Martial Arts Tips : How to Fight Like Jason Bourne

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teacher’s Association and How do you fight like Jason Bourne? Well first
thing you get somebody to write you a script and you practice the fights enough to where
they really look good, good on camera. But seriously when we talk about Jason Bourne
he’s my all time favorite action star. Matt Damon plays this role beautifully, I think
it’s better then Bond, it’s better then the others. What makes Jason Bourne really effective
is that he always works his mind first. He thinks things through, he outsmarts his opponents
long before it gets to the point where he’s got to actually physically engage with them.
And typically he’s stacked the deck in his favor by the time he does engage with them
and that’s a sign of a great martial artist. You are always trying to avoid the fight,
we are trying to use our mind to get around if first. But how does he actually fight,
let’s take a look. Joining me is Joe Brinoli from Costar Mixed Martial Arts, fighting for
the camera is different then fighting in real life as you can imagine. One of the things
that Matt Damon does and I’ve read up on this, he studies Krav Maga which is an Israeli Self
Defense system, highly effective. Extremely efficient and it’s proven in the battle field.
One of the tenets of, well typical techniques of Krav Maga is that they will lock and counter
attack at the same time. You also see this in Jeet Kundo. For instance if he’s throwing,
throw a right haymaker or something, they are going to block and counter strike at the
same time. Use this hand for a second. They are going to block and counter attack at the
same time. So it’s very efficient, I’m not blocking and then countering, it’s typically
all in one move. Another tenet of these types of motion, you are just going to hang for
a second, is it that they will combine techniques together that look very impressive on camera.
For instance this is almost like having a Kenpo techniques, while he’ll strike with
the hand, strike with the elbow, come down low, pop straight up, finish off with the
kick and turn and take the guy out. So all this pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, it looks explosive,
it’s short, it’s compact, extremely efficient and it really looks great on camera. Another
technique that we want to understand about the camera is that, efficiency sometimes doesn’t
work on the camera. For instance, would you stand here please. Martial arts typically
teach a straight punch, straight out and straight back, what we’ve discovered, is I’ve been
in films and done a lot of stunt work, is that, that’s too hard to see for the camera.
So often you’ll see guys like Chuck Norris, Jason Bourne, they’ll throw more of a circular
punch or technique even though technically it’s not correct, that sweeping motion looks
really good on camera. It makes it more effective, and makes it more visually appealing. So the
beauty of Jason Bourne first he uses his mind, he stacks the cards in his favor like a good
martial artist, second through Krav Maga, Jeet Kundo and other extremely efficient fighting
techniques he really explodes those techniques and third, there’s a little bit of play for
the camera which makes it exciting for all of us. I’m a use Jason Bourne fan, I hope
that helps. I’m John Graden, with Joe Bernoli, thanks.

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  1. Too bad this was all misinformation as far as the specific styles Matt Damon actually used to learn. It is only right for credit to be given to where it is due. Many martial arts have some similarities, but the rightful credit goes to Kali and Jeet Kune Do. Do some research and you will find the chief martial arts coordinator for the Bourne Films, Jeff Imada, tell you that it was mainly Filipino Kali with some Jeet Kune do. Gosh, people will do anything to get on Youtube nowadays!

  2. it's not that bad o.O; lol people are so critical. He probably zoomed in and out manually with a camera in his hand.

  3. The bourne movies used a mix of JKD and FMA, with no krav maga addes. Get DVDsof the movies, the fight choreographers stated very clearly what they used for the movies in the additional material. The krav maga community should stop tell the public that the JB movies featured their system.

  4. Mr Imada who was the fight co-ordinator on set was 1 of Bruce Lee senior students.
    Techniques used are mainly from Kali and Jun Fan, but good try guys.

  5. Jeff Imada did not study under Bruce Lee, but he did study under Dan Inosanto, who was one of Bruce Lee's senior students and the only one to whom Bruce Lee gave permission to teach.

  6. This video is not accurate.
    Jeff Imada choreographed the fights in the Bourne films. They use mainly Filipino Martial Arts(Kali) and Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. This jackass didn't do any research. Paul Vunak(a well-renowned martial artist in Jeet Kune Do and Kali)studied under Dan Inosanto who studied under Bruce Lee. Vunak was given a contract in the late 1980's and early 1990's to teach SEAL team recruits unarmed combat.
    There is no Krav Maga in the Bourne films or US military, it's in Israel.

  7. Yang Taijiquan uses the same block and counter techniques – I think all good systems at their highest levels do the same things – just different paths to the same result.

  8. i hate the phrase block and counter!!! i study Wing Chun aswell as Eskrima (or Kali as some call it) and the word block is not used we use the word Deflect, You do not block or stop the opponents strike you deflect to strike meaning the deflecting body part has the advantage of a simultanious strike… there thats my two bob worth

  9. Jeff Imada, never trained with Bruce Lee. Dan Inosanto, was Mr. Imada' instructor and it is Dan inosanto, who is/was senior student of the late Bruce Lee.

  10. yah i told them 2 years ago on this video with idk 50 or 60 likes that krav maga is NOT used in the bourne movies…its FMA they just used inosanto kali and few jkd concepts…but as u see my comment is long long time deleted cus it might have already 1000 likes

  11. I've been doing Krav for about 7 years now and where as it is very practical and effective, it's not what Jason Bourne did

  12. FMA stands for Filipino Martial arts. This includes Kali, Escrima and Arnis, however i appreciate that you were only trying to be helpful 🙂

  13. JKD is Jeet Kune Do (the Way Of The Intercepting Fist, invented by Bruce Lee) and FMA stands for Filipino Martial arts. This includes Kali, Escrima and Arnis.

  14. Huh. I train Wing Chun and we call it a 'bridge'. Gotta say though ive always wanted to train Eskrima/Kali with WC because they both have the same fighting range but fight in such different ways. Do you find that they blend together easily?

  15. Krav Maga is actually a combination of many different martial arts, including JKD and FMA. Learn about what you are disputing.

  16. filipino myself..but i did not know shit like this..
    and guy from UK knows this..i guess you are impressed by our culture
    but still im shocked…we got FMA?….

  17. The guy in the blue gi makes the point that what he is referencing from Krav Maga is also in JKD so the title of the video is correct

  18. What a load of bull. Please, any basic searches tell you that Jason Bourne is using Kali and JKD and a little Capoeira.

  19. Not really. JKD isn't even a style. The creator of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld, was never an exponent of JKD Concepts or Filipino martial arts. FMA far predates Krav Maga, a relatively young eclectic system. The telltale signs of a Kalista are the angular movements, slashing and trapping. You do NOT see this in Krav Maga.

  20. sorry for late reply, I find blend extremely well, you be amazed how similar principles are applied, but instead of centre line theory they have a balance line theory, very very adaptable there are many eskrima systems infact one of them could be considered Filipino wing chun it so similar

  21. In the movie, Jason Bourne is using empty hand fighting of Arnis called Panantukan or commonly known as Filipino Dirty boxing. One of the reason it is so effective is because of the principle "one technic, many weapons".

  22. Jason Bourne actually uses the martial art Kali/Arnis and a good martial artist would of realised that his martial art is not even in the movie

  23. I do krav maga and i can say that only hand to hand combat are using krav maga mouvements. Scene with various weapons( knif, pen…) are more like Kali i think. Look for that and see ( also karambit use with doug marcaida) .

  24. no. Kali is not focused on weapons alone. in fact kali is mainly empty handed. they teach you the weapons first before you get to the top which is empty handed. kali have been around for more than a century and bruce lee's JKD have been around for decades. krav just followed them later with krav getting most of its systems from Chinese martial arts.

  25. Jason bourne did not train in krav maga it was kali/escrima, escrima being the stick fighting side and kali concentrates on the knife and unarmed aspect of it. its a Philippines martial arts which is used in their law enforcement and military. Ive trained in it for 6 years. Although i will state that actors fighting schools do implement other styles a mixed form so some techniques are from other styles but as someone else mentioned he actually trained with jeff mada.

  26. Krav Maga?? They used Filipino Kali/Silat in the Bourne trilogy sir. Jeff Imada choreographed the fights and trained Matt in all 3 series.

  27. Find a silat or kali trainer in a big city near you. 🙂 Dallas TX is where I'm at. Lots of great instructors. Find them. If you train in Dallas, I'll see you there. Be ready for a difficult experience. 🙂

  28. the elbow strike and empty hands combination is NOT KEMPO….. it is Kali empty hands called "panuntukan" or FILIPINO DIRTY BOXING…. 

  29. bourne uses escrima…but its also ok to use krav maga because Israeli soldiers learned escrima long time ago… 

  30. In fighting as soon as a guy touchs me theyre on the floor out of their own control i have no rules when fighting i do what ever it takes NEVER BACK DOWN

  31. The type of martial arts used by Jason Bourne is a combination of Filpino Kali along with Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. Krav Maga is widely mistaken as being used in this film. It is not, as Matt Damon was trained by Kali/Jeet Kune Do expert Jeff Imada.

  32. another bullshit video…. IT DOESN'T REALLY WORK… if it did, then why guys in mma never use it? I get that it is meant to be lethal, but why for crying out loud it is not transferable to the cage fighting? ANSWER…. simply it looks great, sounds great, – at the end of the day it is just another crap that probably thousands will get seduced with…. get real

  33. Thank you for demonstrating you don't have a clue about martial arts! In the future all it takes it to do a basic google search and you would have found out that Jeff IMADA trained Matt Damon for the film. IMADA teaches Kali among other things, NOT KRAV MAGA. Do yourself a favor and delete your upload. Expertvillage???? really?? sounds more like I-don't-have-a-clue-expert!

  34. This guy having an orgasm about Bourne is out of breath before the assistant even get by his side. 0:48

    Yep, Bond never used his mind, he was just a knuckle dragging braindead thug, despite being a Royal Navy Commander and a scholar in most subjects.

    The Jason Bourne in the books was specifically after Carlos The Jackal in Bourne Identity and Bourne Ultimatum, in Bourne Supremacy he was specigically after an imposter assassinating people around the World as Jason Bourne to make the real Jason Bourne go after him, only to learn the imposter has been trained by D'Anjou, the guy who trained him. Bourne in the books is 20x better than the Bourne in the films.

    The martial arts scenes in the Bourne films are shot at 29 frames per second, then those frames are reduced to 23 frames per second to speed it up. From Casino Royale the Bond films have adopted the same technique for fight scenes.

    The James Bond in the books is cold, cruel and callous, who will not hesitate to smash a woman around and break her arm to get information. Would Jason Bourne in the films do this, no.

    The Jason Bourne in the books was David Webb (a university teacher) who was recruited and trained for special Ops in Vietnam where he was the best Delta trooper in the history of the corps. He was then used to go after the most elusive assassin in the World, Carlos the Jackal. Jason Bourne in the books would wipe his bum with Bond, Bournes mind is used a lot. Most of the books are him thinking the processes through. A chess master can think of all the possible next 3 moves of an opponent, Jason Bourne thinks of the next ten moves. He is like this the whole time in every situation against every opponent – and so is Carlos The Jackal. This is what makes the books so great, yet the films don't mention any of this.

    If you read books, read the first 3 Bourne books (the ones written by Robert Ludlum) and you will see how absolutely crap the Bourne movies are in comparison.

  35. At first i thought this is a Ameri-do-te Master Ken ripoff

    ….Guy in Keikogi talks about KravMaga but should say Kali/Arnis/Eskrima
    ..and then that thing with circular strikes…

  36. Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of how to fight on my blog at dennisreviews. com/how-to-fight-review/ Thanks, Skye.

  37. ok, ok Filipinos and silat or kali trainer lovers- get off the guy. Krav Maga and silat or kali is martial arts training, in the movie it doesn't matter. sheesh you guys are petty who cares….as long as it looks good at movies.

  38. stop taking credit when credit is not yours…jason bourne used FILIPINO KALI and jkd in his fight scenes…JEFF IMADA was the stunt coreographer who taught KALI to the actors…YOURE REALLY DOING A GREAT JOB STEALING CREDITS FROM SOMEONE ELSE JUST TO ENDORSE YOUR MARTIAL ART…youre no different from a con artist

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