Martial Arts : How to Throw Ninja Stars

My name is Mike Lewis with Christian Martial
Arts. We are talking about how to throw Ninja Stars. There are several different styles
and different ways to throw Ninja Stars. There is also many different styles of Ninja Stars
themselves. As you can see here I have one that has four points on it and one here that
actually has five points on it. This one is shaped more like a star. But you will find
some that have three, four, points. They have different weights, different thicknesses,
all that kind of stuff so when you buy Ninja Stars, take a look at them and make sure you
are not getting ripped off by buying some really cheap ones and metal ones that will
bend after a few throws, get some kinds that are going to be very sturdy when you throw
them because they will bend depending on how hard you throw. Also the style of the Ninja
Star sort of depends on how much spin you put on it to make it stick so that is something
that when you buy a Ninja Star go out and sort of experiment with it and get a good
feel of it and you may have to put more force behind your spin or vice versa, more spin
than force. The first way to start out throwing a Ninja Star, one of the basic ways is to
just grab near the tip and I like to turn mine slightly back to help get some spin on
to it and so when I throw it I sort of side arm it, throw it, release, and try to put
as much spin on the star as I execute. Pretty much the mindset is like you are trying to
crack a whip or a towel and you take and get it there and you have got to first snap it
back just a tad bit to get it to pop. So that is what you are doing, you are taking your
Ninja Star and when you try to actually crack the whip per say you are actually spinning
your Ninja Star through so that will actually have enough torque and enough force to stick
them to your target. The same thing with this one. You pretty much just tilt it back. A
lot of people have great aim going around this way but they are able to get a better
spin tossing it just like a frisbee. So you have to find what is best for you. Same thing,
you grab it by the tip, you hold it to your side, you just let it out just like you would
a frisbee and when you get your arm executed fully out you just want to sort of snap it
out. You don’t want to let your arm pass too far because then your release will be off
and you will throw the Ninja Star off so you want to make sure that your arm is locked
out to wherever you are throwing your Ninja Star at. That is just a little bit more information
about Ninja Stars and how to get started in throwing.

7 thoughts on “Martial Arts : How to Throw Ninja Stars

  1. okay I throw knives and hatchets like a champ…. so I youtubed this to see if anyone had any skill with a star, or shuriken.. or if anyone made any high quality… cause the only I can find are in the cheap knive sections in novelty shops or resort towns flea markets… ANYWAY this guys instruction was likea 5 year old telling me how to do this and not once did he throw a single blade. HUGE THUMBS DOWN UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE

  2. Nice video. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Btw, to all the insecure douchebags who have speculated on his sex life;(a) get a life, and (b) WHO CARES IF HE'S A VIRGIN?!. Has NOTHING to do with the topic at hand. That someone would even bring that up is pretty pathetic.

  3. I think a short explanation (correction) is in order. Shuriken were used by ninja (stealthy assassins). They were never aimed at the body on which they would have almost zero effect. They were used when infiltrating an enemy compound to take out guards never in battle. The shuriken was used as a short range weapon and always aimed at the windpipe resulting in a one hit kill without any alarm raised and thus remaining undetected.For this reason they were always thrown underhand for better aim and held between index and middle fingers (the spin comes from the wrist). Its so funny seeing al these so called teachers telling people how to use these weapons without knowing what the hell they are talking about, ninja were covert opps masters they did not go about anouncing their presence and would only use shuriken when it helped them to stay conceiled (never in hand to hand combat). Please do some more homework before assuming to teach people about something. Not that i think it likely but someone might actually believe you or even thake this instruction video serious.

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