Martial Arts Kicks : How to Do a Front Thrust Kick

Hi everybody I’m John Graden from the Martial
Arts Teacher’s Association and This is the front thrust kick. I know you
view all my clips and that is where you have seen the front kick already and that is where
we take the knee and aim it at the target and the lower leg hinges up and recoils. That
is a front kick. Watch again. See the foot is coming up and into a target. A front thrust
kick is a bit different. Imagine this. If you had a can on the ground and you are going
to stomp it. That’s the front thrust kick action. I’m hitting with the heel and I’m
bringing the knee high on the chest and I’m driving the kick straight out. So now I’m
going to pull the knee to my chest and then thrust out with the kick like taking a big
step. This kick typically does not allow for as much of a recoil because it is such a committed
front thrusting kick that you can pull back just a little bit beneath you to regain your
balance. So I’m going to try to get the knee up real high and get my foot out in front
of that knee so that I can stomp into my opponent using the heel. It can be done using the front
leg or also off the back leg which is where I prefer to use it and that is the front thrust
kick. Thanks.

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