Martial Arts : How to Throw Needles

Mike Lewis here with Christian Martial Arts
and we are talking also about how to throw needles or throwing spikes whichever you prefer
to call them, it also depends on the size. Throwing spikes can get roughly, I mean they
are pretty long you can have 14 inches up to even 16 inch spikes. The spikes I’m using
today are actually a lot smaller. They are actually pretty much the size of a pencil.
So if you take a look at it, it is only tapered on one end. Sometimes you can find spikes
that are tapered out on both ends so it helps when you are throwing it and you have a better
chance of sticking it. What I like to do as far as throwing the needle is have a very
loose grip so that sort of bounces in your hand a little bit. I take my pointing finger,
line it up in the middle of the spike, then I take my middle finger and my thumb and line
them up together and then use the third finger to place it right on the tapered end. Again
keeping a very light grip just like a throwing knife you take your elbow point into it and
then you just let it loose, right at the appropriate moment. It takes a lot of feeling to it, you
sort of have to feel it out so it takes quite a bit of practice. Once you land a throwing
spike into your target, try to remember how you just threw it because that is very important
and you will sort of get a good feel of it. The execution of it and the release of your
spike is very very important. Another way of throwing a needle and this way again it
just sort of depends on what your preference is and actually what works best for you. This
way hasn’t actually worked too well for me but you hold it near the very end without
the spike there, the spike will be on this end. You hold it at the end where it still
has enough loose grip in it so it wobbles back and forth. All you do is sort of just
the same way, you just let it loose, pointing your elbow in the right direction, all the
action is from the elbow up to the arm. You just execute it and flip it out and what you
are trying to do is actually look for at least one to two spins for it to get to your target
which also depends on your distance. So that is just one way of getting started into throwing

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  1. truly a nerd with no life. and by the way if you wantt to try act ninja with your crap that you probably found on ebay ninjas use that stuff soo if you are trying to be a ninja consider a diet

  2. "next im gonna show you how to throw a baseball…its pretty much like all my other vids…just bend your elbow and throw.." "wow thanks fake ninja for trying to be cool and teaching us bullshit that doesnt work!"….i hate you

  3. @BMSstories Actually senbon is a surgery needle
    It was used to treat people in ancient Korea or Japan.
    Needle=For sewing
    Senbon=Surgery needle. (it means it's more sharper and more heavy type 😛

  4. @QUAKE495 how would you know? you dont know me, YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE!!!! haha nah man im jk. but seriously he isnt. I'm not trying to start a fight, but im way better, i prefer knives over needles,Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
    Cache-Control: max-age=0

    0but no. This is good fo

  5. insteat of tellin him to throw the thing why don't you shut up a little and listen to what he says. after that try it and if it dosnt work try discover your own way to make it easyer. it helps.

  6. thatts a real wrong way to throw needles because they don't have an heavier end they just flip around and which they shouldn't do . Don't let them spin.. U suckk :O

  7. Yeah well to throw a needle while you are telling a joke it is soooooooo cool to do it like this but if you really wanna throw that damn needle to save your life or something then you can do it pretty much every way just not how he tells it…

  8. This is a totally incorrect way to throw what's called "bo shuriken"- not needles. It is NOT thrown like a throwing knife. This person has had no training in Ninjutsu, or any other art related to Japanese throwing weapons.

  9. hahaha!!… so… ur gonna kill a guy with that…or even stop him, just gonna make it angrier…. and please dont tell ur gonna put it into his eye because it doesnt gonna happen k!

  10. @92stig just nonsense dude, u need 200 kilos of force release for make a serious damage, even 140 k would make it dangeoures, otherwise, u just gonna buried 2 cm as that guy… hurt? ya probably.. stop someone or make a second shoot.. pff nha, buy a knife

  11. i though he was gonna throw a sowing needle u know those tiny ones thumbs up if u thaought the same thing

  12. i don't mean to be rude, but you do not throw "needles" like a knife. no. one way for stars, another for knives, and a completely different way for needles. you don't throw straight arm, you throw side from left to right or vise versa and your wrist does the control while the fingers guide. throw it straight arm, and it may spin. Needles don't require rotation since they arn't made to rotate and thrust. only to impale in pressure point or soft tissue. no rotation, straight thru air, best results

  13. @TheHamsta101 Lets say there is a massive body builder that is roid ragin. the doctors dont want to get close so they throw the tranquilizer and the day is saved.

  14. @HamPieProductions Or, more likely, they'll simply pop him in the face with a shotgun, OR (if they really need to), they'll use a traquilizer gun. LoL, there's no fricken way someone would throw needles in selfdefence if they have a better weapon at hand.

  15. Anyone remember in the movie Daredevil when Bullseye threw the sewing needles? I thought he was talking about those needles. I am disappoint.

  16. I wish I knew this in High School. I was the geek, I would have been the one putting the bully's on their knees. Because I'd throw the pencil's into their eyes causing them to rake their head back in pain and fall on their knees.

  17. there is more than one way to throw a throwing needle, just like there are different ways to swing a sword -_- and just because he doesnt say bo-shuriken in this 2 min video doesnt mean he doesnt know what it is, he is speaking in english and throwing needles is english for bo-shuriken duh -_- and being a black belt does not require you to know the japanese word bo-shuriken -_- so how can you question his skill?! especially if you havnt seen him fight or been in a fight with him!

  18. I do agree there are many ways to throw one as well as many names.the problem is that I would expect a black belt in any thing to know traditional names for there gear and actual effective ways to use them.i don't doubt he could kick my ass if he is a true black belt but there are just to many"Mall ninjas"nowadays

  19. Another mall martial art place. This guy might be a black belt but in all honesty who would win. A guy with a black belt from some "mall martial art" place or a guy who trains in MMA and jujitsu? I'm not to sure if a throwing needle will help in self defense

  20. Actually they have many names throughout history, depending on where you are from and if your speaking to a general audience of beginners or not, Shuriken simply means a thrown weapon. They go by needles, since they were originally adapted from early needles, senbon, haazu, or spikes are the more common names besides shuriken.

  21. i agree fully but somebody claiming to be a black belt in anything should at least have accurate explanations of what there using and doing. like ive said in another comment this just seems like another mall ninja to me.

  22. yah, this guys actually wrong. back when these were used in battle the way they throw it in naruto is actually correct, however, there are people like this organization that have changed it to make it easier, because to throw it strait like in naruto (i have gotten the strength but it took awhile) takes a lot of training and skill.

  23. actually, as i have said on danders303 comment, id like to add on a little bit, depending on where your from, there are different throwing styles, just like there are different ninja stars. i said ninja starts and not shurikan just so you know what im talking about.

  24. And like i have said multiple times that i know there are multiple names and throwing styles but my point is that he is claiming to be a black belt, i don't care were your from a black belt should have in depth knowledge of what hes using.

  25. It actually can. They are used as a distraction, but if you have good accuracy you can bed a spike and needle into someones neck or heart. I'm pretty sure I could nail anyone who is within 12 feet of me.

  26. Calm down dude. Pencils don't have enough weight to throw properly. This guy doesn't throw well either. You're better off stabbing them.

  27. you my good sir recives way to much hatefull comments wich you dont deserv in any way, so stay strong and keep training!

  28. This guy died in a fight with parents at a girls field hockey match.  It was tragic.  But at least he lives on in the you tube videos he left behind.

  29. Man I just thrown a needle at the piano and came straight back in a straight line, it was super fast man I wanna train on needles, thx.

  30. Expert Village – a virtual village for self-proclaimed experts making complete fools out of themselves.

    + I get a good laugh out of it. At least that's something.

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