Martial Arts Tips : How to Choose a Martial Art

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teacher’s Association and One of the questions I have been asked through
the years how do you choose a martial art? It really varies it depends on what your goal
is. Are you trying to get in better shape, do you want to learn self defense, do you
want to compete or are you just interested in the mental benefits of the martial arts
offer you, mental benefits such as self confidence, self discipline, self control, respect, so
there is a lot of variables. In my mind when people say what style is best, what style
should I do the only style that is really important is the teaching style of the instructor.
So how do you choose a good martial arts? It is really more about choosing a good martial
arts instructor, it’s about choosing a good martial arts school, so when you are going
to make the decision make sure first you know what your goal is. If you really want a strong
self defense oriented system you want to be working with an instructor who may have a
police background a law enforcement background, some practical application in street self
defense. If you are just looking to become a martial artist or a good black belt here
is the key. You want to go and visit and watch the students, watch the beginner students
and study in particular the teaching style of the instructor. How does that instructor
interact with the students, how does that instructor conduct a class? Then go look at
the advanced students. We want to make sure that they’re impressive, we want to make sure
that they’re in shape, we want to make sure there is lots of them. What does that mean
if there is lots of advanced students? That means the school has a high retention. That
means that it is a good school or she is a good instructor and she is able to keep her
students for a long time. When you have a school that has lots of brown and black belts
and they are impressive then you know you have an instructor that has a curriculum designed
to keep students in the school so the teaching style is the most important style of any martial
art. There are a variety of different styles, Tai Kwon Do, Kempo, Kung Fu, Karate, I’m not
that interested in the style, I’m interested in the teacher, making sure that teacher can
help me or you to reach your goals. I’m John Graden for the Martial Arts Teacher’s Association.
Thanks. Tune in for more martial arts excitement. Thanks.

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  1. @Mort3nB except self defense, taekwondo is a sport, not a martial art. taekwondo training will probably get you in shape and help you learn respect and other mental attributes, but it will not teach you how to fight. it uses impractical maneuvers and would never work in a sport fight or a street fight. the best style to learn would probably be krav maga because they are practical, sharpen your reflexes, and teach you everything you need to know about defeating the opponent quickly

  2. @galvetron86 Sorry, I don't usually go grammar nazi, but when I do, its for people like you. — Mind explaining a single thing you said, you little escherichia? I don't believe anyone can understand you.

  3. Yeah, I agree 100% about the teacher. If you don't click with them, the class is a waste of money because they'll spend all their time and energy with the students they like.

  4. I disagree about the lots of advanced students thing. If you judge based on that, you're likely to get a McDojo.

  5. Well I use muay Thai and I'm Korean the reason I chose it is because the teacher gave good advice and taught me that fighting is a beauty

  6. I am training as an amateur so I don't have an instructor except fo what I find online. I know that this is not the best way but no one offers good lessons around my area so the thing that I looked at to decide is the techniques. Karate only really helps your confidence but you don't see a lot of people using karate to fight other martial artists so I chose zui quan kung fu. It just appeals to me.

  7. I want to learn Jeet Kune Do but have not been able to find a school or instructor in my area. This video was very informative and I will review it again before going to a school. I am 5'7' and built like a running back but I would like to learn martial arts for self-discipline,strength,flexibility and for personal protection. If anyone has any ideas on what styles would be good for a guy my height please let me know. What style does Jet Li use anyone?

  8. @Warunho One sign is that you'll see child black belts, black belt clubs, no kids in time out during kid classes, and people earning black belts in under 3 years.

  9. To John Graden
    I been doing martial arts for almost a year but along that way I felt like the style I choose (which is kickboxing) was not all the sudden right for me maybe it could be the students that treat like nothing or the floor in their gym, which their floors are like hard plastic floor which it hurts my feet sometimes even sparring or im lazy but either way what im trying to say to u John Graden is which style is good for me especially for self defence and fitness and mental benifits?

  10. And also a style that if affordable as well because of the equipment i still have from kickboxing.

    Please do help me thank you for your help.

  11. been doing ITA taekwondo for 4 years years (now im 14) and have a 1st degree black belt. i dont like the fact that i got my black belt when i was 10 (i started when i was 7 got black belt at 10 and quit for a few years then joined back up a year ago) so when my 2 year contract is up (next october) im gunna try to get my mom to sign me up at a school that teaches mma jui jit su krav maga and taekwondo

  12. good work a 10 year old should not be able to be the black belt in any serious martial arts if third id the case it is trash.

  13. Take up highschool wrestling. A single or double leg take down can be learned and used in a couple minutes. From there, just straddle and punch.

    If you want to be thurough, take up some form of kickboxing. Black people don't fuck with guys that can kick. This is coming from a black student in a 98% black highschool. Drawback is that once kids learn you know karate, they threaten to just shoot you instead.

  14. hahaha me to i live in detroit and do some martial arts myself I just wanna see if there are more ways to block them or an easier way but everything you said is true. Though i dont know how to wrestle

  15. How bout I want all the benefits I can get. What martial arts is a perfect candidate to balance all.

  16. So far the best martial art is Muay Thai. No exceptions. If you think otherwise come meet face-to-face me and I'll prove you wrong.

  17. @Dan Holocaust you seem like a full-of-yourself arrogant guy.. pretty sure there's plenty of people on the planet who'd whoop your ass.. there isn't a BEST martial art, they're all different and cannot be compared to the level of being best..

  18. I agree very much w your video. Thank you for posting it. What I was hoping to find is how to choose a martial art style, comparing and defining which art has what philosophy ie; is more grappling, kicking  which one uses more deflecting etc. the differences between them. I made a conscience decision this evening that I want to get back into MA I used to take Kempo 20 yrs ago but I want to look at all my options. I have weak knees so I can't do a lot of ground work stuff and lots of kicks….Can you guide me somewhere where I can figure out which arts that would work well for someone w so so knees? Of course they will get better in time w classes but do all arts modify? I'm sure that goes back to it depends on the teacher. Thanks a bunch!

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