Martial Arts Weapons Training : Bo Staff Techniques for the Martial Arts

Michael Lewis here from Christian Martial
Arts on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to talk today about six traditional martial
arts weapons. Now we’re going to talk about the techniques of the bow staff, I’m going
to use my student here Nolan to demonstrate two of the techniques. So I go to a down strike,
he’s actually going to take my weapon and do a technique called a strip away. He’ll
go on this side of my weapon, hook in, and flip my weapon back, taking it out of my hand.
Again, going back, he hooks in, now keep in mind he does not hook in towards my arm, he
hooks in towards my weapon and pries my fingers off. From there I’m left defenseless and he
can go in with more strikes. A second technique, I’ll set my bow off to the side a second,
a second technique is I’m here and he strikes in the back of my leg. It’s called a knee
strike, strike into the back of the knee which forces my knee forward. When he forces my
knee forward he has a perfect shot to my back foot in which he does what we call pool key
thrust, which is very similar to the game of pool, thrusting. OK, go ahead and try it
again. There, OK, set up for the technique, strike the back of my knee. Strikes and then
again, thrust. Stand attention, bow, bow. And those are just two of the techniques that
are used with the bow staff.

34 thoughts on “Martial Arts Weapons Training : Bo Staff Techniques for the Martial Arts

  1. yeah i agree is kinda big, but lets compare the size of the kid with his, maybe with a average size person the movement its not so big

  2. ouch… don't you just love people who pretend to know something while they are still just beginners…

  3. One must master the weapon as they must master their own body. The weapon and the warrior must become one; a perfect harmony.

    It is not the weapon that is deadly, it is the skilled hand that wields it.

    All a weapon does is re-enforce your unarmed skills, so the more weapons that you are 'trying out' the better your hand-to-hand skills will be.

  4. obviously, that's why its called martial 'arts'. i doubt an attack from a BO staff wielding nutter hardly happens in a real fight. its an interesting technique that can be applied to other disciplines, thereby broadening your understanding of human combat. and besides, he would have killed that little squirt.

  5. This is what happens when nerds leave the basement. please stop posting your videos me and my friends getting tired of makeing fun of you what a joke.

  6. Christian Martial Arts? That's just sad. From that, I'd say it lacks the Philosophy in Asian Martial Arts.

  7. The first Technique is almost worthless in Combat as for the Second one why not just go for the head while he is off balance? That guy wouldn't last two minutes in an actual fight…
    But whatever….

  8. just out of curiosity, how long do u think it should take some1 to become a 1st deg black.
    took me 7 years.

  9. it took me 5years in judo and 5 for my 2ed dan in iaido it all depends on the teaches and the associations there is lot out there that do it only on time or for money this to me looks like its more of a business than a martial art federation .

  10. Normally I would agree with you, but there is a 9 year old black belt in my class. And the little Vietnamese kid has great technique! ^^

  11. Thanks for the information, Scottbaioisdead. Then you need to correct the information about the cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because in Wikipedia its call Bo Staff the weapon used by Donatello (the brainy turtle who use a purple bandana)

  12. Christian martial arts? I go to all American karate school. But I know one thing. If I had a Christian martial arts school I would call it Kung Fu Jesus karate school. Lol.

  13. It can actually be called a Bo or Bo staff. It doesn't really matter. It's the same weapon. Like bike and bycicle. A little changed name same thing.

  14. The west has been completely mislead regarding the meaning of a black belt. It has mostly become commercialised and is a material object which is supposed to be proof of ones abilities. Really, one would only receive a black belt when he UNDERSTANDS the art is he is studying. The instructor in this video obviously doesn't know the concept of what he is talking about in most, if not all, his videos and the child is too young to understand what he is doing.

  15. With that said, it would, in theory, make sense that a coloured belt could beat a black belt in a fight, provided he is a talented martial artist and fighter. This does not make belts useless, though. Belts are very good at keeping a student motivated and giving him set goals to work towards. In my opinion, if a student is only in it to get the black belt and show off, then he does not deserve it, period.

  16. @rza2ch Actual use: Belts are only used to keep your gi top closed.

    In the US: belts are used to show the student that they are making progress, because they cannot see it unless you show them they are making progress.

    Business side: testing for a new belt is to get more money out of you.

    I used to teach for a big martial arts company and the business side is very true, unfortunately.

  17. The hand positioning and use of the Bo in this video are so far removed from how it should be used, you need to go and study a bit of accurate history!

  18. @modjoffa at a good school, it takes about 4 to 5 years to earn your black belt (first dan) that kid is easily 9 or 10, so what's your point?

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