Martial Arts : How to Throw Knives

Mike Lewis here with Christian Martial Arts.
We are going over throwing knives. Again just like Ninja Stars or throwing needles or anything
else there is actually many different styles of throwing knives. This is just one style
here where the blade is actually only on one side. What you will find is that a lot of
throwing knives have the double edge on either side. You will find some that have it on one
side. The weight and balance is very important to the quality of throwing knives. So when
you go in look for kinds that are weighted right there in the middle and also kinds that
have holes in them so that you can actually take and use weights to change it up, especially
if you really want to get competition and different things like that. To grip the throwing
knife there are several different ways. You could have the way that you have no spin on
it. You just sort of hold it out and you can throw it underhanded, overhanded, any way
but what you do is you execute it trying to put as little spin on it so it shoots straight
into the target. However, the most general way that you’ll see is by somebody holding
it down at the tip on the blade side of the knife and executing it. What I like to do
is I like to take my elbow, point it to the direction that I am going to and let my arm
loose so that it will fly in a straight line. If you try to side arm it too much it is going
to fly off target so what you do also to make sure you get the correct spin and releasing
it correctly which is very important is that you point your elbow wherever you are going
and then execute your arm in a straight line directly towards your target. Also the release
what you want to do is find out first what works best for you, whether you need to tighten
or loosen your grip. For me personally I have got to keep it a little bit loose so that
when I execute it it will only spin one time through the air. So you also need somebody
off to the side that can probably help you out to see how many times you can spin it
and so that is just the basic overview of how to get started into throwing knives.

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  15. Ok so I watched the video,went outside and practiced.
    Can you please make a video called "How to find lost throwing knives"?

  16. I got only one and it's black 😀
    It's somewhere in my backyard.I've looked absolutely everywhere,even dragged a magnet around the sandy areas and nothing.
    Oh well,it was a 4 dollar knife.

  17. Loose grip, swooping throw similar to letting the weight of a golf club do the work when t-ing off.
    There's a hundred ways to throw but I prefer the simple method of not counting spins based on difference and just using a blade heavy knife so it's cycles are forward 80% of the spin and rely on your swing and release technique.

    You will however get more consistent with this throwing technique if you practice spin counts. To me the spin counting will never allow for half as much force though.

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  22. All of you people that have questions about actual throwing, check out our channel. FullTangClan. You won't be disappointed. Knife and tomahawk videos. Lots of trick shots! -danger

  23. Soft wood makes the best targets. Any knife under 10" is just a toy and actually very dangerous because of the extremely fast ricochets. 12-16" is recommended and allowed in competitions. Half spin throwing- about 6 to 7ft. One spin-9-12ft. 1 1/2 spin-12-15ft. So on and so forth. That is just for conventional throwing though. I'd be happy to answer all of your throwing questions. CORRECTLY! Like and Subscribe to our channel. We will be doing give always soon! Throw on! -danger

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