Martial Arts Living Tip: Stop Hitting Yourself!

Hey, Ando here from Today,
a martial arts living tip. Now, heads up. Like most life advice, this is going to be
heartfelt, but maybe a little pretentious. If you had to deal with a bully or a bigger
brother growing up, you might remember him grabbing your hand and hitting you in the
face with it. “Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?” Well…are
you still hitting yourself? Why? No one’s holding your hand anymore. Yet, how often
do you hold yourself back from success? How often do you hurt your own chances at happiness?
It’s sad but it’s true… you may be the biggest bully you know. You may be your own
worst enemy. When you start training in the martial arts,
you figure out pretty fast that it’s not only stupid to bully yourself, it’s actually
dangerous. If you take a hit and lose your confidence, you stop fighting back, well,
you’re going to get hit again and again. If you get pinned on the ground and you doubt
yourself, you freeze up, well, now you can’t escape and you’re going to get choked out.
And if your plan of attack doesn’t work and you start feeling sorry for yourself or blaming
other people, you’ve lost your focus. Now, you’ve got no chance. You’re going to
get dropped on your head. Listen to me. Losing your confidence, doubting
yourself, feeling sorry for yourself, blaming other people—none of those mindsets will
ever help you. Instead, you’ve got to train yourself to keep thinking about what you CAN
do, and how you CAN win. No, I’m not saying that a positive attitude
guarantees that you’re going to win every battle that you’re in. You’re not. You
can still lose. You might even die. But until that moment comes, it’s up to you to keep
fighting. You are the only person who can stop you from moving forward. Which is why,
until your last dying breath, you’ve got to believe that you still have a chance to
win. You’ve got to keep fighting. There are no sure things in this world, but
one thing I can tell you for sure is that the moment you give up, it’s impossible
to win. That’s why you’ve got to keep fighting the battle instead of fighting yourself.
Really. Imagine you’re in a fight. The battle is one-on-one. But then you start doubting
yourself. I’m not fast enough! I’m not strong enough! I’m not good enough! Now the battle
is TWO-on-one. It’s the other guy plus your own inner voice teaming up against you. Now
you’ve got to deal with TWO bullies. Now you’re outnumbered. Now you can’t win.
The funny thing is you’d never let someone speak to someone you loved the way you speak
to yourself. I mean, imagine if you overheard someone saying to someone you love, “You can’t
have this. You can’t have that. You don’t deserve that. You’re not smart enough. You’re
not cool enough. You can’t write a book. You can’t start a business. You’ll never
be great at anything.” If you heard someone saying that to someone
you loved, what would you do? You’d march over there and tell them to shut the (bleep)
up. Or you’d punch them in the face. So, the question is, why do you allow yourself
to speak to YOU that way? Here’s what I want you to do. I want you
to make a promise to stop hitting yourself. Stop choking yourself. Stop stabbing yourself
in the back. I want you to defend yourself from yourself. The next time you hear your
inner voice saying something hurtful or unkind, I want you to say, “I’m sorry.” I’m
serious. I want you to apologize. The next time you hear yourself talking trash about
yourself, the next time you’re attacking you, I want you to say, “Stop. I’m sorry.”
Or punch yourself in the face. Look, no matter who you are, life is going
to present you with one battle after another. And yeah, sometimes it can feel like you’re
fighting all alone out there. But you’re not alone. Think about all the people who
are actually on your side. Your family. Your friends. Your teachers. Now think about all
the people that you don’t even know but who would support you and agree with you if
they knew what you were fighting for. Now think about all of the people throughout human
history who would stand by you and fight for your cause. The fact is you’re not alone…
you’re standing in front of an army. Generations of families, and friends, and like-minded
souls who lived and died to put you where you are today. Now, it’s your turn to do something.
Now it’s your turn to win. So, if you want to conquer the world, start
by conquering the bully inside your head. Stop hitting yourself. Then gather up your
army and start marching towards your goals. And if along the way you feel like giving
up, remember—when you go into battle, when someone picks a fight with you, it’s never
a fair fight. Because you don’t fight one-on-one… you fight a million on one.

100 thoughts on “Martial Arts Living Tip: Stop Hitting Yourself!

  1. Hey Sensei Ando, this is really, like, really good, everyone has felt like this before and you put it in such an inspirational way. That two on one part is a brilliant representation of what happens.
    Congratulations on what you've achieved so far, you're the type of person I'd love to have chats with and talk about martial arts!
    Mad, mad respect for you.

  2. What's up Ando. I'm a Muay Thai/Boran guy and as you can imagine my training is very hard and I put even more pressure on it every single day and yes, I'm one of those guy who trash talk himself to 'motivate' himself. Actually this video felt like and oasis in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Honestly thanks man.

  3. I just stumbled upon this channel and I must say that this charisma of yours really does attract people 🙂

  4. This was the video that gave me chill bumps and gave me more confidence than I ever had. Thank you, so much.

  5. Sensei, i did a transcription to this video (to portuguese-brazil). I liked it so much that i want to spread this idea ahead. I'm only waiting to youtube accept my legends. But i don't know how is that process. ^^ If something is up to you, look after it please. Thanks from Brazil. 😀

  6. wow this actually made me cry a little…in a good way! 🙂 thank you Ando. I'm fighting many battles right now and I really needed to hear this. <3

  7. Great advice! Your video was linked by a fairly big YouTuber, so be prepared for a deluge of new comments

  8. This is the best, most succinct way I have ever seen this concept articulated. I have only recently learned to stop doing this myself, and don't always avoid it, so it's great to see this now just as I'm starting to understand its value. Also, Sargon sent me here. 🙂

  9. Video is two years old and is now getting blown up by a random social libertarian (edit: sorry, "liberalist") YouYuber Sargon of Akkad. The internet works in hilarious, mystical ways….

  10. Having suffered chronic depression for years and years, this is some of the best advice for those coping with that. You can't just 'pray that voice away' that is tearing you down at every turn with feel goodness or pills but you can learn to recognize it, fight it when it appears. Realize that, even if it sometimes has a point, all it is in the end is just you punching yourself right in the face. And you got to guard, or better yet DOOODDGE!

  11. So now this guy is going to look at the comments on this video and think what the hell is a Sargon and why is it sending me loads of upvotes?

  12. Cynical nihilist with depression and self-esteem issues here. Don't be me, it's not helpful. Trust me, it's not. You might feel smart and righteous about being some sort of "objective realist" who "knows the ugly truth, how nothing is worth pursuing" but it's a sham. You have no values cause you've yet to grow and develop them. Do it!

  13. While I agree with the message, I wouldn't suggest that you punch someone who's saying mean things. Just stick to telling them off 😛

  14. thank you sensei, you are right I have been hitting myself my entire life. I was holding myself back, I would never do that to someone else, but somehow I did it to myself. I promise I will never hold myself back and tell myself something can't be done

  15. 2:15 – 2:30 sounds like my parents when I was a kid. My dad apologized 25 years later, and as much as that made me tearfully grateful to him, the damage had already been done, and my self hatred had matastasized. My mother still hasn't apologized because she still thinks she is/was right. I'm 46. It's better now, but that voice that tells me how weak and useless I am is still with me, and I believe it always will be.

  16. Came here to learn how to stop hitting myself. stayed for the Sargon References in the comment section.

    Still hitting myself. Sitting in a parking lot watching youtube instead of punching in for work. fk making money, I have memes and kurate guy.

  17. Excellent video! I am reading a book, called "The Artist's Way", and the first chapter addresses this very concept. If anybody is fighting bullies in their head that discourage creativity, check out the book.

  18. What if your bully also has a massive army of ancient ancestors, family, friends and strangers fighting on his side?

    School will look like a scene from Lord of the Rings.

  19. Oh wise sensei, my path to enlightenment has been beset by many evils lurking by the roadside. Now I can kick their asses with the force of a million and a Rick Flare WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  20. I only have one question. Why do you, as a martial arts practitioner, go around hitting people that do not want to fight you?

    If two people absolutely WANT to fight (and are not forced into it by honor codes of old or societal pressure), I say let them, let them fight to the death, if that's what both of them truly want. But don't force that fight on people that do not want it.

    Most people don't want to compete. When a new Walmart opens up next to mom and pop store, it's like letting loose a UFC fighter in a pensioners home. It's not a fair fight.
    When you look for a job and you are forced to compete with thousands of immigrants, illegals that can and will work that job for pennies, a million of Chinese half a world away, or ever increasingly robots (automation). It's not a fair fight.

    When a country with the biggest military in the world by far, illegitimately invades a third world country, destabilizes an entire geographical region, killing millions in the process, under an excuse that turns out to be a big pack of lies. It's not a fair fight.

    You want to compete, make it fair. Cooperate, if you must, otherwise. And most importantly, make it so that the routes to the top stay open for all (otherwise relative poverty).

  21. Somehow in spite of my challenging child hood, I've never had an issue with negative self talk, if anything I've done the opposite. to cope and eventually succeed. Really solid advice, you're doing good work Ando, hope this video reaches the right people who need the message the most and are ready to act on it 🙂

  22. Just wanted to say I love your advice! Your martial arts videos are amazing! Thank you for taking the time to make them.

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