Martial Arts Instructor Inspires Millions To Never Give Up In Heartwarming Moment! | Access

>>>That video of Phoenix having a tough time. Great reminder to never give up.>>Joining us now from Orlando, is Phoenix slugger Eric gianini. What’s up? When you watch that video, I know you probably go back to that moment. We all celebrated him. There was a little bit of a struggle at first. What would you want him to focus>>People don’t realize he actually came up beforehand. Before it even started. He had failed multiple times. We sat him back down. And were like, hey, man, you’re going to keep this. We had a couple other kids break. We came up there, and that’s where the video took place. He couldn’t do it, his bow was hurting. For him to get up and do it again, it was insane.>>We love watching you on this video. What did you write on the board?>>What did you write on the board?>>I can.>>Phoenix, when you went through, what does that feel like?>>Yikes.>>Eric, what is it about this video.>>We have kids from all different backgrounds in that video, right? We have black kids, white kids, Spanish kids, all the parents are all over the place, right? All different backgrounds, all there supporting everybody. There’s so much talk about racism, so much hate in the world. To see that video, to see all these different parents and kids support each other. Everyone’s fine. They’re hoping for love.>>Viola Davis, Josh brolin.>>Josh brolin said, this is the only video to make Sanos cry.>>You made him cry.>>That’s what he said. He’s the only kid that can ever say he made Sanos cry.>>You know, and we know — he’s no joke. He said, half must go. Brutal.>>That’s good.>>Eric, what’s next for you now?>>What have you learned from these kids?>>These kids are my life. If you go on my Facebook, my Instagram, I live for these kids. I’ve been to Africa, I love teaching these kids, man, I really do, I love it. My dad instilled that in me at a young age to give back. He’s been doing it forever. We love it, it’s a very small dojo. Our dojo is a very big family.>>We can relate.>>You’re Mr. Miyagi on the karate kid. Awesome job, guys.>>Keep believing in yourself.

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  1. That’s my son!! I love you Erik Gianini . You are an inspiration to any body that knows you!! And now the whole world is seeing it! So proud!!

  2. Now it's tournament time for him and his team..will you please help with a donation or by sharing the fundraiser for his team?

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