Hi everybody, I’m John Graden from the Marshal
arts teachers association and John Graden.com. This is the round kick, it’s not the easiest
kick to learn, but it’s one of the most effective kicks that you can learn, so take the time
to learn to do this correctly. The roundhouse kick is a great kick because we teach our
fighting stance to turn your venerable targets away from your opponent so, that it gets a
front kick or straight line side kick, I’m pretty much protected. The round kick is designed
to go around that guard and a strike from the side, so, it strikes from the side. Now,
lets try like this, joining me from pro star mixed marshal arts, is Mr Joe Venoly, you’ll
be seeing his back in just a second, here we go, so, I’m going from here, using my right
leg, I bring the knee up and out, first part is the fold, knee is up and out, two, I’m
going to pivot this foot, turn my body and get my body weight behind the technique, three,
is to quickly recoil the kick, and four, to sit down. So, again four parts. It’s going
to be one fold, knees apart, two, kick, three, refold, and four, set down. Roundhouse kick,
very powerful technique, let’s take a look at it. Thank sir. Joining me is my trusty
chair, great way to practice at home. So, here I am, I take my left leg in front, lightly
hold the chair, don’t use it as a crutch, fold, pull my knee out 45, make sure we’re
not doing this. All this muscle power and weight I want off the 45 so, that when I pivot
and come to the center, it drives into the target. Point the foot side of the top of
the foot, refold, knee straight ahead, not this, not this, but that. Aim it, like you
do a gun, and then, four, set down. Watch again, one, fold, two, pivot, kick, refold,
and set down. Common errors, one, coming through and straight up, now I’m just kicking with
the weight of my shin and calf, that’s not enough, I want this hip, I want this thigh
outside so it travels to the target. Two, not pivoting this foot, if I don’t pivot this
foot, very hard to get my hip around, I have to pivot to get the body to turn. Three, common
mistake, kicking and pulling the leg across, I’ve expose myself, I’ve exposed my back.
So, I want to keep everything right down the center. One, fold, pivot, kick, refold and
set down. I’m John Graden. Thanks

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