Martial Arts Kicks : How to Do a Side Kick

Hi I’m John Graden from the Martial Arts Teacher’s
Association and This is a signature kick for the martial arts and it
is called the side kick. It is one of the most powerful techniques. It is also one of
the safest to throw because your body is turned sideways. It is so powerful in fact I would
liken it to like a battering ram, you know the policeman trying to get the door down
so they can get to the bad guy so they get a battering ram and knock the door down. When
you have a good side kick it is like having a battering ram with you all the time. Here
is how it works. Joining me is Mr. Joe Brignoli from Pro Star Mixed Martial Arts. So the side
kick is typically thrown to the body and I’m going to back up just a little bit and I am
going to do it in two steps, take the front foot and step, back foot is going to slide
in and this is a straight line kick. I am going to pull the knee up high with the heel
facing my opponent, knee, heel human, that’s what I want I don’t want this, like a round
kick where you point your shin. Aim the heel at your opponent, from here the kick extends
driving the heel into the target and then recoils and sets down. It is a devastatingly
powerful technique but it does require some practice so let’s try it. Thank you sir. O’kay
my good friend the chair is going to help and you can do this at home or in karate class
you can hold on to your partner’s shoulder as you try this back and forth. Four parts,
one with my feet together we are going to raise the knee high and aim the heel right
at the target. Notice I have already pivoted this foot because the pointed foot turns as
I fold, that’s a beginner’s side kick. It is easier to learn by doing it that way and
I’ll show you an advanced version in a little bit so we will do the beginner’s side kick
first. When you are holding the chair or something, don’t lean on it just light grip, don’t use
it as a crutch. So what I’m going to fold, remember, knee, heel, human right at the target,
two, straight line, drive the heel in, the heel should be higher than the toes, not that,
not that, but that pull that in and then yank the knee right back up and set it down so
the heel travels in a straight line. It is not circling. Let’s try it again, fold, knee,
heel, human, fire. Refold and set down. A common mistake is aiming the shin at the opponent
and then doing kind of like a sloppy round kick. We don’t want that. Straight up, straight
in and straight back. The advanced version, pay close attention to this foot. I’m not
going to pivot on the fold. I’m going to save the pivot on impact so about three quarter’s
out, then I’m going to pivot and roll the hip into the target and that way the hip is
driving into the opponent on impact. The beginner version it pivots right way and only the leg
goes out. The advanced version hold the pivot to the end and then drive that into the target.
That’s side kick. I’m John Graden. Thanks.

68 thoughts on “Martial Arts Kicks : How to Do a Side Kick

  1. this guys funny haha… knee… heel… human… hahahaha… side kicks farely easy to do… l8er on u learn other shit to go with this kick like slide… and back kicks its fun as…

  2. Valid and accurate video, but I wouldn't put a video up if I needed a chair to balance on. Kinda undercuts the credibility.

  3. Awesome!! im a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and sidekick is a very basic kick but is very powerful!! Once you learn the basics of this kick….. you cacn learn sooo many more different types of sidekicks! you can do flying side kick, skip sidekick etc…..

  4. I don't know about other martial arts, but in Tae Kwon Do you're supposed to kick with the blade of the foot. It hurts more, it's not just supposed to push the person back, and that is what will happen if you kick with the entire botom of the foot.

  5. @sovietassassin2121 what exactly is mma, i mean i thought mma was just short for mixed martial arts, so is there a particular mix that is true mma, or what?

  6. @hakim0436 YEan i was really wondering there for a while, i have trained in a the standard arts of mma Muay thai and Bjj alittle but the way everyone talks you think the thing had been codified and was now it's own thing. Alittle off topic but something really funny, I will say this first I train in shotokan karate, when it comes down to it karate is a mixed martial art, built from Okinawan Te, Chinese Chuan fa, and even Japanese Juijutsu.

  7. @hakim0436 Ya know i think you are right, thank you, something about that word i just couldn't wrap my head around it last night thanks.

  8. @hakim0436 I Guess i'm lucky in some aspects i have a couple different examples of stratagies at my dojo. My sensei is an absolute power house and can just overwhelm an opponent with sheer force of will, my sempai Ricardo is imposibly fast and i'd swear the man could stretch, Sempai Rick an old goju guy is like stone, and his combos are amazeing, he can shift from throwing punches to sweeps in what seems like an instant and i have tasted the floor a few times when sparring.

  9. @hakim0436 I personally ike to use taisabaki and move away from the techniqe and counter with a strike, sweep or even a hold like a rear naked choke, but tourniwise I like to change levels, throw a kick here but be looking for a punch, fake high sweep low, ya know nothing to fancy.

  10. @hakim0436 I know what you mean about the Some karate competition, the tap fighting is a joke, i do have to say one thing about the Kumite i have seen and been a part of we go full force, and only pull punches to the face but body shots are full bore.

  11. I like John Graden's videos on ExpertVillage. Some of the EV vids are really amateurish and poor quality, particularly the Tang Soo Do and Soo Bak Do ones, but his are really good 🙂

  12. @arranlightbulbwatt Oh well I think most martial art schools are different with the ranks. My school does not have a yellow or blue belt. Now I am a red belt and soon I should be a black belt lol.

  13. @MrDevilstreater Not exactly. It depends on you and the person that you are fighting. Of course you probably won't be too successful with just a sidekick; if you have enough power and the right technique then I'm sure that they will hurt and possibly get their air knocked out. Plus if you are in martial arts then you should be able to do many other kicks and self defense techiques.. lol

  14. im a yellow belt just started 2 months ago or so bout to be orange maybe I cant figure out how to do this side kick why is it when I fire my heel is the same height as my toes no matter how hard I try lol
    Help me someone who knows what there doing

  15. I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times

  16. Okay, I've been practicin' a side kick, mainly with my left leg being the extending leg, and what feels to be my right hip/pelvice area has been hurting … I think because of the way I'm leaning on it. Can somebody message me or comment saying what I'm doing wrong, and / or how to correct it? Thanks.

  17. Really helpful video, I've never been able to do keep my balance doing kicks (unless they're simple front kicks or the such) but that chair practice technique I'm going to practice straight away 🙂 Good channel

  18. You must be practicing some new kind of Taekwondo, because there is no brown belt in the existing ones.. White-Yellow-Green-Blue-Red-Black 😉

  19. You mean there is no "brown and *purple*". A lot of schools are different. Other schools also have camouflage as a belt. There is NO new kind of Taekwondo… What would make it newer? I personally do not care about the rank. Ranks don't mean much, just shows how experienced you are. As long as you know the techniques then you are fine. That's all that matters and the main reason you signed up to be in martial arts is to learn self defense (:

  20. John these are great videos thank you so much for sharing " great info and very encouraging for starters like me !

  21. if im going to throw a side kick i dont let my feet touch each other so if i throw a left side kick i will cross my right leg behind my left leg and launch my leg like a bullet

  22. He uses the chair because it's impossible to stay in each position of the kick and talk about for a long time; obviously his balance isn't fantastic, although if he were the do the kick in real time he wouldn't need a chair.

  23. if you have to pull up your pijamas to do a demo kick how in the world would you execute that kick in self defense, excuse me let me just pull up my pant leg

  24. this is not right , before you turn you have start this like you start a front kick then turn and kick at the same time , this is a better way to kick the enemy because he thinks you are going to kick him with the front kick but you surprise him with a side kick .

  25. This was a great video. However, I want to point out to all the beginners out there watching this video, that you SHOULD pivot on your supporting foot before actually releasing the kick. Not pivoting on your supporting foot while you are turning your hips could result in knee injury of the supporting leg.

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