Martial Arts Weapons Training : History of the Bo Staff in Martial Arts

Michael Lewis here from Christian Martial
Arts on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to talk today about six traditional martial
arts weapons. Now we’re going to talk about the history and the purposes of the bow staff.
The bow staff was used for some obvious reasons as a walking stick but also as a way of shepherding,
to direct animals, chickens, goats, sheep, whatever it may be. Also in the rice paddies
they used it to direct the boats to go across and be able to get them positioned just right.
And finally, they were used to carry water or maybe it’s an animal for hunting or anything
else they would carry fish on either side of it, and they would walk uphill or downhill,
it made it a little bit easier and plus they were able to carry a whole lot more. As a
weapon, the purposes of it, of course it was for distance. You have a lot of distance,
and not only do you have the distance of the stick but you could also use the thrust of
the weapon out, so that you could actually maintain and actually expand your distance.
The bow staff, however, is not good for a short distance weapon, so if someone closes
in on you it shuts down some of your techniques. There are also the techniques of the down
strike, striking on top of the head. The good thing about this weapon, because of the two
ends, a simple down strike is also two strikes in one. When you bring it up you’re striking
underneath the chin or possibly in the groin and then striking down back on top of the
head or the collar bone. Another way is a simple thrust, the opponent cannot see exactly
how long the bow is if you’re sticking it at their face, and when you thrust it surprises
them, and it’s a very quick and effective technique. And that is the history and the
purpose of the bow staff.

69 thoughts on “Martial Arts Weapons Training : History of the Bo Staff in Martial Arts

  1. True but can any idiot hit a target from 100 yards away with no scope, I can, and besides that were not discussing the skill required t wield a weapon, we are discussing the effectiveness and range of the weapons

  2. Uhh actually they have sheep on hokkaido. They are extremely rare though and no one had sheeps in the time the bo was created so its still BS.

    Indeed that would be one BIG rice paddy if you want to move a boat in it LOL. its just a small layer of water not a swimming pool.
    And Bo is the japanese name for stick or staff(棒).

  3. if you must choose a weapon would it be a staff or a gun?
    In close combat a gun is one of the most usseles weapons. In long range the gun is ussefull as long as the target doessnt move too much and cant look for cover. please dont think that guns are the ultimate weapon because they are not.
    Moreover shooting someone often means killing them and thats not wished for either(unless you want to ruin your life).

  4. well no. Its just called a bo. A lot of people say BO STAFF though, in which case yeah you say staff staff(which is wrong).

  5. now, please dont misunderstand, i mearly said that a gun was more long range, i much perfer a sword or staff or polearm any day but my point was that a gun is more long range

  6. I was not attacking you, just saying what I thought. I am sorry if it sounded like I was attacking you.
    You did say however that we were discussing the effectiveness of weapons so I figured you thought the gun was the better weapon.

  7. actually in modern ninjitsu or other martial arts a gun (say a pistol not getting to technical) can be gr8 in close combat because its a extenstion of your arm and you no where your opponent is going to attack,wen i did my black belt we had to do about 15 pistol techniques in close combat:)

  8. we are talking about shooting with it right?
    a gun cant be good for close combat for its not made for it.
    sure you can shoot someone with it when he's close too, but a sword would be a far better close combat weapon(or even a knife)because after you shoot, you'll have to reload(I assume you dont have an automatic), and with a knife and sword you can keep going.

  9. no a sword or knife or sum blunt object would be better but im making a point that a gun can be better then hand to hand combat if you are trained with it, likee a gun is a extension of your arm so you can hit from a longer distance if he trys moving away, it is metal so it could do sum damage if you hit in the right places and it is intimidating even if its not loaded, if sum1 was in a fight with you and he pulled a gun out you would panic so it puts them on edge and makes them attack less.

  10. yes you are right. Do not forget I never said it was useless, but I said it was one of the most useless. It has a lot of handy techniques, but since its made for long range, compared to other weapons its one of the most useless of all. Frenqly I think its the most useless, but I wont make such a statement because there are probably weapons that are worse(atomic bomb?).

  11. yes I believe the information text to the right of the video is misleading this gentleman must be a karate type instructor or something not ninjutsu.

  12. sure but then again, almost every weapon can be used by ramming someone with the blunt side.

    "poking with a stick" is a very disrespectful way to adress Bojutsu by the way haha

  13. NO, its never really about religion, its also about land and wealth. People have been warring with one another for thousands of years primarily focusing on the acquisition of some material possession of another tribe or nation, sometimes for defensive purposes aswell. Fear of loss is the true source of war.

  14. christian martial arts??! is it something like christian metal?? LOL! this is a joke!
    as for those of you who think that MA are opposite to religion, religion has always been the best excuse for war.

  15. Because if they were called Buddhist Martial Arts, they would be pacifists.

    Maybe they just wanna kick some ass? =P

  16. Please do not call that weapon a "bo-staff". "Bo" is the Japanese term for a long staff. To call it a "bo-staff" is like calling it a "staff-staff", you can see where that can sound a bit silly… Please refer to it as EITHER a bo or staff, trust me, you'll sound a lot more credible around your peers from other schools who are knowledgeable about these things.

    Some friendly advice from a fellow martial artist.

  17. bowmasterpigo don't buy staves.
    go out into your nearest forest and make one yourself its the only way to truly respect and trust this weapon

  18. We do the same thing with PIN numbers xD I think it's just so if you talk about a Bo, people don't think you're talking about a Bow. But I do agree it makes you sound more credible.

  19. We just had a dan promotion, and I had to correct a student from typing "bow", saying that if he put that, people would think there's going to be an archery demonstration! 🙂

  20. its good at close range too if they come close stike the back of the head, or you could strike them in the balls then step back and fatality to the face, not just that its good for defense if some one punches a nunchaku attack anything thats not sharp. so it is actually as good close range than mid range

  21. It is not called a Bo Staff…it is either a Bo, or it is a Staff. Not Bo Staff. You disgrace the weapon you hold in this video.

  22. This guy is a fagot!
    he has not even a white belt and is wearing black. Look at him he is a little fat boy! Wanna be! Big L for you! Thinks he is G because he baught some weapons and a black belt….Just a loser! – 10 stars

  23. @ukguy cause they hire american trained people, not someone trained in the real artform with the philosophy and spirituality. and bo staff is great for close weapon, you just need to understand it more like your body.

  24. well Ninja were extinct by Japanese emperor nearly 500 years ago and there is noway Americans or people from different countries know ninjutsu and Japanese don't.

  25. any weapon is a extention of the arm or hand u can use the bo in short distances as well as long if some one gets close to u what r u gonna do throw ur weapon down i wouldnt but to each his own

  26. @souleater1994122
    "Ninja were extinct by Japanese emperor nearly 500 years ago" oh really?

    so thats why we have the remnants of ninjutsu in some kobudo schools? and we cant forget about Fujita Seiko, last authenticated shinobi, or what about all those scrolls we have that are only about 300 years old….

    for ninja to be extinct for half a millenia you have to deny MOUNTAINS of evidence,

    got any evidence to back your claim?

  27. all the American "Masters" suck at all the forms and some even make their own forms and say they are the official forms

  28. Yeah. They like walk around all innocent so people will try and mug them. Then they bust out all crazy and beat their ass. Then they pray for them to have 'gods' forgiveness and go about their merry way. 🙂 Kinda cool in a sinister kind of way if you can see that perspective though :)!

  29. @CANSOFCOM I don't really have a problem if they are calling themselves "Christian Martial Arts"….Christians (and Muslims and Jews) have been killing each other for 1000s of years. It always bugged me that they made up their own ryuha and called it Jesus. It's kind of like people who get chinese characters tattooed on themselves….they're trying to look cool but they just look stupid.
    I saw a guy wearing a muscle shirt a few years ago with 女 (woman) tattooed on his arm.

  30. lol, this expertvillage thing 😛 i'm beginning to doubdt the "expert" in it…
    for example, if your going to use the lengte of the Bo staff, why would you hold it in the middle?

  31. So, since I occasionally look at my own videos, YT keeps directing me to these guy's postings, but every time I think "if this is that village's expert, I'd hate to meet their idiot". Most of the people replying seem to know more than the "expert" in these clips, so what is the instructional value in that?

  32. @Scrotty933 A pet peeve of mine when ever i hear it reffered to as a "bo staff".

    It is one or the other, not both.

  33. People tend to mix and match, there's a very similar weapon from England called the quarter staff, what the quarter is about I'm not sure, but that would probably be why it's called a bo staff so often…that and Donatello from the ninja turtles. Stress less, you'll feel better for it.

  34. history: chinese dudes were not allowed to carry weapons so they said the bo is their working/carryin/rowing stick
    purpose: kick ass

  35. if you were to thrust like that, (by putting your hands very close to each other) , you would be left wide open after a sideways blow to parry your thrust, which is after all the best, most logical and thus the most common way to parry a thrust. .

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