – How good is Viktor Postol? You’ve been in with a lot
of top junior welterweights. – He’s not the best.
You know, I don’t think so. He had his night,
and I just didn’t have my night. But he is the world champion
tonight, and I want to congratulate him. – Thank you, Lucas,
for a good show, as always.[rock music]♪ ♪

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