Martial Arts Tips : How to Increase the Height of a Taekwondo Side Kick

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teacher’s Association and How do you throw a sky high side kick in Tai
Kwon Do? Well it’s one of my favorite techniques and one of the beauties for me in traditional
martial arts doing kata and traditional techniques is the athletic coordination challenge and
when you are doing forms competition and I still compete in forms throwing a high kick
with good form has a higher degree of difficulty so typically it is looked upon better and
you get more favor for it, I’m not going to say more points because it is not quite that
standardized but it does increase the level of difficulty which works to your favor in
competition. It is not necessarily the most practical technique in the world but it is
a traditional art that we try and do as accurately as possible. This is what it looks like. In
my form kabeck which I will be doing this weekend there is a technique where I go from
here, punch, and then a back leg side kick. The back leg side kick is going to come from
this leg and the key is that you want to commit to the kick, commit to the kick. It is really
important. In other words I’m not just going to throw it with surface execution, see that
is surface execution, like dance I’m just kind of showing it to you. And that is not
a good side kick because with a good side kick you commit to the kick, you blast it
out there hard and that helps you to get height on the kick and second to that the supporting
foot really has to pivot hard. If I don’t pivot this foot the hip doesn’t get around
and I’m going to have a hard time getting it high enough and I want to pivot really
hard and drive that kick, explode it out into the target. For flexibility we want to work
on the inner groin, the hips, and the lower back. Why the lower back? A good form side
kick has the kicker maintaining somewhat of an upright position. We want to avoid leaning
on those kicks which looks bad when it is performed so here is a stretch you may not
have seen before that helps with side kick and here we go. We’ll go down from here into
your horse stance and knees bent, put the forearms between your knees and when you do
a stretch like this it is a little uncomfortable so your body naturally guards, it naturally
tenses up a little bit so you have to mentally override that so just breath and override
it and open up your legs. From here I’m going to drop into a mini split so from here my
knees go right across my hips. I’m not sitting back, I’m not sitting forward, I’m right in
the middle and I’m continuing to push my legs apart and sometimes you are going to have
somebody push your hips down from the back, rock back and forth just a little bit, push
it out and next roll on one leg, extend your side kick and roll towards it. Notice that
here my knees across my hips, out to the leg are in a straight line I’m not stepping back
or sitting back or sitting forward too much and I’m really prying those legs apart and
then I do the other side, same thing stretch it out, get it out there and then I’ll come
back to the center, stretch here some more and then I’ll go into my full split and come
back up again. Two elements to high side kick, one, commit to it, two, work your flexibility.
I’m John Graden. I hope that helps. Thanks.

72 thoughts on “Martial Arts Tips : How to Increase the Height of a Taekwondo Side Kick

  1. YEs, MAKE SURE you are rotating the opposite foot of your kicking leg, Normal but make sure ur not hurting your self

  2. NP

    Yeah and be sure to stretch before you kick all out too…

    Be sure if ur injured your better before you start kickin again

    : )

  3. With videos u learn nothing really! It can help, but if u made a failure and u think it is ok, u try it to do it all time!

    I´m sry for my maybe bad english. I´m German and I speak regular german

  4. I agree with you – I guess there are a lot of "Experts" out there, but they won't post a video to show us their "Better" way.
    I try to ignore dumb comments posted…

  5. Oh cool. We do this stretch in our class, its called the Skiiers stretch. =) Ah and Im about to start working on GaeBeak.

  6. Best thing with these guys. They don't look very harmful, but mess with them and they will kick the shit outta you. That's how i want to be.

  7. @solidwingtsunkid yes taekwondo does a lot of techniques during practise in horse stance, but its not as emphasized as most chinese martial arts

  8. very good for real….one of my weakness in my kicks is that i cannot do a full split(strechability)…i think this step by step lesson will help me greatly on my kicking skills

  9. @rogerwicksell its not completely all in the hips you do have to extend your leg passed you knee to get that snap in your kick

  10. @paolo665 You don't need splits to do a high kick. Sure, it will make your muscles looser and more agile. But you still need the strenght to get up there…

  11. This guy is probably the first person on expertvillage that I've seen actually explain everything and give good information.

  12. @growtallernaturally Lol why grow taller if you want to use the side kick effectively? Side kicks are better for little people keeping taller people off them. This is simple Body mechanics. Taller people need more space and take alittle longer to get their spider legs out there. That said, We have powerful leg kicks (usually stronger than the rest due to our long, lean leg size) and just need to jab to keep the little guy guessing whats next lol.

  13. This guy ain't bad at all….doesnt matter what this this guy looks like or how he's teaching us beginners how to kick,he's the real deal….

  14. This is probably the first Taekwondo related expert village video i've seen that has a guy who REALLY knows what he's talking about. Great video!

  15. I'm new at this and I want to perform the split properly, I just hope this helps. But how long will it take if I do this everyday? My splits reach a max of 8 inches difference between floor and groin.


  16. @j3m4z have some respect you dont just go saying that around its a very serious condition you jerk

  17. 'when you throw a high side kick in form you get more poin- I DOTN CARE JUST GET TO THE POINT

  18. can a person in late 20s with stiff body work out and start practicing kick boxing and tawkwondo? i know sounds funny

  19. @moarmoarChocolate
    I think its spelt Que Bak or something of the sort but its a Martial Art 🙂
    I was confused to 😀

  20. @CaptainBas
    Im not sure about Kick Boxing but my dad is 51 and he has recently got his black belt in Tae Kwon Do just like me 🙂 He has now got an improved flexibility even at his age (or he thinks he has) 😀 but anyway I would say yes go for it! He was stiff and all but its has got better. 🙂 hope im not 3 weeks to late 😀

  21. i do those stretches on my girlfriend when we have sex but its different in a way and…welll….more powerful! lol

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