Martial Arts : How to Become a Ninja

Hello my name is Mike Lewis with Christian
Martial Arts. We are talking about how to become a Ninja. A lot of people type in the
question or look it up on the internet. They watch the movies, they see all the Hollywood
type of portrayal of a Ninja and really the best place to start is to actually research
the history. Don’t look necessarily at the movies although they are entertaining, its
great, it adds to the mystique of being a Ninja, Ninjitism and everything else like
that but begin to look up the history of them. Study why Ninjitsu and Ninjas were even began
in the first place. Also take a look at their training styles, their techniques, their ingenuity
as far as creating their own weapons. There is a lot more to it than what you just see
in Hollywood pictures. There are studios around the United States that do train in Ninjitsu
and train in the whole realm of that and that’s another great place to start. Once you study
it up as far as the history goes and the techniques and as much as you can find on the internet
pretty much, go out and look for a studio that is close by. In certain areas of the
United States and on the South East you won’t find too much of it and you may find individuals
that know it but will not actually teach it. Also keep in mind that Ninjitsu is an art
that was meant for assassination. You were stealthy, you would sneak up, the whole mystique
of dressing in black and not being seen is a part of it so you will be learning techniques
that you will not necessarily be able to use however, there is a lot in it that you can
pull out to be able to use these techniques in self defense. Ninjitsu primarily was meant
as an offensive type of style because you are stealthy, you are assassinating, etc.,
etc., etc. Again the first thing is research as much as possible. Find out what a real
true Ninja is, not the Hollywood version and also go out and look for instructors that
train in Ninjitsu and can give you the right direction.

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  1. @need2learn2spkspan

    No they're not…wtf dude. Yes, obviously you can't run on water, I don't know about anything mentioning having a time limit of scaling a building, and speaking of that, they obviously use items/equipment to use to scale the building. And yes it is possible to escape death with 10 guns pointed at you…anything's possible.

  2. @ariezoes boxing is a western martial art.. savate is western too.. batitsu… another western one… kajukembo is american.. so is amerian kenpo and several others.., some of them are based off eastern martial arts but are still american… bruce lees jeet kun do was formed in america so technically it is american. hope this helps

  3. Ninjas weren't meant for assassination only. Back in the feudal days of Japan when Samurais were owners of the land, they treated their peasants like dirt and didn't care for them much. So the peasants dressed in black so they won't be seen during night and went around stealing food, etc. And yes, some did assassinate owners of the land for the sake of their starving families.

  4. @ariezoes american martial arts reflect america, mixed martial arts, i've not finished viewing this video yet, but that is a truth

  5. i am not a christian, and would never claim to be one. but this was a perfect chance for you to prove that you are, and explain how the dark arts shouldn't be followed. every technique in ninjitsu is borrowed from another martial art, ninjitsu specifies the application.

  6. @ariezoes Americans are mostly immigrants- we come from different places and cultures and this country is very young. I am sure that being born into a culture where you have a martial arts background makes you very special. Good job being born in Asia- you really did a great thing there. As it happens, we have originated a few martial arts but what difference will it make right now? It will be many generations before they are as established as long term lineages, that is the nature of youth.

  7. @ariezoes yeah… honestly if you are chinese… how much technologies has your country copied already…. yeah i don't respect that… invent something yourself instead of using russian weapons, the american nuclear bomb, europe's economic system, and japan's transportation/metropolitian system.
    I'm not american, I'm european by the way
    P.s: You write like one of those americans too.

  8. @ariezoes American Jiu Jitsu is pretty american, as much as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is brazilian. Jeet Kune Do was created in America, and that's pretty badass. Freestyle wrestling was perfected in America, as well as modern kickboxing and pugilism. Lua is a martial art from Hawaii, which is in america. Jailhouse Rock was invented in american prisons, and was in the movie Lethal Weapon. Chun Kuk Do was invented by Chuck Norris. America has 38 native martial arts that I know of.

  9. @jiahan22 Oh, sorry I thought ariezoes was chinese, because I saw that he wrote chinese in his brilliant comment but that was very stupid of me. Anyways I was talking to Ariezoes, My mistake,
    About how much Europe copied from china, it never copied anything, it traded it with many cultures about 10000 – 2500 years ago. After that there was only very few trading with India. When we look at 500BC-500 AD the most advanced continent was Europe. (The Romans were one step away fromSteam-Locomotives)

  10. it's like He just have no friends and wanna talk to someone,.. so he choose internet,… -__- come on,.. this is so stupid talkin about "how to be a ninja" maan this was a total waste of time,.. for me and for him ^^

  11. i guess it's true that Shinobi are no longer running around practicing their brand of stealthy intrigue and assassination but there are 9 surviving ryu's that are still taught. Master Masaaki Hatsumi is the current Soke' and his Bujinken style is all around the world. I'm pretty sure his most notable student in the US Steven K Hayes teaches out of the chicago. So – how to be ninja? Find a Bujinken school and enroll.

  12. There are many many ways to become a ninja…
    ALL of them require you to not be a dumb fuck lard ass blind son of a bitch to start with.
    ——> EPIC FAIL <——-

  13. @nawazm11 How ninja-ish of you, sir, to represent yourself like that on the internet. Your clan must be proud. Get a life troll. I HAVE A CAPS BUTTON TOO! I'M A BADASS YAYYYY!

  14. Uhhhhh…. Christian Martial Arts? Yeah all those "be like Jesus assassins" lol what a joke.
    How to become a ninja? Man… Americanized basterdization of martial arts. Go find the source of ninjitsu and it has nothing to do with Christianity in any form or a belief in anything other than yourself.

  15. you guys are messed ill pray that you guys will be forgiven… i bet this guy knows mor than you people… i actually think this is helpful… my dad's dad was a martiaal arts teacher and he taught my dad all of wat he knew… he learned ninjitsu… i asked my dad if this is a good how to vid to become a ninja and he sed yes… so you guys shut ur mouth cuz u dont no wat u r talkn about… u should be grateful he did this… and you should comment good job to him for trying his best to do this

  16. @ductoworld07 First of all, anybody can make a stupid claim saying "he taught my daddy!" Second of all expert village pays people off to do videos like this for them so there's no reason to thank that man whatsoever. And lastly, that guy obviously doesn't watch his own videos, and if he did there would be no way of knowing it's actually him.

  17. you guys grow the fuck up, you CANT be an actuall ninja nowdays, that stuff belongs in the past. have you ever seen someone walkin around with a katana? or someone sayin he wants to hire a ninja as a guard? that stuff were able back then in medieval japan where to survive you needed skills, where to knowing and practicing ninjutsu you had to be a part of a secret community fighting against the emperors and shit

  18. @jtlarue1732
    shut up! dont b talkn like that! r u trying to make fun of Jesus?!!!!!!!!!! sorry if. ur not though… but if u r i am not sorry! dude calm down… not joking… dont make fun of God… and he is amazing… he might make u a ninja (i mean Jesus) u a ninja if u pray… and ask him

  19. U people r sickening n so wat if we want to b a ninja probably ppl jus want to get stronger n prove ppl rong! Dis dude is jus trying to help us fullfill our "dreams" to bcome a ninja mayb half of these ppl r so 'narutarded' dat dey want to b like naruto or sasuke IT DOESNT MATTER!!!! IF UR AGAINST ME, GO AHEAD REPLY MEAN COMMENTS OH its rathr urs jus a fat-ass jerk or ur a wanna be ninja….. I think i sed enof

  20. Why did expert village post videos by someone of one style talking about another style? That's like having a Karateka teaching judo and not being a judoka.

  21. @Masterfootballer23 for your info the chinese didnt copy too , do u know that becasue lots of stuff is made in china and inorder to allow production by the chinese goverment there is a contract said that a certain amount of the goods had to be given to china for its own production brand , this is not copy this trade like u said . : )

  22. @Masterfootballer23 and since u talk about history,for your info the holy roman empire is outdated,but china is still standing down here,and even take over japan as world second economic advance country,even had the power to borrow large amount of money to US and now US cant talk big infront of china.srry i not sure if this sound offensive,i dont wan to start an aguement if u want to compare history? pls do it yourself and do it fair,u would see that without mercy of china europe is long gone.

  23. @Masterfootballer23 pls learn to identify reliable and non reliable sources before giving trash talk , and pls dont be like some ppl that somehow born without brain and try to act like they are a qualify historian just because they only read and listen to wat they wan to, but somehow shut their ear sometime even brain to wat they dont like to hear . what i say may not be 100% right and same goes to u so u better becareful of wat u claim to be right

  24. @jiahan22 It's an educational site, everybody knows what happened in the opium war 1 and 2 just ask anyone who likes history, this is just a response to Your Europe would be nothing without China statement.

    Basically in opium war 1 some 20 british ships destroyed the whole chinese armada…..
    in opium war 2 the chinese decided to get some european technology and still lost it horribly even though it was 10 chinese to one european

  25. @Masterfootballer23 I am a fair European so I will let You actually choose a reliable encyclopedia, and then I will find the same Opium war there 🙂

  26. @Masterfootballer23 and for your info i love history and incase u dont know wat i mean , i mean i love history of the world , i love european history american history and asian history and anything i could take in, i am not some racist who just simply choose a side and say watever they could to support it . so pls dont be a person who just think they are the best because they think other dosent study.

  27. @Masterfootballer23 and pls lets not start a fight on internet which make us look retarded,i know u may had read up lots too,and i knew u would wan me to stat a reliable source,all i would tell u is to see every factor that could judge wether is reliable,first see the author second see the title and third see the picture and high light word in the text,from there u could see if its a propaganda work,and always compair texts from different country and the rest u are smart enough to do it right?

  28. @jiahan22 This is an argument, I am not a racist, I am a philosopher, You put a point in history, I put my point and say that Your point is completely absurd, I also put a webpage behind it, I give You a chance to defend Your point but You respond in a random way telling me about yourself.
    If You don't defend Your point my point stays and Yours is proven wrong, that's the rule of an argument my friend.

    I am not ignorant, I consider all opinions.

  29. @Masterfootballer23 iam sure u wont wan to continue this irritating conversation anymore but the last thing i wanna say is for example u cant believe a history text of nazi from a british author right my friend , u know wat i mean. : )

  30. @Masterfootballer23 Give me one reason why the internet should not be debated over? Or are You really incapable of answering and You are just copying some loser's statement?
    If You do not wish to argument here, then my statement still stays.

  31. @Masterfootballer23 So tell me then who should I get the history from? Nobody likes China too much, China likes itself too much.

  32. I am a philosopher as I said, no argument is too irritating for me, I like to debate with people and get some new information.

  33. Why is a karate-ka or TKD practisoner taling about ninjutsu. Expert village if you want someone to talk about njnjutsu why not ask a qualified insttrucctor of that art? Whats next someone who makes model airplanes telling you in a video how to be a pilot?

  34. Expertvillage, u don't know what ur talking about sorry. Ninja's were primarily spies and only occasionally assassins. Look up Antony Cummins you tube vids.

  35. OK. let me start this with. . . WTF EXPERTVILLAGE DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOUR SAYING.??
    1.Ninjutsu is a technique ninjas use there is also what we call ninpou/ninpo training (im not sure if it is real but its on naruto). 2.Ninja is not martial arts ninja is a person.3. Ninja were hired by family / organizations / royalties to assasinate or kill a certain person.4. Ninja is hired to kill so they will really kill it in an instant. 5. Ninja is speed based you need to be fast and know caumoflage.tsk

  36. Ninja means to steal away or stealth away, not to kill people. They normally didn't kill anyone as i have understood. its a common miss conception that makes people think they were primarily assassins. Some of the best come from Samaria families and were asked to spy or steal something of important for an official i believe. Only on rare occasions do they suggest they were asked to kill. Ninjas had a code of honor as well.

  37. I saw this video in the suggestions area and thought "oh jeese…", then when I clicked on it and realized it was one of the guys from Yeshua's Ryu (the Tres Tew katana guy videos) I thought "oh ma gawd, no…". After watching it, I was surprised it wasnt as bad as I thought. Just to add a disclaimer to what he said, 99% of "ninjutsu" schools arent true ninjutsu, just interpretations. That doesnt mean it wont work in a fight, but most likely it is not a true historical style of ninjutsu.

  38. Actually, ninjutsu had a lot of defensive art. Also, ninja rarely wore black. Wearing solid black, even at night, would cause the ninja to look like a black silhouette against the background. Dark browns, grays, and greens were actually better.

  39. I am a true ninja.. mfire12 is not me though, I hacked this profile to tell you all that I am a ninja without blowing my cover, I was the one who killed osama bin laden, I work with a secret organization with the government. I sent a star straight through his skull killing in within ten seconds. The navy seals were my backup. I have also murdered many high profile persons. I have almost ended the drug war by slaughtering gang leaders brutally. You can hire me at 1-800-GONINJA.

  40. shows how much you know, ninjas didn't wear black they wore red grey and brown you would still be spotted in the dark wearing black given the fact that black attracts and absorbs light

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