Martial Arts Medicine and Lotions Explained

Hi, welcome to Enso Martial Arts Shop, My names Doug Swift and today I’m talking about all the medicines and Lotions we have for sale so to start off we’ll go fro the most commonly known brand, which is the Tiger Balm We have the Red Tiger Balm and the White Tiger Balm Both are good and do similar jobs but the Red Tiger Balm is slightly more heating. and the White Tiger Balm is slightly more
cooling. So the White Tiger Balm you;d use more for swelling, say if you’ve been
doing a lot of hand conditioning and you have a lot of swelling on your knuckles or from impacts
the White Tiger Balm is very good for brushing then the Red Tiger Balm is better but both good, both do a similar job job Next we’ll move onto some of the liquids, so we’ve got Zheng Gu Shui which comes in a large bottle and you also get a spray applicator that comes with it. Now Zheng GU Shui is very good for immediate injuries. So if you’ve just come off from training and you’ve just taken impact, you know it’s
going to swell up, you know it’s going to be sore, you might just sprained
something, gone over on your ankle Zheng Gu Shui is perfect for that. It’s always a very good thing to have in your pocket the spray means you can get to
hard-to-reach places so that’s what you want to those. Next one is the
Red Flower Oil which is quite well known in Chinese MartialArts. The Red Flower Oil is very very smelly stinky red
coloured lotion. So you have to be really careful not to get it on your clothes and get it all over the place. This is great for bruises absolutely brilliant. It’s a little
bit stinging when you put on. Stings a bit, don’t put too much on, you can be
really really economical with this and you still get really great effect. One bottle will last you absolutely ages. Now a friend of mine said if you have a bath and then you stick it on
the bruised area straight after the bath it gives you the best effect but that will
sting so take that advice with a bit of caution and it’s
totally up to you I probably wouldn’t recommend that. Just stick it on when you need it. Bruises and lumps and stuff from training the Red Flower Oil is the one to have. So the next lotion we sell is the Woodlock Oil well now this comes in a
slightly different packaging than what you’re probably used to. Exactly the same lotion, slightly smaller bottle so the price reflects that but yeah that’s a great all round lotion, great for bruises, great for swelling, again quite warming so you can be really economical with this as well and the bottle will last you for ages. Now the final one we sell, well not quite the final one but the final one on the shelf is the Dit Da Oil. Now this is quite a specialist lotion that people use for
hand conditioning especially in the Chinese Martial Arts and it’s a brown staining
lotion that you put on your hands and it just helps you hands recover. It takes away the swelling, it’s a very cooling lotion. It takes away the swelling from your hands. We make this
ourselves as nearly all Dit Da Oil is made by the individual person and we got to work with
two Chinese herbalists to come up with the recipe. It’s a fantastic recipe, hope you enjoy this one It’s a good one The final medicine we do is in this bog pot here and it’s tiny little tins. It’s called dragon and tiger balm. It’s almost identical to the
Tiger Balm so it’s a tiny little tin you can carry around with you so you can us whenever you need it. So that’s all the lotions we have at Enso Martial Arts Shop

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  1. What about when you're training iron Palm take iron pot with a banging and hating your hand against the bag and what do you have anything that is good for tucking in the knuckles thank you

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