Martial Arts Weapons Training : History of the Tonfa in the Martial Arts

Michael Lewis here from Christian Martial
Arts, on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to talk today about six traditional martial
arts weapons. We’re going to talk about the history and the purpose of the tonfa. The
tonfa is actually a very interesting weapon for it’s purpose, it was actually a handle
for a grinder for rice. So what they would do is they had two stones and they would attach
the handle in and be able to turn the handle around and grind up their rice so they could
actually use it to make their food. Eventually it became a weapon that this part was the
handle that you would place your hand on and develop a figure eight pattern with it. The
great thing about the tonfa is that you have a short striking distance. So you could strike
very close and then a split second, flip it out so that you could expand your distance.
Also, you were able to block along the arm so if someone was attacking with an over head
strike you could also block that out of the way, but also at the same time flip it out
for a strike. And that is a quick history and purpose of the tonfa.

39 thoughts on “Martial Arts Weapons Training : History of the Tonfa in the Martial Arts

  1. dud those tonfas aren't well made and they wont work for you the wood part should pass your elbow a little and the front small stub should be a little pointed but the handle was made correctly

  2. weakest weapons in Japan? That is why Police/Military adopted the Tonfa. You are an idiot man, honestly the Tonfa is a brutal weapon, you can kill someone easily with a strike to the skull, if used correctly.

  3. the tonfa is actually a very powerful weapon especially since it gives you great defense when fighting against other melee weapons since its basically guarding your arm you can block just with an ordinary outside block downward inside upward and of course the double block also since its wood or metal also the fact that its small and round (square sometime) it gives you high attacking strength and like its defence part you use it like your punching with your hands and at the same the moves of the

  4. your a bit dumb, it could be an overhand strike because a group of people are trying to attack you or it could be a weapon w/e, he's just making a point you can block with it.

  5. Why would a Christian want to train ninjas? Anyways, tonfa is Okinawan, and they didn't have any ninjas…

  6. wa fk this shit that tonfa u got is a crap i can make one better and tonfa is for two hand not only one and not only swing and block nuby xP

  7. Your all talking about how Christians and Martial Arts don't mix.
    Keep in mind just because there Christians does not mean they wont kick your ass if they had to.

  8. @mummytuf2 you're right, just look at the crusades… christians are fucking crazy-ass homicidal maniacs… sorry if I insult anyone, but the same goes for every other overly religous person

  9. there is three ways to hold a tonfa, not just once.

    Nerds shouldn't be allowed to use arms, they could really hurts themselves

  10. Thumbs up if you came here and knew this weapon from hibari kyoya.

    Katekyo HITMAN REBORN! >:)


  11. Like this weapon although I have never trained with it. I wonder: is it possible to rack one's own elbow with it on the spinning attack/offense the author above detailed? I assume if the wrist is not flush/flat/straight to the forearm?

  12. all the mean comments on this video those people don't even understand what martial arts is about. Some people can't get on youtube without being snotty kindergarten brats

  13. When he "demonstrates" it's use as a handle for grinding stone, he's not using it in the correct orientation. First clue that he has no idea.

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