Martial arts master becomes haka student

He’s the founder of one of the biggest martial
arts schools in the world. Jeff Speakman
is the director of Kenpo 5.0 with hundreds of schools
spread over 19 countries. But as Te Rina Kowhai reports, the master has come to NZ
to be a student – he’s in Taranaki
to learn the art of haka. A man on a mission. A master in martial arts,
specifically in American Kenpo, now he wants to master
the war dance. I believe this is a great way
to unite the families of Kenpo 5.0 all around the world. For me, the essence of the haka
is to release all the energies, its intrinsic power,
its awe, the excitement. For the last 10 years, Jeff Speakman has been visiting NZ
every year and has six schools
established here. Taranaki is where he feels
most connected too. Since the 80s, Speakman has appeared
in many martial art movies, most notably ‘The Perfect Weapon.’ His mentor, senior grandmaster and founder of American
Kenpo Karate Ed Parker sadly passed before the release
of the movie. Speakman says
there are many martial arts that have become so commercialised. He believes Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) should be called Mixed Martial
Fighting (MMF). The haka will be showcased
for the first time at the 5.0 Fighter World Cup
Championships in Las Vegas in July. Te Rina Kowhai, Te Karere.

4 thoughts on “Martial arts master becomes haka student

  1. 1 good movie 🎥, now an old fat kenpo guy begging to get his so called system all over the world .
    An average mma guy would stomp his ass. Go away Speakman , you Speak too much 😐

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