Matthias Schoenaerts at Carlos Schram’s last boxing fight (with English subtitles)

Schram is not an average boxer. Not even before the fight. He secludes himself with his best friend. In life, you are with friends a lot. I see that today, I feel that today. You can’t do this without friends. You can be the best in the world, if no one likes you… Then you are nobody. And I’m certainly not the best! Not the worst either, but… Keep calm!! He’s a Teddy bear. But in sports, the rules are different. And in sports, especially this sport, it’s all about winning. And winning, that’s streaming out of every pore of Schram before the fight. When he enters the ring, he intimidates friend and foe… With his calmness. He seems to be angry, sad, kind and murderous at the same time. Sport is emotion and to perform I need emotion. Without any emotion I get nowhere. I don’t like to do this, but I do this with… emotion. And then they send the emotion into the boxing ring. And he strikes immediately quite good. Keep you cover!! On round 3, the Croatian falls flat down a first time. But he gets up again. Steady, steady! Keep calm! Don’t get mad, keep calm! Yes, I’m personally very involved. So, yes, it’s the last fight of one of my best friends. And it wasn’t the most simple fight. I was absolutely excited! Keep calm, don’t get yourself agitated. No, no… Schram doesn’t get trapped. The Croatian ends in the ropes. Schram wins the last fight of his career. I don’t know if it was my best fight. It’s beautiful and, and, it’s over, it’s over. Yes, it’s over. It’s completely over. – You are not sure, are you? – Yes, yes, I am. I have to, I have to stop. In the right age, 35 years old, boxing is a very intense and dangerous sport, so. I think it’s good to end in beauty. “Afterparty in the…????, olé, olé!” Can I go give that man a punch? No, it’s over! – Yes, I stopped. – You can’t do that. – No, I can’t do that anymore.. That’s right!

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  1. Bonjour Matthias, tes amis sont avec toi et te soutiennes, je suis ravie de voir que tu occupes ta tête.. reste fort, i miss youXOXO

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