Martial Arts Tips : How to Fight

Hi everybody! I am John Graden for the Martial
Arts Teachers’ Association and John How do you fight? Well, that is actually a
very interesting question. To me, all fighting begins with a mindset. My mindset is that
no one touches me without my permission. That is my guiding line. No one touches me without
my permission. And, if you touch me without my permission, I am going to prevent you from
doing that. That does not mean I am going to be able to beat you in a fight. It does
not mean I am going to win every fight. But, I am always going to protect myself. I have
a high sense of self worth. That being said, there is two types of fights. Organized sport
fighting where there are rules, a referee, and a goal. And then, there is street fighting.
Self defense where there are no rules, and there is no referee and it is not a place
you want to be. Let me discourage you from getting into any fight that is not an organized
sport fight that you are preparing for with a coach. Here is the key. When a self defense
situation arises, a street fight situation arises, people talk about technique a lot.
All self defense is mental. Ninety percent mental, ten percent technique. The initial
reaction of your body when it is threatened is fight or flight. That is the subconscious
reaction. It is not a conscious reaction. You will feel probably hard to breathe. You
will probably feel as though your arms and legs are suddenly very heavy and that your
body releasing blood to your major muscles as you prepare to fight or flight. It is an
adrenaline dump that, for someone who is not used to it, can be debilitated. So, regardless
of the techniques you know, you will never get to fire those unless you learn to deal
with the adrenal dump that precedes a self defense situation. You do that first by kind
of putting yourself in situations where you are under some stress in a safe, organized
manner, so that you get used to that adrenal dump. And then, the second thing we do is
we control that by breathing. Continuing to breathe. Typically when you get tense and
scared, fight or flight, you stop your breathing which exasperates the problem. Key is to breathe.
A martial arts master thinks about breathing with the entire diaphragm and the stomach
out, pushing air all the way to the bottom of the lungs, not just this surface panting
but strong deep breaths. And, in that scenario, the martial arts master, while there is chaos
everywhere, the martial arts master maintains the quiet mind. And, that is how a martial
arts master fights. So again, street fighting versus organized fighting. Join a good martial
arts school, a Martial Arts Teachers’ Association School and learn organized fighting. It is
a lot more fun. It is a lot more safe and it makes more sense. I am John Graden. I hope
that helps. Thanks!

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  1. @Mabinogi1paladin I think what you've described here reveals something of how the subconscious mind works. When that part of you perceives a threat, it works to suppress those aspects of your physical nature that do anything other than support survival – so you're not as prone to feel pain. And, upon demand, the subconsious mind can work faster than your conscious, logical self, so those punches and kicks can be perceived by the conscious mind as a surprise.

  2. Holy crap, did he just say "it 'exasperates' the problem"??? Who is this guy, Damon f*****g Waynes? I think the word you're looking for is "Exacerbates".

  3. @Mabinogi1paladin your body was only concentrated on keeping itself wasnt worried about fear,anger or the pain its reciving

  4. Actually there are three, fight, flight, and freeze. But if you want to win a fight just grab their pinky and don't let go.

  5. @kickmeout1 hey don't down my unoriginalness i've have been trying for 3 weeks to get the most thumbs on on a vid and finally it took me bieng super lame and unoriginal so DONT HATE lol

  6. If you want to learn how to fight, go take some martial arts classes. If you learn through youtube, while practicing you don't have anyone to tell you what mistakes you're doing.

  7. @joshsco0t4 hahahahaha he's like a senior citizen ninja "I WILL PREVENT YOU FROM TOUCHING ME AND THEN I WILL BEAT YOUR FACE INTO THE GROUND" "now let me show you how"

  8. @BandakaKush Not key if alls your doing is breathing how are you going to hurt him? It is important while doing combos and for your stance. You have to time your breathing with your punches usually so you have time to breathe.

  9. @xxFLIPPIFERxx dont be stupid man if u wanna learn to kill why wud u bother fighting just blast the enemy breathing is the most important part of a fight i wanna see u last a 50 sec round a gainst some thug why your ass is panting like a dog

  10. Yes, that actually did help… I hadn't thought so much about adrenaline and wondered how the heck I could control fear or something if I were in a situation, but it was really adrenaline. Thanks.
    (Reading the other comments… I hope they aren't using moves for bad things.)

  11. This is so true. This is how you would fight someone like Chuck Norris or the younger Mohamid Al,i your spouse or anyone else. Fighting is much more mental than physical. Fighitng is rarely a physical contact. This breathing technic works in everyday life in many situations. I have experienced the heavy body feeling but didn't understand it. Something to think about Thanks for the post.

  12. Last time i was in a "street fight" with anyone was at school and I got my hands on a baseball bat. I won. No technique, just a couple of good whacks to the short ribs did the trick just fine. Had it been life and death I'd have tried to crush the guys throat instead, had he had any skill with fighting, i'd probably have died then and there. I'm not a good fighter, but I can put a bit of force into my blows and I know a few choice spots to aim for, but I'm pants agility wise.

  13. @traceradam I don't mind being a coward. Oh and I didn't start the fight by the way, and I gave him the chance to leave after I picked up the bat. He came into my classroom to kick my ass. What was I gonna do, fistfight him? I might have gotten my ass kicked in a straight up fight, so I try not to be in a straight up fight. In fact, I try not to be in a fight at all. But if I happen to be in one, then I want the upper hand any way I can get it. If that means a weapon then so be it.

  14. @traceradam First day of school in first grade, 6 guys threw me to the ground and held me there while their ringleader took a run up and kicked me in the head, the temple on the left side of my head, wearing heavy boots. I could easily have developed a brain bleed, which can have serious consequences, worst case scenario: death. I'm not interested in risking my life for some retarded cartoonish notion of honor.

  15. There's more than two styles of fighting man. Ever read Keith R Kernspecht's "on single combat?" Of course you haven't. Man, I think i've left a negative comment on every one of your videos. Your instruction is dangerous and you don't even realise how wrong and behind the times you are. I actually feel sorry for you.

  16. he is right i cant agree more with him u may be chuck norris but if u dont keep ur mind quiet u gonna fly or be beaten even if u know martial arts. its good to listen this again and again

  17. thanks for all the instructions becuase a friend wahs doing very annoying to me and now he want to fights me

  18. What if I went back in time and had to fight Bruce lee or if I got into a fight with jet li what am i gonna do lucky I learn karate


  20. This guy is a knowledgeable martial artist. Not all the expert village guys are bad. There are some gems here and there

  21. this is a good vid for the beginners out there…controlling your breathing is OMG SO IMPORTANT…lol..seriously though

  22. Ballrub dammm enough of the hatred and name calling. Grow up will you. This is a very helpful video that is trying to help people in the event they encounter life threatening situation why you are talking about a mans Weiner and hair line makes me wonder about you.

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