Michael Lewis here from Christian Martial
Arts on behalf of Expert Village. We are going to talk today about six traditional martial
arts weapons. Now we’re going to talk about the techniques of the sai, particularly against
the katana. He strikes downward, I catch the blade right in one of the prongs of the sword
and I turn it, in order to catch the Katana and trap it for a split second, enough time
for me to strike, and possibly bend his sword making it harder for him to operate or possibly
breaking the sword. Then I flip the weapon around and I can stick him. And another technique
is from a choke. From here he is choking me, what I need to do is take these in and place
them inside. The inside hooks here go into his arm and push him closer to me, at the
same time I slide back and I strike to the temple, or it can be a reaping strike where
I use the corner to strike across the face and I can still strike with the end. Then
as a finishing technique, I move in. I can strike towards the chest with the bald end
or I can strike to the throat as a devastating technique.

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