Martial Arts Kicks : How to Do a Knee Strike

Hi everybody. I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teacher’s Association and I love to kick. We talk about kicking, we
typically think about a longer, stronger weapon. Well, here’s a variation on kicking that’s
very strong, extremely powerful, deadly, but not real long. And that’s the knee strike.
Knees hurt. I mean they are safe to throw, and whatever they hit, they hurt. With our
knee, its kind of like throwing a front kick, which we’ll work on in another clip. But I’m
going to bring this knee up. There’s a, a, a variety of knees, a lot of ways to throw
a knee. We could throw a knee straight up, hug at somebody bent over, or I can thrust
the knee straight in, what we call a “thrusty” knee. I could take the knee from the outside,
and cut in with it. Let’s take a look at some applications, with my friend, Joe Grenoli
from Pro Star Mixed Martial Arts. Here we go. So a knee strike, there’s a lot of ways
to throw a knee. If you watch any mixed martial artists you see a lot of varieties in these.
Some knees are fly knees, where guys are coming way out here, and just jump, flying in with
the knees, a deadly shot. Typically though, the knee is thrown from inside. When we’re
in here, we’re clenching, I can, hook behind his head and pull him down to knee. I can
thrust straight in with the knee. I can go straight up with the knee. I could spin him
and then cut with the knee, but here’s what’s interesting about the knee, whatever you hit,
it’s going to hurt. So, I don’t necessarily have to hit a vital target with I do, if I
do, let’s, you know, it’s like hitting the jackpot. But, I don’t have to, if I take that
knee and just drive it into his thigh a few times, that leg’s going to be harder to stand
on. So, the knee is an extremely powerful, effective technique, sometimes you’re far
away with a flying knee, but typically it’s done inside. I’m John Graden, thanks so much,
tune in for more strikes, kicks and knees. Thanks.

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  1. That eight degree black belt hasn't thrown many knees in his life. His movement was to tally off. Not to mention his "clinch". Seriously!

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