Hi, I’m Bev Wadell. I’ve been a member of
the Y since we moved to Smith Mountain Lake in 200. It has been a very important part of our lives for both my husband and myself. Coming here forces us to stay active. Dennis’ style of tai chi is excellent. I was
lucky enough to find a small cadre of people and they kept expanding, mostly retired married couples. I think Bev has done a tremendous job. Her and her husband when they first joined the group, they approached me about becoming teachers. I finally joined her after I saw how
much interest she had taken in it for so many years. Tai chi is excellent for fall prevention.
Moving to one side and then bringing my balance back to the center. You learn how to control your balance better. And moving to the other side. I practice tai chi every day to make
sure that I am in balance. I had been known to push tai chi on people. I’d gone and done speaking engagements for the women’s clubs, newcomer’s clubs. My husband and I run a group called “New Tomorrow” program for Lake Christian Ministries. We belong to the hiking club. To try to expose people to tai
chi and to help them learn and get interested in coming to our classes here at the Y. We’ve got a good core group that stays in the program week after week, and year after year. Why it’s so popular is it’s become a social event. All of the people, they all like to go out to dinner afterwards. One of the nicest things is that they have a bar-b-que at different people’s places,
and we go out there and do the tai chi forum on their lawn overlooking the lake, and then we have a big bar-b-que. We have one move that we do that was created here at this Y. We do tai chi in a circle. The sense of energy that we get in this group when we are in a circle facing each other and going through the moves is just incredible.

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