Martial Arts Tips : How to Beat Up a Bully

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teachers Association and How do you beat up a bully? Well that’s an
interesting question. I like how do you defeat a bully, is the way I like to approach it.
Because when we’re talking about bullying there’s a big spectrum. Everything from school
yard tussles in elementary school, all the way to work place violence where you have
people that are bullying you. Bullying is primarily damaging psychologically, it’s not
so much the physical damage that’s the problem it’s the psychological damage. So number one
I want to instill into my children, if I was teaching them how to beat up a bully, how
to defeat the bully. I want into instill in my children a sense of self worth and self
confidence that is impenetrable by this bully’s taunt or tactics. So psychologically I want
to instill in my kids a strong sense of self confidence. A lot of us we’re busy, we doing
things. If you would like some help on that enroll your child in a good martial arts school.
Look for a school that is a member of the Martial Arts Teachers Association, because
you know that those instructors are continuing their education, and learning how to teach
professional safe classes. With an emphasis on self confidence. Because the best way to
defeat a bully is with self confidence. Now on the physical side, when a bully is actually
engaging, this is what I teach my kids. Whenever a bully touches you or grabs you, I have two
questions I want to ask real quickly. One, what targets are available on this guy. So
he’s grabbing he’s opened up his arm pit. He’s grabbing he’s tied up one of his weapons
to grabbing. He’s left all of my weapons free. So I want to know what targets are available.
Eyes, throat, solar plexes, groin, toes, knees, shin, arm pit, nipple, ears, hair. So he’s
left a lot of targets wide open. He’s also left all of my weapons available. So I can
then choose what weapon I want to counter with. In school there’s a zero tolerance for
hitting, so typically you don’t want to teach your child to smash the kid in the face. Because
that’s going to cause a lot of problems, unless there’s a real serious attack and he’s got
to defend himself. Then whatever it takes go ahead and do it, but typically in this
kind of situation I’m just going to teach my kid to reach up and pinch real hard. Pinch
under the arm, pinch in the chest, pinch some place sensitive where it hurts really bad.
That usually gets somebody to let go real quick. I want the guy to think he’s grabbed
a hot pot and he wants to let go real fast. Thank you. There’s a variety of escapes you’ll
want to teach your children as well. I cover a lot of these in the clips. Escape from a
head lock. Escape from a full nelson. Escape from a push. Escape from a wrist grab, a hair
grab. These are escapes that you can practice with your children in the situation where
a bully has actually grabbed him. Remember, defeating the bully starts with confidence.
Find ways to instill that confidence in your child. If you needs some help, find a good
martial arts school that’s associated with the Martial Arts Teachers Association and
get some professional help in defeating the bully. I’m John Graden I hope that helps.

100 thoughts on “Martial Arts Tips : How to Beat Up a Bully

  1. I don't believe the title of your video is proper. martial arts isn't about beating someone up. it's about defending yourself when it's necessary and not for fun. the title just doesn't flow with me and as a martial artist it's not something I wanna here is a person beating up someone.

  2. Did he say pinch ? Ok so now the "bully" is what he is and pissed off to boot ……
    I would have to recomend a stout punch to the old snot locker , getting cracked in the nose has a way of taking the "WEE" right out of a guy and gives him somthing painful to remember you by for a couple days while it sinks in that he should not press his luck with you again ! * toi li ho fut hung *

  3. My parents taught me to beat the shit out their faces. Send them to the hospital, not the nurse! Works 100% on people around my size and smaller. I do this because of MMA too, get some proper training guys!

  4. I never really had to deal with bullies but have a few problemEd kids come at me with their vicious Facebook bully tatics lol. I went up behind her and bitched her the fuck out. I mean if you say you are willing to rearrange my fave and all this big talk on the computer than lets fuckin see it bud, she ran scared lol. And some other girl thought we were cool and she is just one of those very annoying I think I'm in charge of everyone because I'm a bitch lol. Well one day she gently pushed me and I shoved her back so quick and hard she fell on her ass lol, she was all like I was just kidding I told her yeah so was I lol and just sat back down and ate my food. We were at lunch. Nothing else happened from then on.

  5. I don't care about getting expelled right now, it's near the end of the year, and I'm moving to the other side of the world soon.

  6. if a bully gets in your face, headbutt him. use your forhead, or you can even use the side of the head, but preferably the forhead, and your target is anything below his forehead, preferably his nose, break that shit, and he'll think twice next time before getting into your face.

  7. I think a kick to the knee and a hook to the face is your best bet when they try to strike. If they go for a grab a kote gaeshi.

  8. i already applied this technique! and got bully twice after that. cool story old man nice trick ever exist in this world

  9. I go to the martial arts school of knowledge where my sifu is a six degree black belt in a new kung fu style I'm only an orange belt and I can handle myself quite well against most anyone

  10. Thx bro I'm gonna wreck my bully and crack his face now!👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊💪💪💪💪😵😵😢😥😪

  11. I am not trying to be a smart alec, trying to understand. While you are trying to pinch him under the arm (and potentially dealing with bunched up clothing or a jacket), you have now tied up one of your weapons and the the guy hits you in the head with his right.

  12. In Russia no one gives a fuck so u could legit grab a gas mask. To ducking school I kinda wana beet up a 4 grade guy I'm in 3 grade it happend today I was with my buddies we walk up and he asked my name I said not ur problem he said there will be a problem when I beet u up I was k so know I want him afraid of me I want the school afraid of me in Miami every one was afraid of me and I got my ass kicked 1time fuck it next time I will choke that mother fucker

  13. The first thing I do to stop a bully attack is to wear a karate gei wherever I go. They are loose and durable then if I feel threatened I stick an MMA/UFC mouthpiece in my mouth to show I'm ready for action. Put a couple of scary fighting patches on the outfit like fists or kicking and be sure to bow at the check stand and the gas station when you pay for gas. This shows you might have taken Japanese fighting lessons. The only downside to wearing a karate suit is stepping on glass and sharp rocks when you're barefooted. Remember, it's not what you know but how you trick bullies into thinking you know.

  14. I had a kid bullying me and my friends some left my school and now he bullied my friend and now he has a para to follow him everywhere he goes

  15. If you get bullied, Run the first time but not the second! Get your friends and go to him when he is lonely…
    And he will be scared immediately…

    If you wanna start a war, Start one.. -_- Get your friends when he is near his/her/bullies friend. And yep… But do the 2nd idea if you have enough friends… BAI! ^-^

  16. I have a bull at my school. ok so it started a long time ago and he has Anoughying me through out the whole school year and today he punched me and i was winded but im too scared to even touch him what do i do?

  17. There was a grade 6 bully. I was grade 5. There were 4 of them. One was 1 foot taller than me. 3 of them wrre same height. The tall one started. So he punched me a couples times and countered him.

  18. omg bro I needed this because at my school this one kid named mauhamed and he punches me in the shoulder, and one time he stabbed me with a pencil, since I'm a junior black belt at Tae kwon do ima beat him up someday

  19. How I deal with them? I kick their legs to lose their footing or just out balance them, then I do my finishing move… drum roll… ELBOW SMASH.

  20. when they grab you by your shoulders punch them in the heart or lungs or kick the nuts or knee it

  21. i dont know why you cant beat up people that are bullying you. the only thing bullies understand is violence. the fact that violence isnt allowed for self defence in schools makes kids just less confident about defending themselves.

  22. Nipple-Twists work the best if you have mercy and won't kick them in the nutsack or completely nuke their anus.

  23. Sum guy is a bitch he calls me freshman and threw my bag in the trash so I got up got my backpack and told him to stop before I fuck him up and he just laughed but he doesn’t know what he’s getting into I wish he would hit me

  24. How to beat up your bully in 5 simple steps:
    1. Get a revolver
    2. Go to school
    3. Ask bully to fight you
    4. Take out your revolver
    6. Shoot him

    I hope that I helped

  25. How to beat up ur bully in 5 simple steps

    1. Get a revolver
    2. go to school
    3. Ask bully to fight you
    4. Take out your revolver
    5. Shoot him

    I hope I helped

  26. Punch the armpit with a right upward hook and at the same time bring your left hand in an outward chopping motion towards the neck or collar bone area. You can also at this point pin their foot with yours and they will fall. You not only give them excruciating pain but you throw their balance off and hurt their ego at the same time. If they fall the right way, you can sprain or break their ankle as well. You will not only never be bullied by him again, but probably assure the bully NEVER bullies again 😀

    PS- If you are able to dodge a punch and get into close quarters, you can use this move as a counter as well. It will cause immense pain on your opponent so use it ONLY when you are forced to.

  27. Someone got shoved over today and fell on my I accidentally elbowed someone they started to try to punch me so I k8cked hi in the balls and he started choking me

  28. Really??? All I did was body slam one punch him around a bit and get him in a headlock. And this is just from doing nothing.

  29. I think this video unuseful because this will hurt someone. I have 1 idea to stop bullying.

    1.Always praise the bully
    2. Tell the teacher about the bully

  30. In a school situation the whole point of the teacher in being any way assistive is to literally not give a flying monkey and be the most useless pint of piss ever on the face of the earth. Just deny it's part in assisting the less fortunate children underkneath it and walk away. There is litreally no other logic to them not any ever at all and I mean utterly whatsover. Advice. If you want help with bullying stay away from teachers. Its not just that they know nothing. Its the most monstrously god-forsaken manner that no matter what you tell them they never will.

  31. Man I remember I beat that bully's ass in 5th grade I was all up on dat ass mater of fact that boi walked home with a black eye. Lol 🤣🤣

  32. I just used brute strength and intense anger, he ended up on the ground unable to move, got sent home, he got sent to hospital and wasn’t aloud back in school for at least two weeks because imparently I broke some of his bones. It was worth it

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