Martial Arts Instructor Course: Final Week

– Let’s go, get it together,
get it together, up! – Three! – Down! Up! For 15 training days, each
unit gave us their best NCO. And for those 15 days, we pushed them past their
leadership capabilities. We pushed them past their
physical capabilities. We pushed them past their
mental capabilities, and we pushed them past their character. We allowed them to take that mask off that they hide behind their
units on a regular basis. And with that being said, we bring them back a better
product, a stronger NCO. (yelling) (yelling) (yelling) Now as we go into week 3, you can see that they have
now become comfortable within the violence that
they have found within them. This is where now they
show their confidence. They feel a little bit more comfortable. The execution of the
techniques that they utilize is a lot more fluid
because of the proficiency and the repetition of how many times they have done it up until this point. Well, the culminating event
is conducted on T-day 14. Going into that, you can
already tell that the body has already been through
some form of adversity. The mind has been through
some form of adversity. Their characters have been tested. So by the time we get into
the culminating event, this is where everything
that they have learned up until this point is
now time to utilize. So upon graduation, T-Day 15, this is now where they will graduate 30
Martial Arts Instructors. These Marines that graduate
become a part of you. And every student they
teach will be a reflection of what you’ve done.

19 thoughts on “Martial Arts Instructor Course: Final Week

  1. Too bad MCMAP is retarded, and if you’re fighting an opponent that knows any sort of real martial arts you’re getting your ass whooped

  2. MCMAP is like a joke.
    27.5 hr for tan belt
    25 hr for grey belt
    25 hr for green belt
    33 hr for brown belt
    40 hr for black belt
    In any good krav maga gym or dojo you need a full year of training for belt.

  3. I took karate for 3 years and became a Brown belt, its nothing like this though, also my shihan was in the marines, he taught martial arts for police and marines and he served in 1st marine division, I never made it to junior black belt but some of my friends did and im proud of them. Today I work in 5th brigade Husky battalion alpha company army JROTC and I hope to join the marine corps.

  4. As a former instructor, give these kids actually fighting training. Don’t just make them do techniques to get the move checked off the list. Train them how to use it, like all the grappling and the strikes. I enjoy the weapons fighting as much as the next guy, but teach them how to close the distance and work the angles rather than just sicking them on eachother for sparring all the time. Also, don’t just teach them how to carry a heavyass tired for 3 miles then call it a day.

  5. The man showcased in this Marine highlight vid, Sgt. Thigpen, with a smooth but decisive voice like that and eloquent delivery, has a prominent acting career in some outlet or another in his future in my opinion, if he so chooses after his service career. Respects

  6. I just love how in America the training and education are like fast food.. You get what you want quickly and shitly!!

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