Martial Arts Weapons Training : Tonfa Techniques for the Martial Arts

Michael Lewis here from Christian martial
Arts, on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to talk today about six traditional martial
arts weapons. Now I’m going to show you two techniques, one with an escrima stick and
one that is open hand where you can use a tonfa in a self defense situation. He throws
an over head strike with the tonfa and I block. Because of the nature of the tonfa being wood
and it runs around the length of my arm I can block this weapon effectively. If I were
to block just with an open hand strike, of course obviously that would cause a lot of
injury, so this being an excellent blocking weapon. Here, I throw down two strikes into
the face or even into the chest, and to use the other length of the weapon besides the
shorter end I can swing across to expand the length. Second technique, without a weapon,
using the other end of the weapon, flip it around, so now I’m using the handle as actually
a weapon. He throws a kick, I’ll hook it out of the way. From the hook I’m now towards
his back so I can throw a strike to the back of the head, throwing it in. Then also, to
finish off the technique I hook back, using the handle as a way to reap him down to the
ground. These are two very simple techniques that you can use with the tonfa.

52 thoughts on “Martial Arts Weapons Training : Tonfa Techniques for the Martial Arts

  1. this dude is stupid tonfas were not made for the handle to be used as a weapon it would break quickly if it would dude a history check and do a good one

  2. In martial arts no.
    But police tonfas could be used in that manner. who cares what you can and cant do as long as you kill your opponent

  3. yeah correct. Im not saying ths guy is right, but if you would have a tonfa made out of a single piece of metal or something it could be done. it would probably work as well.

    But officially in martial arts its stupid.

  4. It sounded like a good idea on paper to use the handle but maybe not in practice. If it was made of metal or something stronger you could use the handle. But cutting a dude down for lack of information is kind of harsh.

  5. ? You're never supposed to hold a tonfa like that, it gives you limited mobility. Always keep your hands on the handle.
    Besides, the handle would break super easy…..Then you're out of luck….

    LOL Some ninja warrior he is…. 😀

  6. Bunch of idiots that think these would break. Most Tonfa's are made of metal you morons. Obviously these are made of wood because of training purposes.

  7. To paraphrase an old adage; It's not the weapon, its how you use it. Miamoto Musashi, famous author of Go Rin No Sho and dueler of fame, won many (most, if I'm not mistaken) of his duels with a boken, even against opponents wielding steel katana's. Though I agree, this video is not the most impressive, anyone who hasn't fought either of these gentlemen cannot say anything about how well they can fight. Infact, I think it would be a serious mistake to underestimate your opponent in any context

  8. As to flipping your Tonfa, though it is a risky move and should probably be avoided, its not to say it should never be done. A flipped Tonfa is more easy to be grabbed and disarmed from you, and hitting with the handle with a strike like yokimenuchi is not much more effective then simply performing an extended strike while still holding the handle. Nevertheless, in a context such as choking/throwing an opponent, especially from behind, or disarming them, holding the Tonfa flipped can be useful

  9. weapon techniques are cool and presented well in the vid. but when are u going to actually going to be attacked and have a tonfa convienently nearby

  10. it not like that at all. think about it, some people have 3 fight and think there the best now each of those fight last about 2 mins or less. if you spend hours training then you will become a better fighter.

    but i understand what your say. apart from judo most martial art that come from japan south Korea are a bit rubbish or a form of kick boxing.

    if you want a REAL edge on people you meet on the street do wing chun or judo or both.

    if you do both you'll be a great well rounded fighter.

  11. Blame yourself and your instructor not martial arts! Martial arts have been used effectively for hundreds of years. I myself have used martial arts in real life situations and have not had any problems. Martial arts only work in a fight if you know what you are doing!

  12. with the first technique when you block he could kick the back of your leg making you fall then he could hit you in the head or even knee you in the head

    and why woulld he kick if you have a weapon and he doesnt because you have the upper hand

  13. I know, these are the only people I've seen that say that. When I was learning tonfa, the first thing I had drilled into me was that you should NEVER hold tonfa on the club part.

  14. Why is the religion of the martial artist mentioned? That information does not seem important to learning the function of a weapon. It is extraneous to tack that on to the title. As christianity is supposed to be a religion of peace does that not hurt your credibility as a source of weapon expertise?

  15. @444Wyrd14198 If you're good you won't. Not really that difficult, we have weapon sparring here at the dragon dojo, and it's really fun. Tonfas forever!

  16. @cynicalninja But what if blades aren't allowed or you don't want to kill? Not that easy, but I still don't really suggest following this guy's advice (no offense). Do what works for you, don't try and change what works for him.

  17. when u perform an upper block, angle the tonfa more so the escrima stick will slide off your tonfa, leaving him vulnerable

  18. @w1ntersw0lves This sort of thing tends to be more commonly used for sporting purposes than for self defense but in a real life situation, I agree; the practical use is limited. If you had a tonfa to defend yourself with against a blunt weapon that would be useful but against a blade? Unless you have the proper training, forget about it. Besides, many fights where weapons would be involved would involve guns and tonfa vs. bullet won't work out very well for the guy with the tonfa.

  19. @444Wyrd14198 only if you put the handle within their reach of grasp, which is probably why he hooked the guys leg instead of his arm

  20. @narutardtedr I study martial arts and guns, but I have no illusion that they guy with the gun has the advantage, if you were close I would draw from my conceal carry and proceed to shoot from the hip by aiming just with my body using volume of fire versus accuracy. I have no reason to disarm someone unless they are psycho, rather just give up my wallet in most cases.

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