Martial Arts Training & Fitness : Roundhouse Kick for Martial Arts Fitness

The next kick we’re going to learn is a roundhouse
kick. To do it technically right, I would like to break these kicks down so you can
really feel how the technique works and how your body should feel if you’re doing it right.
You can hold on to your couch at home or any desk or anything that supports you. You’re
going to pivot your supporting foot out like that and you’re going to take your foot and
pull your knee back like this. Now, if you can, your heel should be touching your bottom.
Your back is slightly arched and your toe is pointed. You’re going to let go of your
foot and put your hand here. You’re going to kick out and in. Now, this part does not
move. This is like it’s on a hinge. Now, see if I’m like this, see how the line is broken.
You want to be straight back like this and have a straight line here. You’re going to
kick out and in like that. You’ll really feel your hip burning if you’re doing it right.
That is the best way to start to practice your roundhouse kick. Once you get a little
stronger, you can add an ankle weight on to do some bar work. You’re going to go out and
in, out and in, out and in. With your toe pointed, you’re going to be hitting with your
in step and back. Then you’re going to of course, go to the other side. Always work
both sides evenly. Pull your foot back, lift up this hand, and then out and in, out and
in. Do about 15 reps on each side and you can work up from there.

29 thoughts on “Martial Arts Training & Fitness : Roundhouse Kick for Martial Arts Fitness

  1. this is bullshit it has no effectiveness… besides this girl seems have no clue :-pits more aerobic and ballet than a real roundhouse kick…

  2. I was watching the video. Was looking after advanced round house kick technique in order to perfect my round house kicks.

  3. this video is not how to kick. it is showing exercise to stenghten the muscles involed in the kick. I will be posting a video of advance kicking drills soon.

  4. dont you have to hit it with you flat front of your foot becuase you can break you tose if you do it like a front kick im not in tae kwon do but im a red brown belt in bushi ban martial arts

  5. You see the instep used more in muay thai/kickboxing and kyokushin, due to more involvement of the hip in those arts. Using the ball of the feet or the toe is is something from old school karate(kyokushin is considered a more modern style since it involves techniques from other styles). And that's because they actively toughened those parts. Using the instep is a more modern tactic, seen more in competition. Body toughening is not that necessary if one's training is for competition.

  6. Beverage2008, are you in the UK? I would dearly, DEARLY love to come and teach you some manners (fifth dan, before you ask). No one but an immature jerk posts messages like this. If you love the martial arts, don't disgrace them. I guess Hawtcha doesn't need my contribution, but I just can't help myself.

  7. This is a good exercise for beginners! Learn how to coordinate muscle group and to practice the basic form safely. A solid foundation of basic trainings like this is far more important than techniques learned yet unable to execute correctly.

  8. I've just started kickboxing classes and this is great for reminding me of all aspects of the moves, there are a lot of things to take in all at once at the classes. Your stretching tips are great too. Thanks.

  9. now i'm not a fan of high kicks. but a proper "round house" kick is supposed to be done with the rear foot after which point it returns to its rear posistion. so if you're facing north left foot forward. your right foot will come out and snap at your opponant as you pivot on the ball of your left foot as the top of the right foot is striking your opponatn and then returns to it's original position south of your left foot and it will be pointing east/north east when you're done.

  10. @georgeou: Exactly. This may be a decent fitness exercise, but a roundhouse is supposed to be like swinging a baseball bat into the opponent, not flicking your toes at them.

  11. seriously? nice but sadly we dont all have a couch to hold on to when fighting so where are you gonna learn balance!! thats important too lady!!

  12. very good point. also hit with the ball of the foot, not the instep. you do get a lot of sore toes untill you get the back enough, but the kicks much more more powerfull since the surface area youre hitting with is both smaller and stronger.

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