In this clip of Warrior Training, it’s a continuation
of the following clip where we did the left right hook combination. Now in this clip,
we’re going to incorporate the left right hook and the right leg kick. So now we’re
starting to combinate these techniques together. So I deliver my left, my right, my hook and
I deliver my leg kick. And again, everything comes out on one breath. One, two, three.
Those three seconds are time for me to recover my air; because oftentimes when you’re in
combative sports, if you use too much power, you use a lot of oxygen and you start to,
what we call gas. When you gas, you can’t defend yourself because the oxygen is pushing
the muscles. So you, we try to learn how to pace ourselves. That’s why we incorporate
things like yoga breathing, dynamic breathing, abdominal breathing and breathing like a baby
from the lower abdomen.

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