Martial Arts Living Tip: Drown Your Ego

Hey. Ando here from I’m on the beaches today here in North Carolina. The truth is I’m not really a beach guy. I find the whole thing kind of disgusting. But if I get a chance to spar with the ocean,
I take it. And let me tell you why. Here’s the thing… the ocean doesn’t care
about you. It doesn’t care who you are, where you’re
from, if you’re a saint or a sinner. The ocean doesn’t care about your selfies,
your vacation pictures, or even your amazing martial arts videos. To the ocean, you are nothing. You’re just another rock to be smashed into
sand. It will push you, pull you, beat you, roll
you, hold you down, and leave you for dead. It’s important that you feel that and accept
it. Because when it comes to self-defense, bad
guys are no different than the ocean. A bad guy doesn’t care about you either. A bad guy will punch you, steal from you,
stab you, shoot you, and leave you for dead just like the ocean. To a bad guy, you are not special. To a bad guy, you are nothing. Don’t get me wrong– you are special. Just not to everyone. If you can make peace with that, then when
bad stuff happens, you won’t be the one who freezes up. You won’t be the one trapped in your ego wondering,
“How could this happen to me?” “Don’t they know who I am?” No. You’ll be able to breathe, think, take action,
and start fighting back. You’ll be the one who survives. So, don’t expect mercy or understanding. Don’t hope for compassion. To defend yourself, you must depend on yourself. And depending on yourself starts with getting
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and keep fighting for a happy life.

37 thoughts on “Martial Arts Living Tip: Drown Your Ego

  1. I always see different pictures watching your vids, they make me think more deeply & freely. Hey Ando how about you making a video about "Afraid to speak up", i've always been afraid to say something in the class, always kept something in mind, wanted to say it but afraid to say. And when it comes to fighting in life(in nessesary situation of course) i don't think i can't take action.

  2. Hi Ando-sensei.
    I've been a silent watcher for a while and I really like your videos. I find them inspiring and Impactful. You know what you're talking about and you can make your content fun to watch compared to some Martial artists on YouTube.

    Today I just started your 7-Day Martial Arts Challenge even though I don't really practice any martial arts because, right now, I have trouble finding time and energy to do more than school. I choose Push-Ups, even though they aren't really a martial move, because I have trouble with them. I'm at 32 right now and I will finish my 100 before going to bed ^^

    Keep it up,
    Dominique Mathieu
    (English isn't my first language, French is, so if you find any errors, please tell me so I can improve) =P

    PS: While scrolling down the comments, I noticed you didn't use "Enter" in the comments and I just realised you might not know how to do it in YouTube comments. You just have to press "Maj" (Or shift, I don't really know how else it could be called, it's "Maj" on my keyboard) and "Enter" at the same time.

  3. …many people have no experience in dealing with a tough guy (or a violent cheap shot-er).Having no experience or training they don't know what to do when they become targeted by some opportunistic creep/bully.Mostly in such an encounter they're in shock,they feel unprepared,weak and helpless (they also feel it's morally wrong to hit someone,even to defend themselves) and of course that's exactly how they behave leaving themselves completely open to be intimidated,assaulted,robbed etc!.

  4. Thank you Sensei Ando for some great advice! I've been enjoying all your videos, and just started out the 7-day challenge yesterday. I got a much needed jolt to up my training after slacking off for a long time. Thank you so much, your videos and challenge has been just the thing i needed to finally realize that I AM a martial artist, and this is what i need to do to be the best man that i can be, and to "keep fighting for a happy life" =) Much appreciated!Sensei Ando Osu!
    Check out this video! I think it displays some true budo spirit;

  5. Great video, Ando. Had a question for you. I recently became a black belt and wanted to know if you could make a video on being a better teacher. I want to be the best teacher I can be for the kids that depend on me.

  6. It's strange to me how so few people watch your videos. You give us really great quality and I believe more and more people will start learning from you. Loads of thanks to you from Lithuania 🙂

  7. Master, how to train a kid? I have a little brother who wants to learn martial art because he constantly gets bullied in school. So, I encourage him to learn Taekwondo WTF as introduction to self defense and martial art. Problem is he doesn't want to train and keeps playing around when teachers teaching and refused me to teach him(he cries alot when I tries to teach him)

  8. ego is essentially differentiating yourself from others, thinking your better or worse than everyone else and that can cause a lot of problems, there's a lot more to it but that's just the basic definition

  9. Very philosophical makes me think of innuendo by queen in regards to surennding your ego. Really enjoy your vids started really getting into training and they have helped a lot but also how you described how the methods can be applied to life has helped me even more 🙂

  10. I find it that most thieves and drug dealers do what they do the first time out of desperation and find out they can keep doing it without punishment, murderers however are different. If you feel the want to murder EVER you are human, it's instinct. If you murder someone you are lost, and if you do it again you are insane, but that's just me.

  11. my sensei says, ocean is the best place to spar as it have resistance of nature beside u can really focus while sparring or performing kata like meditation

  12. martial arts is a really humbling experience. you gain so much self confidence and dont feel the need to show for it. and thats because your priorities change. you realize whats really important to you. when someone is about to start an argument, i just dont care. i have other, better things to worry about. name calling, insults? theyre just words. they dont hurt me. besides, as martial artists, we know what pain feels like 😉

  13. I love this guy I still haven't learned anything in like 5 videos though I agreed with him couple times but I just love this guy.

    Sensei, I think I'm turning Japanese-a.

    I could watch these just for the teachers.

    More personality is possible but difficult.

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