Materials_Bruce Lee_A Bruce Lee martial arts masterclass

Bruce Lee may have passed away 40 years
ago at the young age of 32 but his legacy remains very much alive
especially for practitioners of Juke under the martial arts style that he
popularized in his movies the name Joo Koon dog translates into the way of the
intercepting fist flexibility dynamism and speed are key the moves may look
familiar but this is very different from traditional martial arts which usually
have strict fixed forms as developed by Bruce Lee this style has none the point
says instructor Ricky Fong is to move like water when you move if I keep a
certain distance I can observe what you do and I can intercept your movement or
you think of mine we’re trying to do the things simple but simple will not mean
easy my clock look the clock is easy to read but the third clock is quite
complicated and direct we try to do the things direct not complicated with
several movements and we do long classical we don’t have certain patterns
of movement or certain set of I have no martial arts training but master Fong is
kind enough to teach me some basics okay master Fong now please don’t kill me
but can you show me what you would do so I just used my live hand okay and one
smiley head I have to do automatically Lyman because we do alignment to make
the fourth twister because Bruce Lee passed away so young he was not able to
train many teachers that is why she kundo has far fewer practitioners
worldwide than some other martial arts styles but mr. Lee’s charisma and fame
has attracted extreme loyalty and dedication so you guys are hardcore
Bruce Lee fanatics and you’ve got tattoos show me Wow what does it mean
what does it mean it means using no ways your way and having no limitation is
your limitation because that’s this philosophy of Bruce Lee so that’s why I
want to use the same set same philosophy my lifestyle as well use no way as we’re
you having no limiters limitation this philosophy has always been an
inspiration to me in my training so especially on days where I feel like I
lack energy I’ll have to do is take a look at this tattoo and my energy will
come back and I could train at maximum efficiency Adrienne and David both want
to teach to kundo to pass this vital style and unique philosophy of life on
to the next generation

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