Martial Arts Instructor Certification – Hyper Pro Training

The Hyper Pro Training experience is
powerful and it’s a lot of fun. We have the coolest team of instructors across the world. It’s an experience that combines live events,
teaching other people, learning the science behind teaching
and communicating, working with others,
and running a successful program. ROCIO ROSALES: I went from only being able to
get maybe 1 to 2 people in our leadership program a month.
Now I’m getting anywhere from 8 to 10 people in our leadership program.
They’re just having a blast. It changes the whole attitude we have
in the studio. Everybody wants to stay here. Everybody
is more like a family. They’re pumping each other up,
they’re cheering each other on. There’s a big difference between a great
martial artists and a professional instructor. Our goal is to create the best professional
instructors around the world. Plus, we make it fun.
CARLOS AGUILAR: The way we teach forms now is completely unique and exciting.
Especially after today’s training. We’re very excited to bring back all this new information.
We study the science of teaching and learning.
This way we can communicate better to the students.
They learn faster and become better martial arts athletes.
We break down the science behind every single move
so they can teach it properly, safely
and also the students can learn it quickly. JESSE PINO: When it’s broken down scientifically,
it’s pretty much proven to have successful results. BONNIE EMERY: Everything is broken down into as safe increments as possible
so that I can actually teach these things and the students can learn these acrobatic
kicks without landing on their face and getting
hurt. MARIA PINO: The core value of the martial
arts is not lost in this. It just enhances what we already teach.
We show instructors how to host incredible camps, challenges, and events,
so they have the best school in their community.
We equip our instructors with a lot of cool drills so their classes are never boring.
PAUL PERCE: They’re motivated. Every day you walk in our school
and kids are ready for Hyper Pro Training. They’re ready to throw these kicks, these
flips, they’re ready for these forms. It’s exciting for our program. We build off the solid basic foundation.
Great chambers, great stances,
the proper hand and foot positions Every time you come to an instructor
certification you go to that next level in your certification
ranking. We created the Level Up Platform because
we want we instructors who are active. Each instructor certification and experience
is unique. We have a Forms Certification,
a Weapons Certification, and a Kicks and Acrobatics Certification.
MARIA PINO: I talked with the team and they were so esatic about it
they had an awesome time. We really can’t wait until we
come back. Every martial artist that wants
to be a professional instructor should join our team. 1, 2, 3… HYPER!

8 thoughts on “Martial Arts Instructor Certification – Hyper Pro Training

  1. My team gas been through 2 Hyper Certifications in the past year. These camps are top notch. My team learned so many new teaching tools and upgrade strategies to use at our school. We are looking forward to doing the Hyper Weapons Certification course next. Thank Hyper!

  2. I will be attending the Oct. 26 Hyper Weapons Certification in the Atlanta area. Although I've been with Hyper almost 2 years, this will be my first certification. I'm looking forward to renewing my excitement for the Hyper program with some fresh drills and teaching strategies!

  3. My team has attended two Hyper Pro instructor certification. I've gained valuable information on how to implement drills and strategies for my program. Our team had a great time and was energized with a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend the Hyper Pro instructor certification for any school owners who want to expand their teams knowledge.

  4. Is there meaningful participation of seniors in Hyper Pro classes?  Some of the drills here look pretty intimidating for older students, even if they're fit. 

  5. S T O P R A P E I N G B A B I E S
    Sweet // heck yeah _well nature part// I just feel like most people will pervert it again //but yesh have fun

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