Martial Arts Instructor Course

Today, we’re doing the MAIC 1-19’s culminating
event. It encompasses everything they learned up to this point from ground
fighting, to upper-body striking, to weapons-free sparring. It finalizes that
bridge from static to dynamic that the user level to the MAI level, we teach
these guys to live the warrior ethos. There’s a lot of knowledge encompassed
around the belts in the martial arts program and just like I was saying
earlier it’s a three legged stool of physical, mental and character. You know
and they’re required to uphold those three values, because there’s a stool.
Without one leg the entire stool falls apart. If I can take anything back to my Marines,
it would be to make sure you always have control and make sure you always have
their purpose. So, even though you might be fighting for your life, you’re going to
be controlled, you’re going to have a purpose. You’re not gonna be flailing around, or anything like that.
You’re going to make sure that you are dialed in.

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  1. One mind any weapon Marine Corps martial arts makes true legit warriors stay ready for the challenge semper fi marines

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