Martial Arts Stretches : Martial Arts Hip Flexor Stretches

We’re going to finish off the stretching series,
the floor stretching series, with a little bit more of an active floor stretch. The muscles
are going to be engaged a little bit more. It’s going to be a little bit more intense
than some of the stretches. But, it’s ok, because now we’ve really dug into the muscle
fibers of all the different muscle groups. Jabar is going to come up a little bit higher
on his knees, and he’s going to bend his knee out in the front. Now, what he’s doing is,
he’s getting a little bit of a stretch on the front hip, as well as he’s really stretching
out a lot of the rear hip flexor. Notice that he’s kind of arching his back so he can kind
of stretch into the back leg a little bit. He’s sort of sitting in this position. There’s
a little bit of balance involved, so the muscle is slightly engaged, which is ok. We’re getting
back a little bit more into the natural way that the muscle would be working. And he’s
going to just come up and switch legs so he gets everything evenly. Just kind of flexing
forward. Some people like to do a very slow sway back and forth in and out of the stretch,
because they feel that that kind of relaxes their muscles a little bit more. The most
important thing is that you don’t do it as a bounce. Bouncing can tend to be bad. But
a slight bit of motion in it is ok. It will make your muscles nice and loose, as long
as you’re not forcing anything. Obviously, you would sit in these stretches for a much
longer period of time than what Jabar is doing. We’re just kind of quickly illustrating each
stretch for you. He’s gone back to a similar position to what he had before, except for
now you’ll notice he brought his foot back up behind him. Some people find that their
knee hurts on the ground a little bit, so you may need something soft to put your knee
on when you do this stretch. But the more he flexes his knee forward; go ahead and stretch
on the front leg a little bit more; it tightens up his hip flexor a little bit more and it
tightens up the stretch a lot more across the top of the quad. And if he can get his
heel closer to his glut, then that actually helps him out a little bit more too. Go ahead
and switch. And he’s going to come up and do this one as well. He’s stretching into
that front leg, pulling the foot back up closer to his glut and his hip. And, if he chooses
so, then he can stretch in and out of the stretch a little bit more. Good. Go ahead
and come out of that one. The next one, he’s going to come up nice and high and he’s going
to stretch the front leg straight; completely straightening it, keeping this bent at a ninety
degree angle. This particular position of the leg is going to make the hamstring a lot
tighter. It’s going to be a little bit harder to get into that stretch, but doing it all
in this position really isolates it a lot more. He’s grabbing the ball of his foot to
bend it back a little bit, switching hands around a little bit. And he’s coming up and
switching. Down, stretching one hand in, stretching the other hand in. And from here you would
just slide your foot forward into a split, and that would complete your floor stretching

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  1. Make sure to maintain a neutral spine when doing this exercise. Increasing trunk flexion during this exercise can put excessive stress on the spine.

  2. @billysue2 I heard about the side bending but not the extension… eh it's not like we need to focus on that, we inevitably arch our backs during lunge or front split anyway amirite?

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