Martial Arts Weapons Training : History of the Kama in the Martial Arts

Michael Lewis here from Christian Martial
Arts on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to talk today about six traditional martial
arts weapons. This is the history and the purpose of the Kama, the Kama is pretty much
self explanatory as a sickle mainly used for rice. You would cut up the rice from the ground
and bundle it up and then of course they would use the nunchucks to knock it loose. So the
Kama was pretty much the first process of their harvest. The Kama as a weapon is a great
weapon against the samurai sword because it is bladed weapon, and a bladed weapon against
a blade is sort of an obvious advantage right there. The techniques of it, if he were to
throw a strike at me, I could just hook and skin. Just hooking around, I could also hook
to the back of the head and pull around. It is also used as a block if he throws an overhead
strike, block and cut on both sides of the wrist. There’s many different ways to use
a Kama, but pretty much, just like you would use a knife, the only difference is because
of the curved blade. These Kama?s in particular have the holes in them because they’re competition
style Kamas and most Kamas would have, they would be a solid blade for strength and also
the blade would be sharpened, these blades are dulled for competition purposes. And that
is the history and the purpose of the Kamas.

11 thoughts on “Martial Arts Weapons Training : History of the Kama in the Martial Arts

  1. it's less likely that someone would cut your spear/bo-Staff/(whatever is made outta wood or so) and cut through it
    (i presume)

  2. wth is christain martial arts we japanese and chinese made marital arts but who ever wants to learn it is ok but they cant just act like they made it o and kama is my fav weapon

  3. Incomplete history. Kama were used both in Okinawan farming, as well as Japanese farming. The samurai were known to carry a single kama/kusarigama as an alternate weapon of choice and not strictly Okinawan. It happened to be the obvious defensive weapon of choice for Okinawan farmers because it was sharp and deadly, not because it was metal. And for the record, the holes in competition kama are to create a whistling effect during demos, not to make them lighter.

  4. @ZornAndWingShow Yea the japanese call it nunchacku but a lot of americas shorten any words or make slang that are hard to pronounce. Thats being going on sine the 70's or 80's when martial art movies got even more popular in america.

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