Martial Arts Weapons Training : Kama Techniques in Martial Arts

Michael Lewis here from Christian Martial
Arts, on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to talk today about six traditional martial
arts weapons. OK, we’re going to go over two techniques with the Kamas and how they would
be used against the bow staff. He throws a down strike, I throw pretty much what would
be the equivalent in open hand karate as an X block. I catch the weapon in, because of
the blades it etches into the weapon, it gives me a better hold of it, but then I rotate
it over away from my body and then I slice in towards the neck. I can also, to cause
less damage, slice in towards the arm and take it away from the bow staff and therefore
he does not have control over his bow staff anymore. And then I can follow through with
any number of cutting techniques. The second technique is from a thrust. I’m standing here,
he thrust the weapon, I block it out of the way, I can hook it back in towards my body
and cut the arm again. The same technique pretty much but from the opposite side of
the weapon. To simplify it a little bit more, he throws a thrust, I block. I hook, and hook
into the arm. This strike here can also not only hook into the arm, but also hook into
the side of the head, side of the face, or into the other arm, anywhere that is vulnerable.
And those are just two of the techniques of the Kamas used against the bow staff.

43 thoughts on “Martial Arts Weapons Training : Kama Techniques in Martial Arts

  1. i'm not trying to insult your intelligence or anything but just learning how to use these weapons doesn't really mean any thing unless you learn martial art styles dealing with using punches and kicks to do damage.most likely you won't have a weapon like a katana or escrima stick to use in an actual combsat situation unless you have stuff lying near u that u can improvise weapons out of and apply these techniques to whatever u have. if all u know is this weapon training,then i wish u good luck.

  2. not again. martial arts is not nescesarily violent. Jui jitsu is not, Baguazheng is not, aikido is not and I can keep going.

    Its all defence

  3. Yeah I thought that too! a guy that has any skill with the bo staff(or even if he doessnt) can create powerfull enough blows which you cant stop with ONE arm. Let alone a stick hold in one hand, how much power do you have in that? The bo will just go right through

  4. cherrycheesecake are you christian or catholic if you arnt then you should do some research before talking out of your ass and if you are then you must not be a very good one lols because believe it or not, both christians and catholics do meditate

  5. Unfortunately, most techniques demonstrated in this video were practiced with no fore knowledge of the weapon's effectiveness. The Kama has a slight advantage over the bo, because when parrying with the kama, the blade needs to cut into the bo and pulling it, effectively controlling the weapon from counterstrike with the other end. Try using sharp kama – I have been for 15 years and they are completely ineffective when demonstrated as they were in this video.

  6. first 1 if u X block it he could down strike or even kick into your leg breaking your leg moving you and stopping you for a second or 2 for a fatality

    number 2 if you push it away he can hit you with the other side of it and if you block that aswell he can kick you over then stand of your temple

  7. @kboy3141
    Please stop that hippy bullshit. You learn how to fight, that's violence. It doesn't matter what you use it for, it is still violence.
    That's like saying you don't learn to shoot so that you can hit targets.

  8. @kboy3141
    I practice it for physical training and because I enjoy it.
    But I really don't support such things as "If you want peace, prepare for war". Why learn/do the opposite of what you want in order to get it? Sure, you may practice to learn self defence, but it doesn't eliminate the fact that you are learning how to use violence in order to defend against violence.
    And I can't go to the founders of Kung fu, I lack the ability to travel through time :).
    And martial arts are not ONLY kung fu.

  9. @onixdragon112189 Yeah, just check it to the side and go in for the kill. You don't have to stop it dead, all you need to do is tap it past you.

  10. @kboy3141 yer i get really pissed when people learn martial arts to bully people because martial aarts is self defence and also in this when he says go in and slice his neck that would most liekly kill someone you only wanna injure someone so you can run away and alert some one

  11. A Campbell Cane could be an interesting senior defense device. I was asked last year about designing a cane that could be functional, artistic and defensive. The latest design fits this description. I was involved in martial arts in the 60' I am way over 60. I would not want to be on the other end.

  12. @ThePokemonandkhmasta
    Ya but what if that bo was a shotgun instead would you cut the guy a little and then run off??? I sure hope not.

  13. @Ausvinyljedi Well of course, it would depend on many factors though. If the bullet was fired from a gun, or throwen, size of the bullet , charge etc.

    If you want to see how it works then check out my video, "Bruce lee kung fu, 2 finger bullet catching".

  14. the kama is not meant to block the way this idiot is blocking. the kama is supposed to knock the bo away from the body, and then trap it from there if necessary. the away movement combined with the movement away from the attacker is what will avoid the blow. judging from this video and others, "Michael Lewis" from "Christian Martial Arts" is not really an expert, nor is he credible.

  15. Perfect explanation as to why so many people go to block real hits for the first time and end up doing nothing but getting hit and looking naive. It's like you said, power behind blocks should be the same as the power behind strikes.

  16. This isn’t realistic though, because anyone can anticipate a downward strike + even if they do it you can “x” block it and probably still be pushed through. All out blocks are more energy expensive than parrying, also with a no staff he would likely use his weapons range as an advantage on you and thrust it into your body, the best option would be hooking a blade into the wood to try to dissuade his jab and move in for a neck or arm strike ( which was covered in the video) but an “x” block which I’ve never heard of before in actual terms would cause the kamas to be thrust into your forehead, (potential concussion.)

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