Martial Arts Living Tip: Kung Fu at the Grand Canyon

Hey, guys. Ando here from
So, the missus and I decided we would drive up and see the Grand Canyon. First time at
the South Rim. Just in case you’re never lucky enough to make a trip like this, I thought
I’d share the view and maybe a thought or two. Science still can’t say for sure whether it
took six, 16, or 60 million years to form the Grand Canyon, but it’s safe to say that
it all started with just a little trickle of water making its way across the land. Sometimes
a trickle, sometimes a torrent, the important thing is it never stopped. And eventually,
it cut deeper and deeper into the rock and it created something amazing. Something epic.
Something grand. That’s why I see more than just rocks out
here… I see Kung Fu. Two words—Kung Fu. Effort and time. That’s
what’s so cool about Kung Fu… they give you the secret to success right from day one!
Work hard for a long time. If you do, well, then maybe one day you’ll be a master. Maybe
one day you can create something amazing. Something epic. Something grand. So, my question to you—what are you working
on? What rock are you cutting into? Don’t make the mistake of letting time go
by without doing some work, my friend. Do something today. Right now. It can be a trickle
or a torrent, but keep going. Keep flowing. Boy. You know, the other thought I have as
I look out into the abyss is— life means nothing. I am nothing. Maybe I should just
jump. Yeah, yeah. Keep going. Keep flowing. Keep
fighting for a happy life.

59 thoughts on “Martial Arts Living Tip: Kung Fu at the Grand Canyon

  1. This is very true. Whenever I get bored or feel discouraged, I shake my head and hit the gym. A good way to get the endorphins flowing..

  2. RIGHT when I thought you were getting visibly phony, you pull off humour. Great save! And great video!!

  3. You should get to the North Rim at some point. Totally different perspective that most never get to see.

  4. Had to chuckle at the "maybe I should just jump" comment. Great video sir and, as always, thanks for captioning the video!

  5. So awesome! And gotta love when a philosophy major also does martial arts. Where have I seen that before…

  6. Nice video sensei Ando. I've never been to the Grand Canyon. If I never go at least I saw a real view through you. Thanks for your motivation and sense of humor. You have helped me out a lot. Keep up the great work.

  7. Yeah, the Grand Canyon is amazing!! Did you know that the early Spanish explorers thought the Colorado River was 20 feet across not 200 yards because they could not conceive how far it was to the bottom from the rim.

    Thanks for your videos, Ando! I began the martial arts in college, eventually getting up to 3rd degree BB. I studied Japanese JJ, Chee Do Kwon, Shotokan, Kang Duk Kwon, and Tracy's Kenpo. Then life and career got in the way, and I took over 25 years off. So for the past year and a half I've been working on getting my skills back and being the best I can be. It's been a wonderful voyage as I've found that those muscle memories were only mostly dead, not all dead, lol.

  8. If you never jump you might not ever know if you can fly…but maybe try jumping from a much, much smaller height first.

  9. Another nice video.
    This may seem like (and is) an extremely random question.
    Which shoes are most suitable to kicking people in the face (and legs, body, neck, butt…Etc)?
    Are boxing shoes also good for kickboxing, and how about wrestling shoes? I've heard cross training shoes have too much grip for proper pivoting.
    I'm trying to buy some new shoes right now, and this is a serious consideration.
    In no way stupid.
    Any advice? 😉

  10. When you started about jumping, I just became afraid this would go viral for some bad reasons….
    Quality deliverd nevertheless!

  11. and if you know any tips or exercise that's good for karate can you do a video of that if you can today like I asked dozens of times

  12. Hello Ando, great depth and skills you have and epic humour. Quick question sir.. What conditioning do you do? You look in good shape, is it weights circuits etc?
    Pleasure watching these vids 🙂

  13. hey Ando, everytime i i do some boxing i get a headache afterwards, even if i dont punch with my maximum power. What do you think about it? just ignore it and it will disappear after a while… thank you for your time and keep up the good work

  14. Awesome video, as always, Sensei.
    Could you make a video about how to block punches?I want to know your thoughts about which blocking techniques you find more effective. I practice Muay Thai, but i still use my Karate blocking techniques (which i learned when i was a child), and a little Kung Fu(Wing Chun), but i trying to getting used to the boxing/muay thai blocks.

  15. Great philosophy sensei, martial arts are much more than blunt force it's a way of living, you got me a little worried in the jumping part who's gonna make me videos 😅

  16. hey what's up and do my hair and put videos in a while I want to see one of your videos now can you also get me some video on stretches I know you put a video on a type of being flexible without stretching but you put a video on stretches we can do Goody's

  17. hey since you know I got some assholes here they are getting on my nerves and I feel like punching him what should I do

  18. 7 months ago, age 30, weighing 258 lbs, unhappy… I decided to leave my old life behind and become a Muay Thai fighter in Thailand as long as it is reasonable to do so. Now, almost 40 lbs lighter, but somehow stuck in a hole I watch this video and feel motivated again. Thanks for this and your other videos! 🙂

  19. i was just curious to know, what martial art do you teach and train in?…. as the uniform indicates that of karate', but I could be wrong, and it may be something else……. just curious!!!!………..

  20. Absolutely beautiful! The canyon, the words, the humor and the man himself – you are a true leader, thank you so much!

  21. Thanks for being a voice for martial arts (my MA dorkiness leaning towards Kung Fu even with friends who do other arts and have given me good arguments for their validity lol) today. I'm sorry Bruce Lee was only 32 when he passed but look at how he still influences folks. A godfather of MMA, voice for Chinese culture and all it has to offer the entire world, champion of small sized, light weight division men (and women?). Good analogy. I think if any person takes any art seriously, some sort of deeper meaning beyond self defense occurs. It's just good to have teachers that go before us to be those fingers pointing to the moon. Thanks Shifu/Sifu/Sensei/too many to name them all.

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