Martial Arts Mistake: Head Movement/ Don’t Be a Bobblehead!

Hey, Ando here from Sensei Look, I don’t care what style of martial arts you practice, there’s one big mistake you
can see people making everywhere, and that’s letting the head either whip or tip for no
good reason. You know, like a bobblehead. Yes, I know, those are extreme examples. I
mean, you don’t move like that, do you? Not so fast. Don’t get cocky. Because if
you’re letting your head whip and tip even a little bit, you’re setting yourself up
for trouble. It’s like having a loose wheel on your car. You may not notice when you’re
driving slow speeds and straight ahead, but once you punch that gas and start making sharp
turns, well, that wheel’s going to wobble, it’s going to pop off, you’re going to
wind up flipping over and dying in a fireball. Not so cocky now, are you? So, my advice– tighten the wheel. Don’t
let your head wobble. And how do you do that? Well, you have to attack the root of the problem,
but this is where things get tricky. Most problems in the martial arts stem from either
fear, ignorance, or laziness, but in the case of bobbleheading, I think the problem is different.
I think the root cause is delusion. And I’ll be right back to e xplain what I mean. Okay, try this experiment. Sit up very straight
or even better, stand up straight. Now turn your head from side to side. A little bit
faster. Now, what do you feel? You have a sensation of motion, right? Of course, your
body is not moving at all, but you feel like you’re moving. Now move your head more quickly.
Feels like you’re pretty fast. Now whip your head and start and stop. That feels pretty
strong. It feels like you’re powerful. Of course, none of this is true. It’s all an
illusion. And if you believe in this illusion of speed ad power, well, then it becomes a
delusion. Here’s how this delusion slips its way into
your training. Maybe you’re practicing punches, right? But you’re feeling like, that’s
not fast enough. These aren’t strong enough. So, what do you do? Shake your head. Now it
feels fast. Now it feels strong. Or maybe you’re throwing front kicks. You’re thinking,
it’s pretty good, but that’s not going to get me my next belt. So, what can I do
to make this faster and stronger? Well, I can rock my head. Sure feels faster and stronger.
Maybe you’re trying to win a trophy at your next tournament. So, you’re thinking, I
can’t win with that. That’s not good enough. So, what do you do? You shake your head around.
I know it feels so real. You really do feel like you’re working harder. You’re faster,
you’re stronger. But that’s all an illusion. It’s all in your head. Literally. The only
thing you’re actually accomplishing is beating yourself up. Think about it—when a bad guy attacks you,
what does he want? He wants to knock you out. He wants to shake your brain around and disorient
you. He wants to bounce your brain around inside your skull so you get a concussion.
Well, when you whip and tip your own head, when you’re a bobblehead, you’re doing
all the work for him! You’re helping him! You’re shaking and bouncing your own brain.
That’s got to stop right now. To be clear here, I’m not talking about
slipping and fading, or bobbing and weaving—those are all practiced head movements that you
should be doing on purpose. I’m talking about tipping and whipping your head around
just because it makes you feel faster and stronger. Look, instead of moving your head
around, you should be focused on improving your technique. Challenge yourself to develop
your speed and your power without moving your head. Remember— when you’re training in the
martial arts and self-defense, your number one priority should be your head. I mean,
you can take a shot to the leg and still fight back. You can take a shot to the arm and still
fight back. But take one good shot to the head and that might be it. So, use your head–don’t
use your head. Make your techniques better instead. If you liked that tip and you don’t
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a happy life.

75 thoughts on “Martial Arts Mistake: Head Movement/ Don’t Be a Bobblehead!

  1. For better head movement, check out these simple Neck Exercises: Stay safe, my friend! 🙂

  2. Yeah, I was warned about that in judo (that's why we keep our heads tucked in). I hit the heavy bag too, but I do tend to bob my head. Well, not anymore..

  3. Not only did this video point out something which I will from now on pay closer attention to. IT CLOSED WITH A DANK RHYME.

  4. Ando how often do you see this mistake? I haven't yet (or perhaps very subtly). When I started learning martial arts one of the fundamentals I learned was keeping that head in control, as it helps your balance and also keeping an eye on your opponent or bad guy. The punch you don't see is the one that gets the knockout after all!

  5. Riddle: I took your advice and didn't move my head with an attack but then it didn't do any damage and didn't hit my target. Why?

  6. I think you just caught a mistake of mine, I'll have to check it in the gym. Thanks, great vids + great info!

  7. Very true Sensei. Now that my balance isn't 100% and apparently I'm anemic too Core and Head strength are very important to me!

  8. Great presentation I've never bobbled like that lol sure makes a lot of sense and now i see another opening Thanks

  9. Whipping the head around makes it harder for you to judge the movement of attacker as you have to separate your changing perspective from their apparent motions.

  10. Sensei Ando. I enjoy your videos, you add a sense of humor and a great learning. I laughed through cause I've seen people fight or play like that. Now I know. Thanks. Sensei.

  11. can you do a video on how to control your strength cause i don't want to kill my sparing partner due to internal bleeding or something

  12. what should i do since my shoulder got sprain in a fight awhile back any techniques to fix it and any techniques to prevent it from happening again

  13. Man I wish I would of had you for a trainer, your a lot nicer then my old coach lol. Keep up the videos 💯

  14. any tips on how not to get dizzy and disoriented after doing spinning/moving kicks? i can two or three before starting to see my opponent use shadow clone jutsu.

  15. I've noticed the same thing with people doing crunches start bobbing their head feeling like their body is moving.

  16. very good tips master Ando! you don't want to end up fighting like ace ventura pet detective! !!

  17. I just found out about this channel, subscribing right away!
    This is a real Gold mine…. your videos are original, let alone your sense of humour.

  18. You are so funny Sensei Ando when you imitate us. Thank you for the lesson of today !
    4:08 So sérious advice that's contrast with th mimic' part. Love it !

  19. ''Thanks'' to my migraine, now I can perfectly tell wheter I move my head or not. I guess that there's always a good side to everything.

  20. For a while i was lifting my head a lot and only lifting my torso a little when doing sit-ups until my sister told me how stupid i looked…i was sure i had been doing it right…until i did it in front of a mirror man was i in for a surprise

  21. Would you mind if I add a card to the 'head movement' video I have coming out tomorrow that directs people to this video of yours?

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