Martial Arts Tips : How to Take a Punch

Hi everybody, I’m John Graden from the Martial
Art Teachers Association, and How do you take a punch? First off you try
not to, you try to avoid that punch, because blocking is technically a waste of time. I
would rather be hitting than blocking. But sometimes they do score, sometimes we do take
a shot. Let me talk to you and demonstrate a couple of ways you can take a punch. Joining
me from Pro Star Mixed Martial Arts is my good friend, Joe Brignoli. Okay, it’s for
my safety. Okay, let’s start forward, and just throw a right hand right here please.
Okay, here’s a classic cross or reverse punch from boxing or kick-boxing. When I am going
to take the shot, and I’m not able to avoid it, I want to ride the power; ride the power.
I’m going to try to rob the punch of its power by moving my head in the direction it’s going.
Often you’ll see boxers and kick-boxers do this in the rink. And if you’re at the wrong
angle, for instance it’s here and he punches and I ride it, it looks like he really hit
me hard. But a good fighter’s riding that power. So sometimes you’ll say, “oh that was
a really good right hand”, not really, it just looked that way because I rode the power.
The other option, if I stay here I’m going to absorb all that concussion, and that really
hurts, that’s where you get in trouble. So I’m going to try to ride that power. Here’s
another technique that I use a lot through the years, because I’m a counter fighter;
when I come in, I’ll use my forehead to block the punches, rather than my hands. So in other
words, if I’m using my hands (throw a right hand please), If I’m using my hand to block,
I’m tying that weapon up, I like my weapons to be free. So what I’ll do sometimes, I’ll
snuff the punch with my forehead, I’ll just take it right- there’s a hardest part of your
head right here. When ever you see martial artist break boards, or break ice with their
head, it’s always in the front because it’s very strong. You could take a good shot there.
So I’ll snuff it here, which allows me to keep my hands free, and fire on my opponent.
So you want to ride it; first you want to avoid it, but if you’re going to take it,
ride it, and if you have to get hit, try and snuff it out with your forehead. I’m John
Graden, I hope that helps. Thank you.

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  1. For anyone laughing at the whole "blcok with your forehead" watch the movie cinderella man and see what happened to Braddock when he got one of his punches blocked that way. People laugh at it until someone seriously hurts another person using their forehead.

  2. Ingorance in plain sight of education prevails once more. He doesn't mean take a punch to the forhead, You catch them cocking and you take your forhead to the hand before it gets a chance to chance to gain any forward strike power.. it ends up them more pushing your head back than slamming you in the face, also you get in close.. Its the same principal as taking your palm to someones fist and not letting them strike forward. Its all very quick and not law, just an option, so you know.. ha.

  3. First part was ok, but you have to collapse when getting hit, but it's a very subtle movement just enough to deflect the impact and stay in range to attack.
    Most important thing when you're a contact fighter is; to not get hit. Repeat after me,' I am never ever getting hit again.' And that should be your goal as a fighter. The offense will take care of it's self. Never ever take a punch on purpose. Your head is like an EGG and it only takes one good hit to scrabble it.

  4. You can always dodge and do that in fights but this technique is excellent against multiple opponents.

  5. this guy looks like he knows what hes doing, if i was sparing him though and he tried that bullshit take it on the forehead crap, id throw the 1,2 throw it agian but fake the 2 and drop em with a left uppercut.

  6. Wat if u get the wrong angle hits u in the eye or he could fake it and with the other hand he could do a upper cut

  7. you can easily absorb the force from the punch to the head and get set flying back, give us something better man!

  8. This video did not help..
    I tried to "Ride it"
    And ended up with a punch pushing me in to a river and a kick knocking me out.
    I was in A&E for 4 days. >.<

  9. For all those saying it's stupid: fist (without gloves) to forehead/elbow = broken knuckles.

    If you don't believe it, try punch with all strength on a beef/pig skull. Well, I personally learned that with human skull: 11th grade street fight, and I didn't even hit the forehead, it was a right hook, landed on cheekbone I think. I ended up writing with my left hand for 2 months…

    But as he said, try to avoid them if you can. It's just the last resort, better than doing nothing.

  10. Blocking is extremely important in a fight. I'm in karate and they say it's the most important thing in a fight

  11. There are certain circumstances that this technique is effective but I think the concept of intercepting a punch is much better than this, no need to ride the power or block it with your head.

  12. why on earth would u tell someone to block a punch with their forehead!?!? the risk of reacting too slow, misjudging the line of the punch or underestimating your opponent is too damn high! most likely you will eat that punch with your face and besides you will lower your vision, staring at your opponents shoes while he starts his next punch without you even noticing.
    at least your suit looks very comfortable! nice stuff, man!

  13. you put your head down and you never ever look at their feet you look at their chest and when that muscle flexes you move. if you miss that then the best places to take that punch is in the forehead. unless you want to get knocked out then go ahead and stick your chin out their.

  14. You're right but you shouldn't really be punching people in the forehead.

    Punch them in the line from the tip of the chin to the ear = KO

  15. Well that's because the blocks in karate are 'hard', meaning that they disrupt the power of the opponents attack with the power of your block, usually resulting in them breaking their wrist/arm/elbow/knee etc.

  16. this is so stupid when he said he would took the punch by using forehead. in real street fighting,how in the blue hell you would risk your eyes to take the punch instead of your forehead?roflmao

  17. My left eye once rode a sucker punch to the tune of seven stitches. My attacker's genitalia then took a short but violent ride on the end of my boot. I won the riding contest.

  18. …hmmm…  ride-the-power of the wave-of-energy… so to maximise it even-more… bobbing and dipping will help-to pass-on-the-shock-wave-of-energy/force… when you get hit on the face-or-head…

  19. lol   you can learn some interesting things from expert village but this one
    I do really have to laugh at what is the point in taking a punch…… to your face that's just suicide he is really going to clean your clock  sorry but answer would be no ?

  20. I'm Done don't listen to that last tip, He's showing you how to get K.O'D
    – Man Now we know why he's bald right there lml. 
    I think he took one 1 too many blow to the 4head saying that with a straight face lml.

  21. A lot of people in the comments don't realize how much punching a forehead hurts BOTH parties. No one's going to want to stick around after a connection there. Not the puncher, not the punched. 

  22. hmm.The first one was a good way to take an attack but the second one(last one) wasn't so nice.and apart from that oyu won't have time to do that guard with your head

  23. bruh. bahahaha, guys listen to his first tip about riding the power. That is a good idea! I do it personally and ive also seen other great fighters do it, such as Roy jones jr. BUT DONT TAKE HIS LAST TIP hahahahha, Like bruhhh. If you are confident in your ability to take a hit, and you're in a street fight, and if you're feeling a little bit yolo, then block his punch with your forehead to break his hand LOL, its a risky move but can prove effective if it works hahahha. But if you're boxer… don't do that lol. I don't recommend that shit to anyone bahahha unless you drunk

  24. First technique he showed was good, as rolling with the punch is used by many elite fighters and takes a lot of impact away from the punch as he explained in the video. The second technique he showed doesn't seem like the best idea, that part of the forehead is indeed very strong but if the opponent feints and while you lower your chin to cover with your forehead and throws an uppercut it could be dangerous for you, or if the opponent changes the direction of the cross at the last moment to land on the nose or lower mouth. Also during a fight you'd want to see the opponents entire body, especially the face, so lowering the head like that will probably leave you only able to see the torso of your opponent, giving you a vulnerable field of sight. There's also the possibility that an overhand right could be thrown instead of a straight cross and land square on the side of your temple. Looks like a risky move in my opinion, and there's obviously a reason why you'll never see any good fighter block with there forehead in mma, boxing, or in a street fight. Against a good opponent, attempting that technique would likely get you knocked out.

  25. All these people saying they want to see this guy fight because he is older and has a stomach on him. He is a teacher, he does not have to fight… hence he teaches. However, I bet he could beat this shit out of alot of you guys.

  26. i don t use my forehed, i use my watch. Is small, but if you re quick enough you can protect yourself from a powerful hit (quick note: my watch is made to resist pretty much everything, like shock-proof)

  27. Taking a punch should be the last thing on your mind but if it was the ONLY option then aim your forehead at there pinky knuckle & it should dislocate/fracture it. Like he said it's better then taking a punch to the face if you can't move with/around it….desperate times however if that's your best option..

  28. Hi guys .I want to tell you something.Dont be in the wrong thought that you will always hit someone ,but he may hurt u even more than you were ready for.Guys you need to perfect in whatever you know.all these things in these tutorials doesnot work guys believe me ,I know.All u do is get out of ur laziness and work very very hard making yourself stronger .Stronger than ever you were .Dont be in the fuckin thought that you wouldn't get hurt I can assure U will get hurt some day .So better be ready for that day so that when u get hurt you stand up and mess up your opponent.Never ever ever ever be afraid of your opponent.Because whatever you do, he is gonna hurt you.So better you do the these things shown in tutorials like blocks locks doesn't work .They work only when mastered and mastering this tricks need several you can perfect them later all you do now is strengthen yourself.good luck.😇

  29. Yeah ride the punch and while you riding it their following up with everything they have ! Has this guy every been in a fight or just tell people how to get their ass kicked !

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