Martial Arts Warrior Training : Martial Arts Warrior Training: Middle Roundhouse Kick

Welcome back. In this clip of warrior training
we are going to talk about the middle roundhouse kick. The middle roundhouse kick is similar
to the leg kick in that it’s targeting the floating ribs, the upper cartilage of the
floating ribs, utilizing again the tibia, the anterior tibialis, the shin bone, cutting
in to this cartilage called the floating ribs. It’s the same angle as the leg kick, but the
kick is a little higher. This is a middle roundhouse kick for warrior training. And again, one of the key components you want
to think about is the rotation or the pivoting of this foot. If I don’t pivot this foot,
I’m putting a tremendous torque on my knee. So, once again, middle roundhouse kick. Thank you.

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  1. truthfully that's only if you can't get power by turning your hip over. You really should have both guards up. What if you were fighting more than one opponent?

  2. nobody does that. only sometimes… and you don't want to fight more than one opponent. that sucks. and if you have to – you don't really follow rules, isn't it? 🙂

  3. however, in real self defense situations you can't really control how many people you fight. And I keep my guards up XD

  4. That's true if you're not trained. But I know a 71 year old grandmaster in Tae Kwon Do who was jumped by about 5 teens and beat them all senseless. There's a news article about it somewhere that I can find if you want to see it.

    The point is to get so good that you can fight more than one opponent and live to tell the tale 😀

  5. I keep trying to post the link, but youtube isn't letting me. Search Grandmaster Shin on wikipedia and you should see a link to a Black Belt magazine article he was featured in, telling the tale.
    27 years isn't a long time, no offense. The above Grandmaster has been teaching for over 60 years.

    Also, google "band girl beats muggers" to find a story in which a lone girl beat up two older male muggers. She had no martial arts experience either.

    Without weapons, common muggers are poor fighters

  6. Yeah I noticed that, its far to dangerous to be kicking with the foot lol, I mean its stuff like catching your toe etc which is a pain in the arse.

    The video was still helpful never the less… just not kicking with the foot : 3

  7. well tbh I can't believe a 71 year old beating up 5 teenages unless there like 13 and short arses.

    the guy would need a weapon or something, i mean 71 years old its not believable.

    Martial arts don't make you a god.

  8. In the previous like 5 posts I tried to send (which were removed because I included a link) I explained that he was younger when the attack happened and that I didn't remember details about the incident.

    Also, i believe you misread the band girl story. She punched one man in the nose and kicked the other in the groin.

    You're trying to tell me that someone trained in martial arts (say, 27 years) couldn't beat off two punks with a roundhouse kick? If so, you should find another school.

  9. Look up Mas Oyama. He is recorded in the Guiness Book of World records for being able to kill a charging bull with a single punch to the forehead.

    Look up fight science (show on history channel) and you'll learn that a boxer can punch with a voracity equivalent to swinging a sledgehammer into someone's face.

    A Muy Thai knee kick was shown to cause damage equivalent to a 35 mph car crash.

    He wasn't mugged at 71 years old. He was younger -I read it wrong. Point is martial arts can make u deadly

  10. wow.. your best defense is to say the news lied. Even though the article is all over (even on CNN).

    If you read some of the stuff I said below, you'll see how powerful a good martial artist can be. I'm sorry if you struggle at fighting but not everyone does.

    In TKD, once you hit bluebelt you have to spar with 3 opponents. And not weak point sparring @ my school…

    Dude, it shouldn't be too hard to defend yourself against two non fighters if you've been teaching for 27 years. That's just sad.

  11. i didn't say it wouldn't make you deadly I said it doesn't make you god and I know who mas oyama is, some mental case who used to hit trees all day.

  12. Actually, you're right about the World Record thing. I misread a short headline.

    But actually his bull killing is documented by video. Search it on google and you'll find it. Mas Oyama was a personal friend of Grandmaster Shin btw…

    It's actually quite sad about the bull thing. Poor animal. But nevertheless it is true and has been well documented.

  13. @rorix17 , lol truth is thats a muay thai kick but he doesnt know how 2 do it worth shit, the pivit is more with the big toe and you should always land the kick only with the shin

  14. Pause the video at 0:49. His kick is floating because that shoulder is pointed up. Also, notice how far he is leaning back.

    I think he is well versed in more of a traditional style of Martial Art (maybe even at a black belt level) then true Thia boxing. This is like a Hybrid style of Karate and Thai. I didn't like it much either.

  15. Where does ExpertVillage find these guys ?
    You gotta hit with your shin … if you hit your opponent with your feet, you will freaking brake your feet .

  16. @StickyIky true that, he just makes loud noice, but kick its weak it itself =/
    expert village…damn…they suck XD

  17. ok he say what to do with your foot but he is not sayng what to do with your hands … and this is an important thing…

  18. @DrMabuse2006 he is using his shin, he is kicking correctly, if you was to use your shin to close to the knee, theres no point in kicking, no power and open to punches!

  19. @DrMabuse2006 virtually impossible to avoid using your foot everytime, you do kick with you shin, , but where the foot joins on to the shin, coudl cause devestating damage!

  20. @DrMabuse2006 I though he used the top half of his foot and the lower half of his shin. If he were to use only his shin, he'd hurt himself…or so I'd figure.

  21. @DrMabuse2006
    Actually, even if you hit the pointy edge of an elbow with your shin, you'd still be in a bit of pain after… One of my students accidentally kicked my elbow during sparring once… She ended up injuring her shin muscles… But yes, kicking it with your instep probably would have done much more damage.

  22. @DrMabuse2006
    You're absolutely right. I'm taking MMA kickboxing, and i just learned the roundhouse. Kick with your shin, not your toes. He doesn't look like he's doing it right in the video, but whatever, at least he knows the concept. Haters gonna hate.

  23. @bigdags22
    no man, you're stupid. You're also close-minded. You're also ignorant. There are many different kinds of martial arts, so that means many variations on techniques, dumbass. Take taekwondo for example, their roundhouse hits with toes. Muay thai on the other hand has the stronger swing-style roundhouse that hits with the shin.
    Buddy, all you've been doing is screaming how everyone is stupid and has little knowledge, when you've been demonstrating that yourself. Sit down son.

  24. @DrMabuse2006 Its a pad. How can he kick just the pad with his shin?? He said that so idiots would know that the correct way to kick someone. Without hurting themselves. ^_^

  25. @DrMabuse2006 He lands the kick exactly how you should land a kick on the shield or any type of pad for that matter. You never kick pads with only the shin, it is impossible. Besides a real muay thai kick (like he was demonstrating) should use the whole instep (the area on top of your foot about shin together)…

  26. I love how the keyboard warriors start flaming his technique. Look at him, he's a jack-show. Try getting hit by that guy and then write a paper about it…

    Dumbass flame-bags.

  27. PARA QUIEN ME ENTIENDA!! el negro este no sabe ni como caminar y las mierdas esas que llama patadas… que las empeñe y se compre un bocadillo… valla mierda

  28. @cumanagoto Well post an instructional video of your own…. Yes that looked powerful, but the technique was crap. Kicking with his foot and whaling both arms around to generate power??? Nah, this guy would have his head punched in by someone with a counter. It's expert village man, no experts there, just crappy video editing.

  29. @WDUARTE2704 he is kicking with the proper technique. please stop commenting on shits that you have no idea about. can't believe there are other three tools who agreed with you.

  30. @YungJuve it is good technique with the kicks, kicking with the shins however he kicks and lower his arms when he kicks multiply. that is spells knocked out all over. ive been doing muay thai for 6 years now, so dont say i dont know anything

  31. @ThOutRider2 wanna watch proper technique just watch por pramuk or any souwer doing roundhouses there arms are always up to protect ther face!!

  32. @WDUARTE2704 I do know that dropping your lead hand while throwing a roundhouse is frowned apon in western style kickboxing. BUT that is what pretty much ALL muay thai fighters from thailand do! EVEN Buakaw Por Pramuk! They swing their arms around to add power to their kicks! Just check this video out of Buakaw training and tell me that this is poor technique

  33. @WDUARTE2704 NO!!! he drops one hand too. ive just looked at his vids. they all drop their hands everyone does, and thats what they teach me to do

  34. this is laughable, he gives himself a title such as "martial arts warrior" and he thinks he is the coolest guy in the world. if he was any good that guy should at least lose his balance if not fall over Xd

  35. @WDUARTE2704 Kicking with the feet isnt bad espacially for distance. And BTW the only thing hes doing wrong is that he drops his hands.


  37. half of these punks probabally cant even get of the toilet most amrericans are obese junk food consuming lard asses lazy bastards want somebody to wipe there smelly asses if someone would do it for them i bet this man is in better shape than most of the people commenting he didnt state he is a instructor hes just sharing a techniques assholes

  38. @WDUARTE2704 i don't think THAT matters in THIS case. look at that kick…can you approach a man with dropped defence when he kicks you like that (leg grab?? well his guards are up by then)

  39. @WDUARTE2704 His first kick was alright, his techniqued definatley dropped after that kick though. I wouldn't say he sucks, he just needs to sharpen up a bit.

  40. the technique is bad and the movement of body arms and legs is not nice too see.
    He is kicking with his feet instead kick with the bone under the knee…and his left hand is down…whne u kick right left hand stays on ur chin…when kick left / right hand on the chin.

  41. @WDUARTE2704 when u kick with the right foot the left hand can be down 🙂 get some experience b4 commenting. he got his left hand garded all the time.

  42. I dare all of you critics to stand toe to toe with this beast. Ya'll will think twice before disrespecting someone without proving yourselves to be better.


  43. He is kicking with his Toes. Im not Criticizing just saying, it will hurt you more than it will hurt them need to make the whole Leg/Feet Straight, Toes Pointing away

  44. @WDUARTE2704 hes just demonstrating a kick, not a fighting tactic, he wants people to focus on his leg not arms eventhough arms are also important but just in a fight not in a kick training

  45. Its all about techniques in fighting and how you position yourself which everyone is different. These guys like fighters are trained fighters which they use their techniques in the ring when they fight, but street fighting do what works for you if someone trys to attack you I say to protect yourself at all times. Street fighting is totaly different when you have some animal person trying to attack you.

  46. @WDUARTE2704 why are people thumbing up this video? he is trying to educate people. saying he sucks only confirms the fact that you dont understand the video.

  47. TO ALL THE "WEEKEND WARRIORS" MY NUMBER IS 718-231-5070. I have been training in martial arts for 39 years, I am now 48 as of oct 7, 2011. There are a couple of points of contact in the "MIDDLE ROUND HOUSE KICK". The anterior tibialis or shin bone or the instep to make the kicking weapon "longer". I am 5"9 and 210. I often had to fight guys 6'2 and taller. So i would out of necessity have to use my instep as a point of contact against larger opponents. 6 ounces of pressure breaks ribs!

  48. If any one "doubts the authenticity" of anything i posted feel free to call me and schedule a "demonstration". I do not profess to know very much. I just try to share what worked for me. I have competed in japan, holland and england. I have won many times and also lost. My cup remains empty, for the path is endless. Thanks for your post. I will always be a student and what i learn i will share. But still at 48 i still have a little something left in the tank for the "haters" :>).

  49. P.S. 50 percent of fighting is heart, all the technique in the world cannot buy you that. Growing up in the south bronx it did not matter what color your belt was. Can you walk the walk? Usually you find the ones who comment so much on these sites never fought for real or competed competitively in their life. All they do is talk, lol. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  50. he's got good power and good technique, but doesn't keep his left hand up when he he kicks, he could easily get hit in the face like that in a counter attack.

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