Martial Arts Stretches : Martial Arts Hamstring Floor Stretches

All right. So our next set of stretches is
going to be a set of floor stretches. I actually really like these because you’re in a seated
position and your body gets to be a little more relaxed. At least until they have you
all stretched out in a second. But, basically what he’s going to do is, he’s going to slide
his body back until his tail bone is tucked into the corner of the wall. There’s a lot
of ways to do this. I just personally prefer this way. And, as his partner, I’m going to
scoot right in here, and I’m going to help him to get his feet a little bit wider. Now,
some people, if they have sensitive knees, you have to actually be a little closer to
the knee before you put your foot. If he’s got pretty good knees, I can actually slide
a little bit farther out. Now some people are very flexible, and so it’s hard for you
to match them that way, so you might actually have to be in here a little bit. But basically
I, as his partner, need to slide into the point where I can give him a good stretch,
until he either says “That’s good”, or he can simply tap on the floor or me. Just like
that. So, I’m going to keep on, ever so slowly, getting him wider and wider, until I can tell
that he’s gotten a good position. So, basically, you’ve gotten to this wide position, so he’s
going to tap. We’re assuming that he’s gotten to his widest spot. And I’m going to actually
let him sit here for a minute, because his muscles are going to be pretty tight. I want
him to be able to feel comfortable here. Some people might get a cramp or feel uncomfortable.
If that’s the case, I’ll let the stretch off a little bit. We’re going to assume that he
likes it, so we’re going to keep it nice and wide. Now, if he feels good and he wants to
proceed, basically what I’m going to do is I’m going to grab his wrist here and his wrist
here and cross him in a wrist grab, and I’m just going to relax backward. I’m not really
going to pull; I’m just going to relax. And eventually we’re going to get to the spot
where maybe he’ll nod or maybe I’ll just feel some tightness. See he’s kind of nodding right
there. And I’ll let him hold this position. And these stretches are a little bit more
advanced, so make sure that you only do this if you’ve been stretching for a while. Ok.
Then I’m going to slowly let him back up here. Let his muscles kind of recover. Now, he might
choose that he wants to reach toward his foot. We’re going to assume that he does. So go
ahead and reach toward that foot. I’m going to keep the pressure on. And he might hold
that for a few seconds. Then come up and slowly reach for the other foot. And this is just
like the version that we’re going to end up going over later, where you’re just sitting
by yourself out in the middle of the floor. Now, sometimes it’s a good idea; go ahead
and sit up straight for a moment; to let a little bit of the pressure off for a second.
Let the muscles get a little bit of recovery. Because they are going to resist this a little
bit. And, basically kind of going back and repeating the process. Repeat as many times
as you feel necessary. And that’s stretching on the floor.

12 thoughts on “Martial Arts Stretches : Martial Arts Hamstring Floor Stretches

  1. It's really hard to do this and keep the muscles from "resisting" because it's a type of defense mechanism for the muscles to pull in the opposite direction to keep themselves from ripping.

    … It's really key, for a person doing Any stretches, to take deep breaths and focus on being as Relaxed as possible.

    In many cases: More relaxation = less pain & much less effort.

  2. This is actually a dangerous stretch even without a pre-existing knee problem *rolls eyes*

    … ps- This works your abductor muscles more than your hamstrings.

  3. @dexzzo Do you think that it's a good thing to do this kind of stretch with a partner of the opposite sex?

  4. @Mrgyrodude how did you do tha?t i have tried many types of streching routines and studied the science bhind it but i still can't do it after like 6 months

  5. I'm thinking about joining a Karate club. But my hamstrings are super tight so I would not be able to kick i think. How long does it take like weeks or months to get flexible hamstrings?

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