Martial Arts Tips : How to Knock Someone Out in One Punch

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teachers Association and How do you knock somebody out with one punch?
It’s just a great question, because the origins of Karate, traditional Martial Arts training,
was that one technique should be enough to stop a man or actually kill him. So even the
tournaments were built around this idea of one punch, you score one punch, the match
is over. You win because technically, that punch should have killed your opponent. With
the advent of Kickboxing and allowing Martial Arts actually to hit each other full blast,
they weren’t getting killed. But a lot of them we’re definitely getting knocked out.
Here’s how, if you were ever, you know, it’s difficult to say, “okay, I’m going to knock
you out with this technique”. But, if you’re going to try and knock somebody out, here’s
the way to do it. This is only for illustration and education. This is not what you’re going
to go out practice or turn this off right now. So just for kicks, just for fun, let’s
look at some of the techniques involve in really devastating somebody with a punch.
Here’s what I want to try and do. His brain is floating in his skull in fluid. I want
to snap his head. So a punch like a hook punch, anything that’s going to get his head to snap,
the brain then bounces against the side of the skull wall, that’s what knocks him out,
not my punch. So typically, you’ll see guys getting knocked out from spinning kick, kicks
or punches that snap the head real hard. That causes the brain to bounce against the skull.
That causes the block out. That usually is not what the real damage happens. I mean,
it’s not something I would recommend, but, it does some of the real damage happens. The
real damage is when he falls down, his head hits the floor. That’s typically the more
devastating shot. So, one we’re going to try and get his head to snap. Two, I’m going to
aim for his temple. So if I’m not let go get his head to snap, if I can hit him right under
the ears, a big bundle of nerves right there. Often I use my back leg, round kick and kicks
the guy right under the ear. I brought it in one time, he just went against the wall
and he just slowly slump to the ground. He said he felt like his brain was bleeding into
his body. That’s how powerful that technique can be. So there’s big bunch of nerves right
under the ear that I want to aim for or try snap his head or I’m aiming for the temple.
Places where it’s hard to knock somebody out, if you hit them straight in the forehead,
that’s really hard. You probably end up hurting your hand more than his head. Or just smash
and straight in to the face. That typically, is not going to kill somebody. You’re going
to snap that head or you’re going to hit nerve bundles. Joining me of course, this is Joe
Big Naughty from Pro Star Mix Martial Arts and I appreciate you allowing me to use your
head. I’m John Graden, thanks.

72 thoughts on “Martial Arts Tips : How to Knock Someone Out in One Punch

  1. I tried all 3 Technics
    I did the full roundhouse punch on the jaw of a homeless woman…her head and neck snapped around and she was out before she hit the train tracks

    Next I did a Hard roundhouse karate chop hook right below the ear of an elderly man outside of a nursing home..He made a Good awful sound going down, hit his head on some stone steps , then started shaking real bad…So I'm not sure if it was a knockout or if the stone step did the damage or what…but I won the fight.

    Next I ran up and swung with a right hook hitting a little kid in the temple while he was sitting down selling lemonade.. knocking him completely out

    Out of the 3 Technics I tried, the one I found to be most effective for an immediate knockout, was a running start, then very briefly planting my feet, roundhouse closed fist hook to the temple of the little kid.

    Although the one that did the most overall damage was the swing roundhouse karate chop right below the ear to the elderly man..But then again, the damage could have been due to the concrete steps he hit his head on.

    I would suggest giving all three Technics a try on random targets and find out what's best fits your ability

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  4. I actually came to learn this if I have to save someone who's drowning to knock them unconscious XD
    (In panic they will push you down, and so you die as well.)

  5. In my opinion, one (of many) very important thing every student must ask their instructor is-
    "Have you ever been in a real fight"
    If they say no, well it's been a long time, ect. Then be leary.
    Then ask them to tell you about it.
    And see how realistic it sounds.

  6. There's only way to become better than this :
    100 push ups
    100 squats
    10 kilo meter run every day
    100 sit ups
    No ac in the summer
    Only 3 meals everyday
    This will take 3 years but you will see the results after this.

  7. A tip for some people trying to knock down a seemingly un-beatable Goliath is a punch to the neck, when they try and strike, pull out but try and reverse that momentum of the dodge into a punch into the neck, preferably the side of the neck because that will most likely cause the most damage, a single strike like that and your opponent will be disoriented, stunned and open for more attacks

  8. When you use your fists you block energy and when you strike with a fist, the energy you use to hit the opponent will.come.back.thru your arm into your body,doing.damage. You might want to think about a art such as aikido.

  9. "Bundle of nerves on neck" It's called a carotid artery and when you hit suddenly, especially on both sides of neck you cut blood supply and they drop. Odd this expert kept say bundle of nerves.

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