Martial Arts Tips : How to Block a Straight Punch

Hi everybody! I am John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teachers’ Association and John How do you block a straight punch using Jeet
Kune Do? Well, Jeet Kune Do is the system first developed by Bruce Lee. What is interesting
about Jeet Kune Do? Bruce Lee’s mindset was if you label the style, you limit it. So,
he was brilliant. He was so far ahead of his time. He was constantly innovating, changing,
and evolving his art. So, Jeet Kune Do had he lived, certainly would have continued to
evolve with him. One of the tenants of Jeet Kune Do is that if you block, counter at the
same time. Typically in Jeet Kune Do it is called a Parry. So, we are going to parry
and counter attack at the same time. Joining me to illustrate this is my good friend Joe
Brignoli from Prostar Mixed Martial Arts. Your left side forward please. Ok, so he is
going to fire a jab right here at my jaw. Send please. I want to, this is a straight
punch. Alright? It is not circular like a hook punch, it is straight from point a to
point b. Either hand it does not matter. A straight punch is a punch. A punch is a punch.
Straight punch is a straight punch. So, here it comes. I understand that one, it has got
to reach me to hurt me. If it is not going to reach me, I do not bother blocking it.
I will just counter attack. If it is going to reach me, I want to understand that I only
have to move the width of his fist to avoid it. So, all I have got to do to avoid this
punch is slide my head out that far and it is going to miss me. And, I have him blocked.
So, both my hands are still free to counter attack. If I am forced to block, using a Jeet
Kune Do concept, is that I am going to block this with a hand trap or parry. See I am raising
the hand from my guard position. It just opens and gets in between his punch and my head.
I am not doing doing this. I am not reaching to make the block. I am not reaching to make
the contact. If it does not reach me, I do not care. I am not going to force the contact.
So, I am just going to bring the hand up right here, right in front of the target. I am going
to get between his punch and my target. I like to think of Star Trek with the shields.
You know, shields up. That is shields up, alright. I keep them in close. The shields
do not go out to the Klingon warship. The shields stay in close. So, at the same time
this hand is coming in here, I am going to be counter attacking with my other hand. So,
if I am blocking with the right hand, pow! I am going to counter attack immediately with
that left hand. So, they move, they work simultaneously. It is not one, two. It is boom! One move.
That is typical of Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee’s great system. I’m John Graden with Joe Brignoli.
Thank you very much.

100 thoughts on “Martial Arts Tips : How to Block a Straight Punch

  1. You can actually see him using this parry in the sparring video "Kickboxing-John Graden vs Joe Lewis," which was shot sometime in the mid-1980s. Lewis, the full-contact kickboxing pioneer, could hit like a sledgehammer.

  2. i have a new marital art :p duck and fuck :p basicly when someones gonna punch u , duck and then pull a gun and shoot his head 😀

  3. I don't see this as practical martial arts. You meet a real fighter, and the shock of the fist is simply gonna go through the hand into the face. And about the counter attack, isn't it equally possible for him to use the same technique to defend himself?

  4. bullshit, u have no time to get your head outta the way of the punch when u are surprised.. the only 2 ways of counter attack is going into the punch and react with your own arm or going back and grab his arm to make him loose his balance… if you have another opinion, you have never been into a serious and real attack.

  5. I don't know if I can explain this but in fights its a lot more different cause everything just happens really quickly 

  6. Guys, this isn't jkd. All of expert villages videos are crap. And unless you have actually taken martial arts, don't talk. Bruce Lee came from wing chun before jkd. This technique demonstrated in this video is a cover for boxers with gloves on, not bare hand. So while the simultaneousness represents wing chun, the lack of a parry does not. Think circular with wing chun

  7. Hey "Sensei"…please talk only about things you know a liitle bit about. Thats not a JKD Concept, and in fact…if my opponent want to punch me like that, and too far away, i have do do nothing. You know that his strike is 10 inch before your face??? he is NOT in a punch-distance… and when he is your "Block" is too slowly and your own hand smashes in your face too, and NO counter from you will happen. next time take a look for a serious JKD teacher, OK?

  8. Catching a jab or punch is, traditionally, called cupping. Want to learn JKD? Go to Inosanto. Also, he is not demonstrating a parry or a redirection of any kind. He is showing a ccup and slip from boxing.

  9. if someone grabs my neck? what should i do take his hand off and kick him in the balls ?? :)) or should i punch him under the ear???

  10. the head movement was perfect n will work in a real fight but blocking with the hand like that will not work because the punch will go right through. Thats not Bruce Lee teaching.

  11. When blocking with the hand, u would want to extend the hand, I do sometimes. Most of the time, I spin around the punch, depending left or right, and I simply grab the arm and either break it, or take them down.

  12. another way to block a punch is you put both you arms where the opponent is going to attack (if your fast reflex's can help you)

  13. 2 cents coming up: the best techniques for punching are in boxing. This sport and its extreme the pugilism have been around since the down of mankind. Just use boxing.

  14. Just curl up into a ball and start spinning around……people won't know what the fuck it going on, if you don't like the abuse whilst you are curled up into a ball use headphones.

  15. The parry and counter theory is right, but this implementation is way off. Keeping your hand close to your face like that to block is an awkward move that will not actually help. Don't do it!
    Knock his arm or wrist away, that's how you block, not like Star Trek.

  16. Or you could use all of the force of that punch and use you're hand to knock his/her arm a bit to the side, and all the force of his/her punch will force the attacker's punch even farther to the side, then you can attack by punching them in the gut, they will most likely end up holding heir stomach, then you can attempt to hit a small bundle of nerves right under the ear, that will most likely knock them out.

  17. WOW! These people in Youtube posting self defense moves makes me sick. First off, you have a supposid karate instructor wearing a BRAND NEW GI AND A NICE NEW BLACK BELT WITH NO STRIPES.. teaching you to block a straight punch by catching it or putting that back of uour palm to your face to "ABSORB" the punch? lol!! ser… you… really?? come on!! Anyone knowing true martial arts and have been in a real dojo, can tell you that these teqniques are NOT buy any means effective. i mean, come on! nice NEAT STIFF blackbelts?? any TRUE blackbelt instructors belt is extremely frayed and wore out. these belts are more than a color.. they are worn with pride, built with sweat and blood. Any of these moves they try to teach can me made up by a 10 year old. BUT YOU NEVER TRY TO GRAB A PUNCH!! ugh.. these people are gonna get someone hurt really bad! To a true martial artist, this is blasphemy, and needs to stop!

  18. If you put your hand in front of your face to block a punch, you'll still feel the impact, so if the opponent has a stiff jab then it's best to parry or slip and counter, also if the opponent has a longer reach this wont be effective either. But it should work against opponents with a shorter reach and not much power behind the jab. I remember during sparring I did the same technique shown in this video and the impact of the jab knocked me back and left me slightly stunned for a split second and that was enough time so that my sparring partner could catch me with a powerful straight right that left my vision blurred momentarily. So I don't think its a good idea to brace your hand against your face when your facing opponents with a stiff jab and good power, or opponents with a longer reach.

  19. I just recently started Shaolin Kung Fu (2 classes) and even I know that you never put 1 hand in front of your face to absorb the blow. You also have problems pronouncing Jeet Kune Do. The Block and Punch combo (parry) is derived from Kung Fu.

  20. I don't think your hand to the face isn't a good idea the velocity of the other guy's punch will likely make you back hand your self so instead of using it as a shield I would move the fist out and counter if you're not quick with the hands Bob your head in and counter this has been sensei abe

  21. bullpap………how many people could effectively get out of the way of that unless theyve had years and years and years ir training, even then a lot of it is down to luck. forget it.


  23. Oh Come on Man, I don't really comment on martial arts videos but I just had to. No offence and I am not gonna swear but this is absolute BS. Worst block you can do. You are standing still, that is one thing. Second you are clashing your hand with his fist next to YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! That punch is still going to effect your structure and ultimately your bloody face. If your hand is touching your face the force will still go THROUGH.This would work if the punch was from a 4 yr old. But come on. If you want to Parry or block a punch aim to block the punch and effect your opponents structure. If your going to wait and receive that punch a hands width away from your face you are CRAZZZY!!!!!

  24. don't listen to this guy, you cannot stop punch like that. try it carefully at home with friend, start slowly and increase intensity of punch and you'll see that there is no way to stop it like that 😀

  25. Ahaha blocking a straight punch with your hand in your face? That reminds me of the old "If your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer trick". Really though, don't do that in a fight, you're blocking your vision and also the impact of their fist will smack your hand against your own face giving them the opportunity to set up for the next blow.

  26. "how to have far better reaction skills than Roy Jones Jr. had in his best years" … this must be a fucking joke? okay I guess this is the prank-part of youtube where I ended somehow….

  27. except that the punch demonstrator never used his right fist and in a real fight there isn't going to be a 1 punch wait and see, and the counter punch  most likely blocked. I prefer to block before its near my face

  28. not bad on basic hold for parry……..just its so close to ur face, seen plenty of people do that method not only catch the punch in their hand but with their face as well

  29. many retards are too stupid and have been hit in the head too many times to understand this video. sadly most fighters are ignorant when it comes to knowing just how effective counters are. its one of the best ways to trick your enemy and if u are a point sparrer u will win big with that.

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  31. I would not suggest trying this in real life without days of practice.
    Great way to break a finger in a fight, knock yourself out with your own hand, or completely miss while he punches your face.
    Dodging is clinically proven to be your best way to not get knocked out. If your response time is faster you will win the fight.

  32. Problem with head movement is it's easy to be a victim of feints and also it sets you up for follow up kicks if you are feinted. I would either use karate blocks or muaythai X block and helmet guard or kravmaga 360 defense against punches and elbows.

  33. That thing of holding your hand up and absorbing the power is crap, if the guys a strong puncher, they will hit you with the back of your hand.

  34. Seriously both techniques are stupid. You will not have that much time to slip. Stop sharing bullshido

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