Martial Arts Weapons Training : Nunchaku instruction for Martial Arts

Michael Lewis here from Christian Martial
Arts, on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to talk today about six traditional martial
arts weapons. Now we’re going to talk about the techniques of the nunchucks and how they
were used against the eskrima stick. He throws a strike, I come up underneath blocking around
the wrist. Two things I can do right here is wrap around his arm, I can go into an arm
bar from here, stepping out with the strike. Again he strikes downward, I catch it on the
wrist. Circle around into an arm bar. I’m pressing my body against his elbow and then
I can take the end of the nunchuck and strike in the jaw. Another way, another technique
that I can use to strip the weapon out of his hand is by doing the same block but instead
of focusing just on the wrist I go up to the weapon itself by the hand, so that when I
trap, and I reap, I can reap the weapon clean out of his hand, then stepping back with the
strike. And that is a few of the techniques with the nunchucks.

38 thoughts on “Martial Arts Weapons Training : Nunchaku instruction for Martial Arts

  1. @hayleysfinest Well I'm pretty sure for a video on youtube on basic demonstration they're not gonna show too much besides the BASICS. Anyways, I agree that fighting on the internet is stupid because everyone feels like they're in some kind of fort of omnipotence. But, as always, life goes on.

  2. This is pretty bad. Nunchaku in this technique are not being used to their potential.. I am a nunchaku fighter. Heavy wood block. It's for swinging at a high rate of speed making impact you can't get from escrima. I will break a stick fighters hands and face. Not catch the downward stroke and get knifed by the left hand. Dumbass.

  3. haha fuck u kinda know, but ur 2 Gumpy lookin 2 pay attention 2. u look like the dude from Pawn Sarts. Chumly or sumthen like that lol

  4. Yeah, it is kinda funny. I'm a Christian, but I don't know why do that?? But hey, if they think it's necessary to specify that they are Christian I respect that.

  5. one thing he can do right there is loosen his grip so his escrima stick breaks part of your skull. second if you have an armbar why…um lets see…let it go? take him to the ground to take the advantage. dont step off and give him a glancing face blow he might just snap that stick over your head. *im pressing my body against his elbow, he's punching me repeatedly in the balls! i win!*

  6. well putting the body against the elbow i dont see why hit them with the nunchuck you could just break the elbow right there

  7. true sir true! but i'd rather have them on the ground, pinned with my knee on his good arm…he might have a knife o.o

  8. I wouldn't recommend defending against a stick this way ESPECIALLY if you have nun chucks. As he's raising his arm to swing the stick at you, why not just whack his elbow with the nun chucks? Way more simple and I bet it'd end the battle a lot sooner and easier

  9. what martial arts does he say he say he does on the video? Sounds like hes saying christian martial arts but in the extra info box it says ninjutsu, which comes from Japan, and all christians werer massacred on Japan soo…

  10. I doubt this works. Or this might not be safe in some case, although it looks promising. Actually, you need to step out of the way and block or strike simultaneosly.

  11. this technique may rarely work you better off just swinging the nunchuck at his face and hope for the best

  12. what do you do when the other guy has enough sense to attack from the proper distance? In that situation it looked more like he was tryin to stab you in the head with the bottom. In a real fight he would be back far enough to use just the tip of his stick. If you get close enough to do that you fucked up somewhere in the fight. nunchaku is most effective when used to bash in a skull like it was meant for and that can't be done if you're close enough to elbow someone in the face.

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  14. Its shit! Only one Block and then a Roundstrike into the face or against the had – is enough and real ! Its one move….

  15. Dude you would have gotten your ass rolling so far down the hill so bad so even fucked up it wouldn't couldn't  didn't even have hopes of finding the be in funny. if you came at a 3year old with those nunchaku and I handed her a stick the same size the dude in black has .. your blundering shit be propped up in a wheelchair and she'd be nodding her head saying "Jesus saves"

  16. If you need to learn weapon fighting from a "Marital Arts expert," then maybe it's time to get a divorce lawyer.

  17. Look…i think it's time you take this vid down…instructor is a fraud. .what if the guy changes angle of attack and whacks your belly/ribs/knee..whilst your arms are on the way up. or..stabs your Centre Line with the base of the stick?

  18. Good Martial Arts Weapons Training.
    Nunchaku training – Kick Ryu. The way of fight practiced honestly.

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