Martial Arts Weapons Training : History of the Sai Martial Arts Weapons

Michael Lewis here for Christian Martial Arts
on behave of expert village. We are going to talk today about 6 traditional martial
arts weapons. Okay now we are going to talk about the history and purpose of the Sai.
The Sai of course as we said before starts out as a farm tool and what they would use
if for they would acutally stick it into the ground and it would open up a hole into the
ground were they could plant their seed and would go through rows stick it in and planting
their seed also one of the other pruposes of the Sai was that this longer end would
be nailed into an axel were a wooden wheel would on the outside and these two prongs
would connect the axel to the wooden wheel and so that it would beable to turn nd connect
the two together as it would roll. Now because its a metal weapon its perfect against the
Samuri blade and so the purpose of some of the ways of use it was to strike with the
ball end here, a damaging strike. The oher way was to flip it around and also beable
to use the strike and peirce the skin. The Samuri blade would fit right in here and they
would actually catch the Samuri blade and get in to the inside and be able to work the
rest of their techinces.

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  1. "And they would go down the row, stick again, planting their seed." <– That's what she said.

  2. frank miller wrote the stories of daredevil and elektra in the golden years of the martials art,without much information about weapons,styles,etc…

  3. What the hell does Christianity have to do with martial arts? That's like saying "I drive a potatoe farmers of America Chevrolet"

  4. How many times do we have to post the true history of the sai and be ignored by this gaijin know-it-all? Sai NEVER were used in farming – among the "weapons" we train with, the sai is the only one that actually WAS a weapon, but since it was used by higher ranked police officials, it was not consider a weapon for war/combat but for capturing criminals.

  5. @mrkiky
    yes exactly, and okinawan martial arts which practices all those weapons are called kobudo or kobu-jutsu which means old/traditional martial art.

  6. whats the difference between Christian martial arts and regular martial arts. Stop adding religion to everything!!!

  7. @TheSamuraininjaguy thats right,and sais are very diffiult to manage corretly. Sais Tonfa nunchucks and shuriken are my fav weapons also like brass knuckles but they are to easy to manage

  8. @fitnessboyPR im good with my sai
    and i love nunchaku, i have a reputation among my friends as the nunchaku beast or something like that 😛 tonfa are good, never trained with shurikan :

  9. @Opatzii yeah exactly poor farmers could afford all that steel and would make one hole for 1 seed on an entire friggin field rather then use a more efficient plow that every one else was using….

    ur an idiot

  10. this dude is reatarded… you can tell he doesnt even use one of these nor does he teach kobudo… it wasnt a farm tool and you were ment to use 2 and the prongs are for breaking weapons.

  11. @jamiirali1
    Ur correct, they did.
    However, the kobudo sai talked about is from Okinawa. So it's either an Okinawan farm tool or police instrument – that's the discussion. And AFAIK, that discussion will never end – until the invention of the time machine.

  12. you say its was never used by ninjas but couriously its in the ueno ninja museum and ninjas werent just peasants,but samurai clans too that lost political power and influence because of loosing they of course wouldnt use farming weapons,some ninja clans were samurai…you talk like you know more than the oficial japanease iga ueno ninja a bit more,one thing its a jutte,another a sai…jutte were the weapons used by policing samurai,sai its another weapon….

  13. hate to tell you this….it was not used as either a axel pin or a digging implement, you are not qaulified to offer any kind of weapons training

  14. I like how he just makes stuff up :3 sai as a farm tool i can imagine (like, a handheld pitchfork or something, NOT as a ground-poker), but as a wheelaxel? lul

  15. @reymysteriocookie as far as I know the ninja were just assassins for hire, so they did not really choose a side.

  16. @SeizetsuCreations This Statement is wrong in so many ways it made me cry. Assassins are assassins. Ninjas are Ninjas. Don't go around confusing things pls. Sure they killed ppl when there was no other way, but they were mostly used as spies. Not Black Ultrakillermasters of all Weapons and Martial Arts. And for the Dude in the Top Comments, don't confuse Sai with a Jitte pls. Thanks. (The police used Jitte. Kinda like a Sai with only one of the smaller forky things)

  17. @Vayashan Note how I said "As far as I know," I never actually said that I knew for sure, so no need to be rude about it, love.

    Thanks for the information on the Jitte though! That was interesting. Somehow it seems like the experts of expert village don't really know much.

  18. @SeizetsuCreations i see, you're right – I apologise.

    Look up Hashishim for info on "real" Assassins tho, btw. This is where the word originated from, it's quite interesting.

    And well, the actual passive aggressiveness was due to all the ppl confusing Sai and Jitte. There are discussions whether a Sai originated from Farming or Police, but neither is confirmed so far. It is confirmed that police (i believe in Japan, not 100% sure on that) used Jitte tho.

    Cya ^^ Sorry again for any rudeness.

  19. @Vayashan No worries and thanks for the information! I will most definitely look it up.

    Oh, there is a video I watched called "Sai history and Selection" from the username hempev that you might like. It's very old, but still interesting.

  20. @rypin1001 oh I'll ask you this series of questions, How long have you been training, with whom did you train, and lastly did you ever train on Okinawa?
    I would suggest that you check out a few books on Okinawan Kobudo(Mark Bishop is a good source)

  21. @Yukai65 got some news for you Buddy, the sai is not a ag tool, it was a badge of authority of the higher ranked Peichin of Okinawa( the Peichin were the law enforcement of the Okinawan Kingdom)….by the way the Ryu Ha of Kobudo that I have been practicing are as follows, Matayoshi Kobudo and Uhuchiku Kobudo, I trained on Okinawa…..much of the (Farmer information) came from the Japanese, who have looked down upon the Okinawans and their respective martial arts.

  22. it was a farming tool but for tilling the soil and its the best weapon ever. i first saw it in the tmnt movie in the 80s go turtles.

  23. Sai is came from Indonesia, a special weapons designed for defense, it is not originated from farming tool. Like every martial art that has its primitive origin here in Indonesia.

  24. you are partly right but sai were not a badge of honour or class distinction weapon.they were used by pheasants and probably invented by pheasants

  25. Wrong.Many martial arts had weapons very specific to killing people-swords,halbeards,fighting spears,bows.If you mean kobudo weaponry you would still be wrong.Sai being a special case as it was designed as a weapon and an "excuse" to carry it was devised.Also the OAR used to row/scull boats-point in case Shinmen(Miyamoto) Musasshi carved a bokken from an oar to defeat Sasaki Kojiro.not best example as he took the oar and made something else but the oar is still a traditional Okinawin weapon

  26. bullshit.Martial arts means war arts("military" and "martial").there are more martial arts weapons than the very very few known as kobudo weapons.the kobudo weapons were MOSTLY implements and tools used by pheasants for self defense against purpose designed and built "martial arts weapons".Do some real study

  27. dude,kobudo weapons are Okinawin and karate is as well,not Japanese.Some of the "weapons" are all around Asia as they were farm implements and similar crops were produced and harvested with similar technology so the link is there.The Europeans also had thier version of the kama called a sickle and it was far superior as a tool but not so good as a weapon.

  28. I don't think he made this up.I have heard and read this crap decades ago as well but he is still wrong .

  29. that is to cut and dry.The sai(kobudo) started out as a purpose designed and built weapon of defense against a sword and an "excuse" was invented to justify carrying it in every day use(much the same as the maglight(or simmilar) used by most civillian security gaurds-it really is a truncheon with a light in it).The sai pattern is rather unique to this region(China/Okinawa/Japan).Other similar weapons exist elswhere but not the same proportions

  30. contd.

    I have done this test myself decades ago and the jo,bo thing is repeated in most aikido classes the world over at dan grade level.Ive done them as well from the swordsman perspective and both sai and bo are the scariest old weapon for a swordsman to overcome

  31. being Japanese you should learn the true history of "Karate".Karate meant "China hand" but was chanked to "empty hand" by Gichin Funagoshi after HE INTRODUCED THE ART to Japan.This was done to make "karate" more palatable to the Japanese beacuse of a little invasion problem with China(basic history)"China" and "empty" was pronunced the same but different kanji was used to write it.
    Okinawins also used weapons in the systems hence kobudo weaponry

  32. yeah-the "Yeshua's Ryu karate" means Jesus school empty hand or even
    older meaning of Jesus school China hand.

    A strange mixture of culture/language.makes you wonder how Taoist/zen Buddhist/Shinto teachings sit with Christianity?

  33. because okinawa was not fedual Japan and Okinawins didn't like to be told what they could and could'nt do-by thier own kings and then the latter invading Satsuma clan.
    Chew on this-we are all pheasants-some just picked up sticks and stones and started killing others and forcing the pheasants to work for them "taxing" them.some were called bandits but the smart ones called themselves "the ruling class"

  34. the golden era of non ballistic martial arts died when the first gun was invented.Even the bow and arrows had a huge effect on war.This was way before American comic wrighters grandparents were must be an ignorant American

  35. you actually used them against shinai?I can handle the nunchuks and tonfa(if person is not good) but sai scare the shit out of me.I would never use a shinai-too expensive to replace,use a bokken(im a swordsman)

  36. half right,half wrong.Sai were weapons from day one.kama,Chuks,tonfa were implements used by farmers for harvesting,threshing,and processing rice and grain crops.EKU or KAI were the oars used by or staff is so simple most cultures had a stick type weapon.

  37. I mentioned that a majority of classical ryukyu kobujutsu weapons were originally weapons but not all were. Some were derived and adapted from everyday objects [why re-invent the wheel?] but were largely developed and used by the Okinawan aristocracy. As with most feudal systems worldwide, the peasantry in Okinawa were far too concerned with scraping a living to be bale to pay their taxes to have time to develop suitable weaponry and the skills to go with it.

  38. It is therefore implausible [and historically incorrect] to perpetuate the myth that Okinawan martial arts were developed by the peasantry to defend themselves against the invading Samurai. Weapons such as Kama come from the basic rice harvesting tool but weapons forms of Kama are much stronger and heavier than the agricultural variety, similarly with Nunachku [not "chucks" please] these were used in Chinese and Japanese culture as weapons long before the Okinawans.

  39. Eiku or Kai [Sabanni no Kai et al] were developed into weapons but differ quite markedly from the crude forms used for their original purpose.

  40. I think you need to re read history.The only "classical ryukyu kobujutsu weapons" was the sai.The rest were implements or tools already at hand used as weapons of self defence.These WERE owned and used by the pheasantry.the sai were incredibly expensive but not beyond the means of some farmers.
    The aristocricy did learn these pheasant fighting arts(the 3 major types being Naha,Shuri,and Tomari te) and tended to learn only one of them based on location(you research which one) cntd

  41. cntd

    the farmers also had kama with steel blades-very expensive-but nesecarry as they were the only things that stand up to the harvest.The pheasants also developed te with the influence of the Chinese.Everyone knows how to fight as you learn through your whole life but some are better than others,back then the bad died out quickly and the good survived.Today we are far too anal about "learning to fight" but all we are really doing is learning a system that "refines" talent contd

  42. contd

    Even farmers had time to learn to defend themselves.Learning was preferable to death and they had the best motivation-it was thier land.

    Can you use any of these "tools"-not just kata but really use them as weapons effectively against the most common weapon they faced-the sword and spear?

  43. I don't need to re-read history at all. What you say is incorrect and you are still misquoting commonly held misconceptions about farmers and peasants. [Not Pheasants – they are birds!] If what you say is true [it isn't] Okinawa would have been a feudal society where the commoners owned their own land and did not pay tribute to their feudal lords. It wasn't and they did. Cheap agricultural sai were all commoners could afford. not the heavier more expensive better quality steel weapons.

  44. Peasants did not develop Ti. A vast majority of evidence support the notion that it was the Pechin class who did so. They were the ones in contact with the Chinese, not the commoners. Farmers would not have had Sai as they would serve no agricultural purpose and would more likely have been sold or melted down to be made into something more useful. For a better understanding of accurate Okinawan Martial History read chapter 1 of Shotokan Karate – A Precise History by Harry Cook. 2nd Edition.

  45. It was more far likely to be their landlords land, not their own. Ryukyu was a feudal society and farmers would be highly unlikely to waste time learning to defend land which was not theirs when the owner of the land would be the one to defend it! And yes I can use these weapons.

  46. Who said they were defending the land?.They were defending thier lives directly and thier crops,also thier lives indirectly.
    In RyuKyu Islands they also defended themselves from thier own overzealous royalty(and thier representatives) and the INVADING Japanese Samurai as well as bandits-local and imports.I mentioned it was "thier land" as in it was thier country even if they didn't own the individual plots they were working.

  47. also put your self in their shoes, would you want to learn an art that could get you killed for practicing it, possibly hurt while training, and with all that even do it after an exhausting 18 hour work day in some of the worst humidity? Karate was the art of the Pechin ( basically Okinawan Samurai, in fact in the latter half of the 18th century they just became known as Samurai).

  48. The Pechin were always sharing styles, why is it that we have a mix of kata in karate. Hell jion Bassai-Dai Jitte all of these are tomari te and found in many styles. It was common for master to send their pupils to train with other master on the islands, that is one reason that the Bassai dai taught in Shookan and Shitoryu is not Matsumura Bassai but the tomar te version Itotsu preferd the tomari he was taught when Matsumura sent him to tomari to train.

  49. true but that is relatively recent-in our grandfathers time.Before that most of the training was secretive and cross training only happened with a select few masters and top students or the cross training was sought outside Ryukyu or with an outside style.We also have modern styles adapting various kata to thier own needs so another version is learnt/taught,some good some bad.
    Most karate styles today generally stick to kata from thier geaneology.

  50. once again you are completely wrong.What "society" are you referring to.BRUCE LEE is dead-long before his time,Chuck Norris is still going strong but there are others today that are far better than both of these men(JET LI?).
    The REAL martial arts(asian) reached thier peaks at different times due to advancements in thier countries-China,Japan,Indonesia,India,South East Asia.
    These arts were perfected as a result of constant war and refined by actual usage

  51. cntd.
    Even most Japanese arts have lost alot of the REAL MEANING of what they were designed to do i.e. kill people.Even Japanese Karate was introduced from Okinawa and modified in the process.Even Funagoshi mixed Chinese and Okinawin systems before taking it to Japan.
    Nowadays we have alot of people doing "martial arts" as an exercise or dance without being able to use them for defense and only a small percentage of practitioners learning the rough and tumble side of the art

  52. I think he has good intentions but do not have the information necessary to teach. sometimes it is as ridiculous as saying that the sai was a tool, but remember that we all had his age and believed everything the sensei said to us.

  53. The sai has always been a weapon and traces of it's roots stem to china , india.. all the way back to ancient greece.
    Check out the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet

  54. The Sai has always been a weapon. You know nothing about it's history. I guess that could be what people told law enforcement when they came to confiscate them. "No way, officer. It's a farming tool, I swear!" lol.

  55. you are so wrong.

    sai were NEVER tools or implaments.

    they were designed purely as weapons.

    read the posts from others here-they say the same.

    as for "expert village"-more like village idiots

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