Martial Arts Training & Fitness : Jab-Cross Punch for Martial Arts Fitness

Hi! Next we’re going to work on jab-cross.
Let’s get into the stance first because that’s important. You’re going to put your left leg
in front and slightly bend your front knee and have your back foot off to the side a
little bit. Never be like this like you’re on a tight rope. It’s really hard to balance.
Have your foot here, hands are up, the elbow are in to protect your ribs, the hands are
up to protect your beautiful face. With the jab, it’s the left hand and you just come
out and back and you never drop your hands. Jab. Keep it here and punch with these 2 knuckles
with your hands straight. Never lock your elbow out, keep a slight bent, and that’s
the jab. The cross is a little different. You pretend that this elbow is glued to your
hip. From the back foot, you feel the energy come up and you pivot the back foot and push
it out and back. That’s where the power comes is you put your whole body behind it. By turning
into it, you get a lot of power and it feels really good, so that’s the cross. Just like
that. What we’re going to do today is we’re going to jab with the left, pivot on the back
foot, cross, and then bring your hands right back up. We’re going to use the weights for
extra training and to do it slow and to feel the technique. If you watch the other clip,
you’ll see you can use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 pound weight, whatever you feel is comfortable.
Now, the trick is when you do your jab the other hand never drops. That’s part of the
workout. So always keep your hands up at all times. You’re going to jab with the left and
then cross with the right, and bring it right back in. Jab, cross, right back in, jab, cross,
right back in, jab, cross, and keep your elbows in tight, jab, cross, pivot on the back foot
each time, jab, cross, back, jab, cross. Okay, that’s it.

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  1. when u "pivot on the back foot" it looks like your putting out a cigarette.u don't need to over pivot. use your hip, not your foot….

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