Martial Arts Instructor What To Look For

We’ll talk about some of the qualities
and characteristics that I see are necessary for a good instructor so let’s
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new video coming out the question for the day is what do you like about your
main instructor in the martial arts you can also no idea what draws you to
them let’s talk about what does it take to be a good instructor and what should
you look for in an instructor. There are many ways to determine who is a good
instructor and throughout history we’ve all seen it even in our school days when
we had a favorite teacher who knew how to teach us something we didn’t know and
we always remembered him but the important thing to remember those people
were educated in what they knew and not only that they had two characteristics
and personality to teach what they knew there’s an old saying “If you can’t do it
you teach”, well I don’t believe that I believe that’s an understatement on the
part of what you’re trying to say with your teacher I’ve known many great
instructors out there that you would never know that we’re martial arts
unless they told you and many of those guys are so quiet and knowledgeable you
wouldn’t think about it personally I’m passionate about martial arts I always
have been since the early seventies and to me when I learned it it was about
learning I didn’t want to be the best martial artist in the world I didn’t
want to be a top name person I did want to learn martial arts and I did want to
eventually teach it because there’s something special about it and an
instructor feels that in their heart to be a good instructor an instructor never
stops the ability to want to learn in the style I’m in sensei is a person
who’s a teacher he’s a person who’s studied himself and brought him up to a
certain level you have to be a awarded to sensei in our style you could get your
third and fourth Dan and still not be a sensei
although most styles tend to think well if you’ve got a third degree black belt
he must be in a senseo in the second level is basically a Shihan.
Shihan is basically a teacher of teachers now when you look at it from
that standpoint it’s hard for the beginning student to ever get anybody
but the junior instructors are the sensei’s now I don’t believe that’s the
best option for most people out there if you’ve got a sheet on that’s teaching
the main part of a class you’ve got something very important there now
understand some people out there have given themselves the title of Shihan it
too has to be awarded it’s usually awarded to fifth and sixth degree black
belts in the martial arts specifically Japanese martial arts but whatever your
instructors are call understand their levels understand what they’re doing to
continue their own education me I study Okinawan karate on the side I study all
kinds of different kung-fu aspects I study Bubishi I keep continuing to add
to my style so a good martial arts instructor never stops learning they
have got the ability to break it down an explanation for the student to
understand that’s not as easy as it sounds and it’s definitely not as hard
as putting it on a video the one thing I do say about when I’m teaching if I
can’t do it why would I make you do it physically you may be able to do things
the instructor can’t but my job is not to make you as good as I am but to make
you better than I am I don’t want somebody to be almost as good or as good
as me I want them to be better I want them to take the knowledge that they
learn from me and any other instructor build on it build their own system their
own style yes keep a base style but as we know with many famous martial artists
they took the style that they learned and made it their own you’re saying well
so style matters no style doesn’t matter let’s look at tennis pros ever tennis
pro you see out there has a different style but they started off the same way
learning how to serve learning how to volley back and forth it was the same
but then they had to learn to move and make it their own because once they had
the basics down then they had to work on getting their techniques correct now the
things you should look for for yourself as one somebody who doesn’t seem
overbearing now remember and a martial arts instructors especially classical
ones expect you to listen to them but some of the best martial artists I know
expect you to ask questions too because if you don’t ask a question they’re not
sure always how you’re going to understand so you have to have some
vocalizations in order to express what you’re trying to learn
and where they plan to take you make sure they have gold systems whether it’s
by belt whether it’s by learning certain techniques before you going to the next
one however they rank make sure you have
goals that you can build up on a stepladder
like I said martial arts has a belt but there are other systems that just teach
you until you can get certain techniques down in boxing you would have the
amateurs and then you have the pros you just there are so many different facets
to different types of martial arts but there are progressions and make sure
there is some sort of goal or progression in your studies that you’re
doing sometimes it’s better to find an instructor who has multiple styles under
their belts and high ranking and maybe once low-ranking maybe both are high
ranking I don’t know but make sure that they’ve got the certifications that they
need I know many instructors who have self-promoted themselves and it’s kind
of sad to watch them because they didn’t get the acknowledgement from their peers
and so they promoted themselves I don’t think I couldn’t live with myself if I had
promoted myself because I want to make sure that the instructors who taught me
and those that I’ve been around really get Who I am another thing to make sure
find out how their standings are in the community sometimes it doesn’t hurt for
you to find out who the person is and how many people know them now don’t go
buy something every person you meet because somebody doesn’t like somebody
all the time or oh they think this person’s a pompous person or the they
don’t talk to you well maybe they’re quiet always remember people are people
and you can’t judge by who they are but by what their actions are so if they’re
a good upstanding community minded individual and they’re teaching martial
arts to students you know there’s some good to it if they’ve got a job like
some of us have some of them just teach for a hobby on the side however that
doesn’t make them an inadequate instructor so just find out a little bit
about the person check around google them thank goodness for the internet if
you’re wanting to have your kids learn check what then go in and watch the
classes that they’re teaching with the kids now there comes a time when the
kids do intermingle with the adults and that’s usually when they’re from the
tents to the teens especially if they’ve gotten up into the higher ranks such as
getting close to their black belts or halfway up close to their black belts
because sometimes they need the advanced training that it gets in the adult
classes kids classes can be highly specialized
make sure the people teaching them know what they’re doing that’s why you should
go watch and if you want to watch for yourself ask there are times you will
have closed sessions like during tests and stuff like that only family members
can come in but that’s a different story so most of the time most Duggars will
let you sit and watch and probably the instructor will talk to you and tell you
what their things are or their junior instructor somebody there will talk to
you and if they know for the classes to get done if they see you get their
attention so you can ask more questions so I hope this little conversation on on
instructors helps you guys out there just remember out there do your research
understand what’s going on make sure they’re legitimate I’m not saying what
styles are better than others because it’s not the style that’s the best it’s
the person who’s teaching it and learning it that makes a style the best
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2 thoughts on “Martial Arts Instructor What To Look For

  1. This video talks about what to look for in an instructor and defining characteristics and things to look for in an instructor. Let me know if there is something you are looking for in the martial arts.

  2. I am fortunate enough that my 3 main instructors are all legitimate Shihans and they have more knowledge about not only their styles but the martial arts in general and as a whole than I think I will ever be able to absorb from them.

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