Martial Arts Warrior Training : Martial Arts Warrior Training: Fighting Position

In this clip we’re going to talk about the
warrior training fighting position. In every martial art you need a position from or what
we call the fighting position. Now I’m going to go over the mechanics to adjusting your
fighting position. Initially you want to start with your feet approximately shoulder width,
o.k. Your arms are at your side. Now make a note, this is based on if you’re right handed.
If you’re a southpaw or left handed it would just be the opposite. You’re going to start
with your feet shoulder width, take a big step back with your right foot. Very important
your right foot’s going to track out at forty five degree angle, with the heel slightly
elevated, about half an inch off the floor. That’s to aid your mobility. The next part
is you’re going to bend your front knee. I bend my front knee so I can’t be hyper extended
with a kick so my opponent can’t break my knee with a kick. So this is very important.
Your weight distribution on both sides is fifty fifty. We make our tight fists, elbows
in, fists at your chin, elbows in to protect your ribs and that’s it.

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  1. I guess my question is that if you elevate your heel of the back leg are you truly on balance so that you can move quickly if necessary in any direction at anytime without having to re-shift ? but I guess no stance is perfect in any martial art they are all designed to allow you to protect and move for the situation at hand. thanks

  2. Yes but if you notice by his shorts he's muay thai, this is the mauy thai stance.. although he SHOULD be on his tip toes so he can move around more fluid.

  3. ROFLMA … GREAT … this makes it easy to use a PP strike to destroy your knee … PLEASE all you macho tough guy PLEASE attackers adopt this position …


  4. I'm so surprised how so many people who probably has never won a fight and sit behind keyboards and talk shit. I know some of you can fight. I'm not talking to you. I hate these people who don't know what they're talking about. saying what won't work. pussies
    I hope someday you actually try to fight someone trained in martial arts. and it's video taped and they fuck you up and post it on youtube.

  5. Your elbows aren't in…they're wide open. 4 inches for a kick to sink into your ribs…I've been training muay thai 5-6 days a week for the last 3 years. You should really stop posting these for the sake of publicity…

    sorry dudes i just got scared so sorrry dudes. so sorrryyyy dudes

  7. My fighting position is called "The Weaver Stance".
    And it is far superior to any eastern fighting style.
    Google it..and learn

  8. he is showing a 5 point fighting style stance, and five point is the best style in the world its what all ufc/pride fighters use now because its the best. ninjitsu, etc couldnt even beat straight jujitsu, so dont come at anyone like that cause its a lie

  9. I know I just HATE how expert village does that ! all due respect to the 'experts' but they could at least add a link to a playlist .

  10. that stance looks and feels like a crab.. a fighting position should be unique to the fighter even if it were a basic fighting position.. and an inexperience fighter shouldnt be fighting without proper supervision and training..

  11. please dont take such a large step back, this is more like boxing stance, and if you do that against any trained knockdown fighter, jujitsu or judo and alot of other arts, they will use that wide stance and take you down easily. if you want a real combat stance, watch an elite army person fight, they are real warriors and will show you what is needed to survive attacks. or take some jujitsu, kyokushin or muay thai classes. and use your common sense, dont disadvantage yourself, be comfortable.

  12. whos the president elect right now in the US?I'm not going to answer that with racism. You seem to know how to fight. I think you found yourself a worthy challenger. This ur gym rite?
    "Philadelphia 4415 Chestnut Street. The number is 215-386-3333. You can find me there everyday after 12:00p. If you, your friend, or anyone else would like to experience why they call me The Decapitator I would love to help you out. C'mon man, do me a favor. Don't be a pussy and try to show up." -pussycapitator

  13. I would need to train in order to fight you to be honest. I might be on the internet but I try not to talk shit. As for someone else I know no idea.

  14. You are right and the instructor, even though he has superior experience and knowledge, is wrong. Good to know there are internet heroes still around.

  15. good movie good stance. BUT it isn't true that in every martial arts they got stance there are some (more) martial arts where they say no stance becouse of the stance you can guess what typ if fighter he/she is and how he/she would attack! allsow its depent on whaty the attack does/is how you gonna stand.

    but for the rest very good example.

  16. It would be nice if swearing and comments such as that were not allowed-this is supossed to be a place to learn-not post comments that have no place in the martial art community

  17. Capoeira isn't a dance, it's a fighting style which looks like you're dancing to confuse your opponent.

  18. Actually you do keep ur hands open…for a very simple reason…if you have done any serious sparring and kept ur fists clenched you will know…its almost impossible to open them when you need to because ur muscles tighten up under severe level of stress…but in Martial arts and boxing you are taught to keep ur fist relaxed, from a relaxed clench to an almost open hand….ur hands..or any part of ur body should never be clenched tight for any length of time…it uses a lot of energy to do so.

  19. dude you increase your punch and block speed emencely by keeping your hands open. you'll only break fingers if you cant fight.

  20. you karate kids don't even know what fighting is..
    go do some more sparring with people wearing 100kg armor!!!

    I'm doing box and I'd whopp your nose

  21. Tight fists will slow down the traveling speed of your punch as it flexes the tendons of the lower arms which causing resistance when you attemtp to throw a punch. Clenching the fists also stops one from being able to use the hands for trapping and slapping and using ridge hand moves not to mention grasping/clawing throwing/locking an opponent if need be. The hands should be held relaxed and if one wishes to connect with a punch, the fist should be clenched AS it travels toward the target point.

  22. Tight fists? You've clearly never punched someone in the head. Your fists should be lose. This video was a waste of my life.

  23. @Panther704 MY name is jason warren. Anytime u wish to try to attack my lead leg let me know. i live in the bronx ny. how about it tough guy, anytime. talk is cheap….we can arrange to meet just me and u, no cameras, no drama. mano y mano ps opinions are like a__ holes, everyone has one :>)

  24. @ryourhm …your fingers won't be broken iff you have conditioned hands and hit correctly and as I stated..if you clench the fist AS YOUR FIST APPROACHES THE TARGET….so that it is clenched when it hits the target. No reason that you would break your fingers by doing as I had said.

  25. @ryourhm…That's a very silly statement…..So in your view then, no one in any martial art ever created should throw a finger jab(bil sao) a slap to the ear or side of the head or face,a finger flick to the eyes,a ridge hand strike,a heel palm. etc..etc. Because ALL of those aforementioned strikes could be deflected by the opponent and none of them have fingers clenched/protected as when a TIGHT fist is thrown. So, you'd tell Bruce Lee not to throw his finger jab I guess. Your ridiculous.

  26. so before i fight somebody on the street i have to tell myself what to and spend a minuite fixing my legs at a perfect 45 degree angle? haa:D

  27. @m1artz I think so too, but my personal experience is that when i was fighting with a friend, he tried to headkick me but hit my hand instead which was relaxed as you wrote…he hit my finger and I couldnt fight for 2 weeks.

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